environmental tragedy

Standing up to defend the only place we have as a home will depend on us by voting out corrupt politicians who represents the greedy class. All corrupt politicians need to be voted out. Regardless if it’s Republicans or Democrats.

Will it take an environmental disaster or a tragedy to vote out corrupt politicians? It seems that we’re heading in the direction to wake people up in which its no longer worth voting for the same corrupt parties who are going make our problems a lot worse. By the time all corrupt politicians are voted out of office then it maybe too late.

It’s up to us to avoid environmental catastrophe.

Portlanders are taking this fire VERY hard. Which is understandable as the gorge was an incredible and special place.

But I have this theory that the falling ash and blocked out sun are illiciting such strong emotions not just because these things are uncanny/unpleasant and wrought of an environmental tragedy but because the appearance of these things is a visual representation of what we feel so much lately: the world is on fire, apocalypse etc.


<<Midway>>, Trailer de la película de Chris Jordan. Un viaje visual de una tragedia medioambiental.

<<Midway>>, Trailer of the film by Chris Jordan. A visual journey about an environmental tragedy.