o shit waddup the character designs are here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’ll be posting the actual tattoo designs later on. Here’s just the general idea. 

So, as promised, more on my Sun/Moon Spirit AU!

  • Adrien wears a lot of clothes due to him being the sun spirit, he is constantly exposed to the heat.
  • And onto that, another reason he wears a lot of clothes aka the giant robe is because he has a lot of scars and all sorts from battles, the heat and just general angsty shit (more to come on this next time)
  • I’ll give you this though; because Mari has rejected him for…decades, sometimes he gets lonely which is why out of the two, he is more likely to go to his human version so he can to interact with people.
  • But, their human forms have restrictions. 
  • To transform into their human versions, they have to take off their respective earrings. 
  • They have a limited amount of time in their human versions, as the time passes, their tattoos begin to fade and they cannot, at all costs, have their tattoos fully faded and gone. 
  • If the tattoos fully fade, they become mortals, and as much as Adrien does want to become a mortal, the balance of basically everything in the universe goes to the shits and basically we might die.
  • Due to his excessive use of his human version, he is often scolded by gods. Adrien has never gotten his tattoo fully faded but he’s had some very close calls. 
  • Mari has every constellation on her back as tattoos and as time passes for her in her human form, the constellations disappear one by one. 
  • Both Adrien and Mari are saddened about their losing connection to humans. They were once actively interactive with the people way back then but during the heavy times of industrialisation and of course, environmental issues, sometimes it’s hard for both to reach out. And this has definitely affected both physically…
  • Mari fell in love with Human Adrien in the time of the French Revolution when he fought as a soldier. 
  • In their spirit forms, only animals and chosen humans can sense Adrien and Mari.
  • Birds love Adrien and can sense him more strongly than any other animals and tend to follow him around in his spirit form. 
  • Spirit Adrien has seen Human Mari….more to come on this later. 
  • I’m not going to reveal all of this yet but here’s the thing; the spirits don’t just watch over the people for decades without doing anything…
  • And Mari and Adrien are definitely not the only spirits around. 
  • That’s it for now but yeah….def some more soon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

anonymous asked:

I know you didn't say anything about hating vegans or anything but are we actually doing a bad job? like is all of this just a lie and not actually helping the environment or anything :/ because one of the biggest reason for me to go vegan is cause of environmental issues and all

I don’t hate vegans, not the ones that aren’t spreading misinformation or think they are on some sort of moral high ground to everyone else. But I don’t agree with it myself because it is all superficial, without any proper action if I’m being honest.

And when there is action it’s usually targeted at the wrong issue and does more harmful then good. My main issue is that vegans see animals as very individual. They want to save every single cow or pig or chicken without thinking about it rationally or about the horrible impact that would have no important species (species that are actually vital to ecosystems). Veganism fails to see the bigger more important picture. 

“Saving” domesticated farm animals is not important. I’m sorry but it’s just not. Not when it means “saving” these animals will have drastic negative effects. 

I mean there are always ways that agricultural and animal industries can be improved. But just refusing to buy meat or use animal products don’t change anything. And realistically we’re not going to stop eating meat or producing wool ect. You have to understand that and accept it and look at ways to improve those processes not try and shut them down completely.  

And more veganism just means more demand for certain crops, which require more land clearing + more pesticides ect. Veganism is just as bad for the environment and animals as any other diet is. In a capitalist society there really isn’t any ethical consumption.

The world and the environment can’t survive under a capitalist society. Capitalism is what’s stopping us from using green energy solutions or inverting more. Not because these solutions are “expensive” or hard to make or whatever use excuses are being made. It’s because they won’t make as much money as easily. 

Just like buying honey isn’t going to “save the bees” or turning the tap off when you brush your teeth won’t save water. They’re things corporations and company’s push because they’re easy and shift the blame onto consumers and away from them. 

We need to look into real solutions. Realistic solutions that aren’t just superficial I-want-to-feel-good-without-doing-anything-too-hard “solutions” but real ones. And they need to be towards actual important significant issues.  Animals being killed for a source of food or harvesting honey or wool, is not even close to being an issue we should be worried about. 

I’m sorry that you’ve been led to think otherwise, there is alot of misinformation out there and people will lie to get their agenda across. But veganism just doesn’t help the environment. It just doesn’t. 

In Honor of Earth Day 2017: PBS Nature’s Ask Box is now open for the next round of Tumblr’s IssueTime on Conservation and Climate Change!

NATURE  is so excited to work with Tumblr and the wonderful scientists, biologists and filmmakers who’ve agreed to be on our panel so that you can learn more about the environmental issues we’re currently facing.  Dig deeper into the issues with full episodes of NATURE, now streaming!

The Panelists:

Arnaud  Desbiez  is a conservation biologist who has been conducting research in the Brazilian Pantanal since 2002. He has worked on topics ranging from sustainable use of  resources  to  species  ecological  research and community  development  programs. In  the  Brazilian  Pantanal,  his  work  focused  on  the interaction  between  native  and alien  species, the sustainable  use  of  forage  resources  and  the  ecology  of  several mammal species.   In 2010 he started and now coordinates the Pantanal Giant Armadillo Project. Arnaud is featured in our most recent episode, Hotel Armadillo.

Patrick Gonzalez is Principal Climate Change Scientist of the U.S. National Park Service and a Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. A forest ecologist, he conducts applied research on climate change and works with national parks to adapt resource management to climate change. Patrick has conducted and published field research on climate change in Africa, Latin America, and the United States and has served as a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the organization awarded a share of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Watch our recent episode about the challenges facing Yosemite, now streaming!

Chris Morgan is an ecologist, conservationist, educator, TV host/narrator and film producer specializing in international bear research and conservation. For more than 20 years, he has worked as a wildlife researcher, wilderness guide and environmental educator on every continent where bears exist. Chris  has narrated 13 films for Nature and was host and narrator for Siberian Tiger Quest as well as being the featured character in Nature’s three-part series ‘Bears of the Last Frontier.’ In 2015, he was also host and narrator for Nature’s Three-part ‘Animal Homes’ series and was featured in ‘The Last Orangutan Eden.’ Learn more about Chris’ story with this interview we conducted with him.

Learn More about Chris

Joe Pontecorvo is an award-winning producer, writer, and cinematographer. For the past two decades, he has traveled the globe; tracking Siberian tigers in the Russian Far East, living among grizzlies in the wilds of Alaska, and following orangutans through Indonesia’s peat swamp forest. All told, he has produced 14 broadcast documentaries for multiple networks, including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and PBS. For his most recent project before ‘Yosemite,’ PBS Nature’s ‘Snow Monkeys,’ Joe and his wife, Nim Pontecorvo, spent nearly two years filming a troop of Japanese macaques in Japan’s Shiga Highlands. Go behind-the-scenes into the making of that film here.

Learn More about Joe

Happy Earth Day! Check back Saturday for answers! 

Hey so everyone seems really into saving the bees right now and that’s great! That’s awesome! But it seems like most of this is directed towards honeybees, and I’d like to point out that while honeybees are good and pure friends who deserve to be treated with care, they don’t need help as much as other, less popular bees which are actually threatened.

Honeybees have a presence, both domestic and wild, on pretty much every continent on the globe. Of course they have problems (like the famous colony collapse disorder) but they’re not really in that much danger compared to, say, the rusty patched bumblebee, which is native to North America, and considered endangered. Or yellow-faced bees, which are native to Hawaii and considered endangered.

It’s okay to love honeybees, (and of course depending on where you live they may actually be native to your area) but if you want to help bees, please consider researching what other bees are native to your area and giving them a boost! One of the easiest and best things you can do is plant native flowers to help give your local bees a food source. And if you’re feeling ambitious, you can even research what kind of home your native bees need, and build them a place to live!

Let’s make sure that not just honeybees, but all bees get the help they need!

given recent developments, i thought i’d draw attention to this. so the other day willie mitchell (907 career nhl games and 2 stanley cups) tweeted a link to an awesome article that you can find in his tweet here, but just to summarize:

Chris Nowinski, co-founder/CEO of the Concussion Legacy Foundation (an organization dedicated to educating athletes on concussions and CTE), has called out the NHL for not admitting that there is a link between head injuries and CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a neurodegenerative brain disease that has been linked to head injuries sustained playing professional sports, most notably football). NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, aka “that asshole again?”, has gone on record saying that there is no proof linking CTE and hockey and that hockey is different from football. which, you know, repeated traumatic head injuries are repeated traumatic head injuries, but obviously the fact that there’s ice means they’re totally different! Bettman’s (headass) refusal to acknowledge a link is probably due to the lawsuit going on right now in which former players are saying that the NHL is total shit about handling concussions. it doesn’t make it any less headass.

anyways, the nhl sucks with concussions and i’m sure that proving that link between hockey and CTE isn’t too far off, but basically go follow willie mitchell on twitter. it is great and he doesn’t take shit and is educated and has great sources for issues on environmentalism, the nhl, and various other things.


Why Do Politicians Ignore Environmental Issues?

Nina Turner, the former Ohio State Senator, argues that environmental issues don’t reach politicians’ radar because they disproportionately affect poor communities and because big donors don’t want them to.


anonymous asked:

I'm starting to notice that only until now people on Tumblr are actually fucking paying attention to environmental issues. Before that it was hardly paid attention to. It has to take a horde of Republican douchebags to get Tumblrinas to fucking care about the environment UNTIL NOW. A part of me thinks that if Hillary won, they would continue not giving shits about climate change unless it somehow effected queer PoCs more.

In Big Bend, Texas, There's Bipartisan Consensus: No Border Wall
President Trump says he's forging ahead with his U.S.-Mexico border wall. But one place nearly everyone agrees it won't cross is the starkly beautiful Big Bend region of far west Texas.

I’ve talked about the Schadenfreude of South Texas Republicans complaining about the border wall running through their home but in truth putting it through Big Bend National Park would be an ecological disaster and that’s something I wish was a part of this conversation more. Also I love that for the two cattle ranchers they interviewed, they picked these brothers who look like the most stereotypical representation you could think of “old man cowboys,” like they both look like the sheriff character in every classic western and it’s beautiful

Here your wings flutter in vain, feathers ragged from the friction, from the struggle of a thing too wild
They will always know you don’t belong here, a dancing bear for them all to gawk at, to put chains on so you do not bite
They stroke your cheek and say: you are lucky. Turn their heads away from that sign that proclaims ‘bred in captivity’

Lady luck lingers in the corner of your vision, she wraps her burning fingers around your throat
Her lips taste like napalm but you do not cry, your bones are made of too much ash for you to swallow the misery of others
Here you scream, you thrash, you destroy. Here is the fury of an untamed thing that has never known freedom.

—  The Green Wound
US has provided $315m in financing to supplier of mines accused of slave labor

“According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the Connell Company donated almost $5.8m to politicians from 1990 to 2016. The company’s founder and CEO, Grover Connell, has contributed almost $800,000 over the past 20 years, mainly to the Democratic party, which has long supported the bank on the grounds that it helps export-oriented companies create jobs.”

In case anyone was wondering whether the Democratic party was just as corrupt and bought out as the Republicans…

If you’re going to argue with a vegan and pull out every trick in the book (“but people have allergies”, “but people have malabsorption”, “but people are poor”, etc.) and then you end it with “well I like meat and you can’t force me not to eat it”, then you’re actually just showing your true motives for eating meat, and it’s really transparent.

You don’t actually care about food insecurity, environmental issues, poverty, starvation, people’s disabilities, or any of that. You just want to use other people’s problems and reasons why they can’t as an excuse to justify the fact that you only eat meat because you’re lazy and you like the way it tastes. Knock that shit off, get off your high fucking horse, just be honest, and get straight to the point next time.