Indian rapper Sofia Ashraf did an Anaconda parody calling out consumer goods giant Unilever for exposing residents of Kodaikanal, India to toxic mercury contamination. You can sign the petition here.

anonymous asked:

what is left wing and what is right wing?

major left wing parties:

• Green Party
• Labour Party
• SNP (left leaning)

major right wing parties:

• Conservative party
• Lib dems (right leaning - they claim to be central but they are not)

left wing values and concerns:

• diversity
• equality
• high taxes
• animal rights
• environmental issues
• feminism
• tolerance
• freedom
• respect
• altruism
• protection of public services
• very low or no uni tuition fees
• protecting the vulnerable

right wing values and concerns:

• traditionalism
• capitalism
• often religion (Christianity/Catholicism)
• keeping what you have earned or inherited
• low taxes
• the economy
• natural inequality
• patriarchy
• discrimination against the vulnerable/minorities
• privatisation of public services & education
• high university tuition fees
• protecting the wealthy and stable
• xenophobia & often racism

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among federal election issues what would be your top 5 issues that you care about the most?

In no particular order;

  • Job Creation/Economic Issues
  • First Nations Issues (in particular Missing/Murdered Indigenous Women)
  • Environmental Issues/Climate Change/Muzzling of Science
  • Bill C-51/Foreign Policy
  • Fair Elections Act/Electoral reform

I lumped some together, but I think it always made sense to do so.

  • person:climate is just a natural part of the earth's cycle. just like we used to be in an ice age, now we're not
  • me:actually the current climate change is not natural because temperatures and greenhouse gas levels are rising extremely and decidedly unnaturally rapidly compared to the past several hundred thousand years. it's proven by examining the composition of ice layers in the poles.
  • person:but i don't believe in that kind of scientific evidence
  • me:well luckily for you the ice will be all melted soon and there will be no more evidence for you to worry about :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)