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Hey everyone!

 We’re back again with more products! We will be updating our tumblr more frequently after this post.

 Today, we are selling our tote bags that are 100% environmentally friendly, and 100% awesome. There are two sides, and you can match your outfit with the black or white side. These bags are super limited in amount (Close to 50!), so if you want to snatch some from us, buy it NOW! Because we are not sure if we will have any left during CTN.

  If you are interested: Bags are 30 USD. You can email us at  wolfsmoke_hr@qq.com , tell us what product you want, and the quantity. After we calculate the shipping costs, we will send you a total, and please paypal us after. Restricted to US only. Combined shipping for Items are available. Dont forget about our art books!

Hope you guys like it, and once again, sorry for all the technical difficulties. We hope you guys are having a great time, and hopefully we will see some of you at CTN.


ryekamasaki  asked:


come trick-or-treat in my inbox requesting ficcies and I’ll either treat you to some fluff or humor or trick you with a horribly twisted/sad AU  (I’ll use a random generator to pick trick or treat)

also Ry sent me this cause of an ask @hq-rare-pairs got about this ship and the lack of content.  so…. enjoy everyone!  :D


“Kenma the leaves are talking again.”

Kenma hums to show he’s listening and switches so he’s squeezing the phone between his left shoulder and ear.  He should probably apologize for being on the phone while he’s checking out at the store or something like that but Shouyou hates being left alone when he’s sick and they were completely out of cold medicine and soup and, honestly, Kenma cares way more for Shouyou than he does about what the bored looking teenager behind the counter thinks.  Plus he still manages to murmur a mostly polite “thank you” and “you too” when the cashier tells him to have a nice day.

Eye contact?  No.  Smiling?  No.  But he can be minimally polite when needed.  They’ll just have to take what they can get.  He’s sure the cashier has seen much worse people in the course of their day than his frazzled self: hair half falling out of his ponytail, practically swimming in Kou’s too large hoodie, boxes and cans of medicine and soup clunking together in the mesh environmental friendly bag Kou insists they all use as he tiredly shuffles out of the store. 

“Why do they always say such weird things?”

Kenma easily slips around a couple holding hands and picks up his pace a little, eager to be back home.  His morning had been a struggle, having to leave Shouyou home alone.  Work was exhausting on a good day and today had been anything but a good day.  Kou’s team was still out of town for a few more days and their last phone call had been hard and Kenma never would have imagined he’d miss Bokuto Koutarou so damn much when he had to travel.

“I dunno Shouyou,” Kenma murmurs back, dodging a small child toddling past him and giving their caretaker a polite almost smile when they apologized.  “They’re just not very nice leaves I guess.”

“Koutarou wouldn’t take me in the shower with him,” Shouyou sighs out.  “He’s a meanie.”

Kenma smiles at the obvious pout in Shouyou’s voice, even though he’s a little worried that Shouyou’s fever is making him hallucinate Koutarou being home or something, and laughs softly.  “He is.  I’m almost home Shouyou.  I’m going to hang up for a few minutes cause the elevator will cut us off anyway okay?”

“Mmmkay.  Love you, Kenma.”

“I know.  See you soon.”

He tugs his hair out of his ponytail and leans heavily into the corner as soon as the elevator doors slide shut.  He’s used up about all of his social interaction points for the entire week it feels like.  And it’s only Tuesday.

“I’m home,” he calls out automatically as he hangs his keys up and kicks off his shoes.  He doesn’t expect a response.  Shouyou probably fell asleep in the couple minutes it took Kenma to walk the last few blocks and take the elevator up and is most likely drooling into the couch pillows.  Which, albeit a kind of gross image, is perfectly fine cause Shouyou needs his rest.

“Welcome home.”  

Kenma freezes for a moment, eyes going wide as the voice registers, and takes a breath so deep his chest hurts.  The smell of Koutarou’s shampoo lingers in the air and Kenma takes the dozen steps from the door to the living room doorway quick enough he almost slides on his socked feet when he stops at the sight of Koutarou sitting on the couch with Shouyou snuggled against him, fast asleep and for the moment drool-less.

“Koutarou,” Kenma breathes out and it’s like someone turned the sunshine on high when Koutarou smiles at him and holds out the arm Shouyou isn’t already attached to.

Kenma fits perfectly against Koutarou’s free side and happily buries his nose against the warm skin of Koutarou’s neck, Koutarou’s arm coming around him to hold him almost impossibly close, bag of soup and medicine forgotten in the doorway.

“I’m home,” Kenma says again, this time whispered against Koutarou’s skin.  Shouyou grumbles something and reaches out for the sleeve of the hoodie Kenma is wearing, somehow knowing Kenma is nearby even asleep.

“Me too,” Koutarou says softly.  “Me too.”


for Naia (@fairynarrytale)

Harry likes to impress people.

He knows this isn’t a unique personality quirk—knows most people, in some way, like to dazzle others—but the instinct to amaze definitely gets out of hand for him.

(There was the one time when he was eight and tried to make his mum’s Mothers’ Day breakfast all on his own and had to get seventeen stitches in his hand after a knife accident whilst chopping potatoes.)

(And there was the other time when he dropped two hundred pounds on a new outfit for his first date with Alicia from his year ten Maths class…only he didn’t actually have two hundred pounds and his mum nearly killed him when she got her credit card bill for the month.)

(Obviously it goes without saying that jumping off a bridge to make a good impression on your roommate’s friend group is a terrible idea, but at least he’d been attached to a bungie cord at the time.)

When it comes to Niall, though, there is nothing Harry can do to make himself look like an attractive option for a life partner, apparently. It’s his own fault for being so tongue-tied with infatuation; he really can’t blame Niall for not wanting to date a bloke who appears to be mute in a rude, standoffish sort of way half the time and only able to spew childish jokes or fake philosophical bullshit for the other half. Harry is a complete mess.

So of course he takes the only opportunity that has ever presented itself to look good in front of Niall.

“This ice cream is fecking delicious, mate,” Harry hears the melodious sound of Niall’s Irish brogue from across the room. “Where’d you get it?”

Louis, ever an angel—well, sometimes honest in a way that is beneficial to Harry rather than a teasing blow to his self-esteem—replies, “Harry made it.”

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