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Sorry I haven’t been posting much, but I’ve got to be honest…it’s because of the new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. 🙈 The game is breathtakingly (😉) beautiful, and it’s got my partner and I excited to plan our next hiking adventure possibly back to Yosemite. With that in mind, I can’t help but share with you a favorite book of mine, My First Summer in the Sierra. John Muir was an environmentalist and hiker both, and he is actually someone I quite admire. This book is full of inspirational quotes from Muir as he discovers the Sierra.

new-recipe  asked:

If Young Justice had blogs what would they blog about? What are their urls? Who would have the most followers? Who spends the most time on it? Do they follow each other?

Well for the original team, 

  • M’gann would probably post links to recipes, and gifs from ‘Hello Megan.’ 
  • Conner would hardly ever update but like a lot of anti-monkey posts and of course like M’gann’s selfies when she posts them
  • Kaldur’s blog would just consist of a lot of ocean pics and environmentalist stuff
  •  Artemis would blog about archery and sports and occasionally rant about a certain annoying red-headed speedster
  • Dick would reblog any interesting posts or psychology facts and Batman would probably have him reblog any posts about how good of a company Wayne Tech is
  • Zatanna would reblog a lot of new age, crystal healing, magic themed posts
  • Let’s be real, Wally would be the one to reblog posts about pepe or cat pics, and just food porn

I imagine their urls would be some variation of either their real name or their superhero names. Robin’s blog url would literally just be “dick-grayson,” which resulted in a lot of nsfw blogs following him and flooding his inbox. For the most part they’d all follow each other, but Artemis would purposely ‘forget’ to follow Wally back, but would still stalk his blog frequently. 

For the new team: 

  • Cassie’s blog would be entirely fandom related with all the ships she fangirls over
  • Jaime would reblog skate boarding tricks, or anything interesting on his dashboard. A number of his posts would also be in spanish.
  • Bart would be on the dark side of tumblr and blog the absolute randomest crap and tag Jaime in literally EVERY post
  • Jaime would then post about how annoying Bart is
  • La’gaan’s blog would be pretty much exactly like Kaldur’s, with some body-positive posts
  • Gar’s would be a lot of cute posts, mainly about animals
  • Karen probably wouldn’t update her blog often (since she barely had any time for Mal)  but when online she’d reblog science related posts

and omg the Reach Ambassador would totally have a tumblr blog promoting the Reach drinks, but his only followers would be bots.


Animal Bridges!

Amazing yet simple ways to connect forests and prevent wildlife-car collisions.