environmentalist art

ID # 44527

Name: Ace
Age: 18
Country: USA

(all pronouns)
I’m always looking for new people to talk to, and considering i have a lot less anxiety online I’d figure this would be perfect.

I’m an aspiring musician but I love all types of art and creativity. I live life to defy societies standards and am a punk at heart. I spend time binging netflix and youtube, listening to music, and going on outdoor adventures. I’m also an intense enviromentalist, animal activist, and LGBT+ activist. And if you’re 420 friendly that’s a huge bonus!

I love listening to people talk about literally anything they are passionate about (and honestly I just want people to bond with and support)

Preferences: 17+ , people of any identity, needs to be able to speak english as sadly that is the only language I know.


#IAmRepublican hashtag gets hijacked by biting parody tweets

Do you agree with Republican policies? If not, would you if you knew some Republicans have tattoos and beards?

That’s the gist of a new Republican social media campaign, with a (very strange) strategy to prove that “Republicans Are People Too.” This effort comes in the form of a campaign video, Twitter account and Facebook page that highlight unorthodox Republicans like art teachers, environmentalists and, apparently, moms.

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