Dynamite Fishing.

We heard dynamite fishing was a problem here in Malapascua from the local dive centers, but we didn’t realize how much of a problem it really was until we did some diving.

This place is famous for its daily occurrence of Thresher Sharks, but we have found the other diving is great too for its macro life (my favourite!).

We noticed many of the dive sites here look like a war zone, with just rocks and rubble everywhere. But somehow, all these beautiful tiny species keep on living, even in the absence of coral gardens. We just thought to ourselves though, “Wow, this place is destroyed.”

Then we found out why, and unfortunately got the chance to EXPERIENCE it first hand. I am glad Jim, a DMT with the dive center we are exploring with, warned us this site was right next to a dynamite fishing zone, and we might hear a “boom.”

We didn’t just hear it, we FELT it! It was very scary, of course it wasn’t where we were diving, but it was close enough to make its presence known. No wonder the dive sites around here look like a disaster zone, and I am shocked that even the non fished species stick around with the stress of the sound and vibrations. Also, it is not surprising now that we fail to see any large schools of fish.

It is very sad that a place famous for its diving, is being devastated by this destructive fishing method.


greenpeace volunteers freak me out omg like i like greenpeace and im v concerned about environmental issues dont get me wrong

but somehow i dont enjoy being stopped on the road and being treated like im personally causing climate change and im personally killing dolphins unless i donate every month

  • person:climate is just a natural part of the earth's cycle. just like we used to be in an ice age, now we're not
  • me:actually the current climate change is not natural because temperatures and greenhouse gas levels are rising extremely and decidedly unnaturally rapidly compared to the past several hundred thousand years. it's proven by examining the composition of ice layers in the poles.
  • person:but i don't believe in that kind of scientific evidence
  • me:well luckily for you the ice will be all melted soon and there will be no more evidence for you to worry about :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)