environmental terrorism

  • nature: *does like one million groundbreaking shit during the day that can be applied to aid humanity's survival and relationship with it*
  • corporations: i got it we'll smash the earth, contaminating it a bit to get some energy
  • corporations: heres something cool lets literally throw our compiled trash into the oceans
  • corporations: wow have you ever thought about going to another planet and living like this there too? what a time
  • nature: no like check me out, I can show you how to live right if you study m-
  • corporations: but when profit now?

i keep floating away into two weeks from now when i’ll be on uni break and all the things i’m gonna watch and read and i gotta like smack myself back into uni mode like bitch!!!!!!!! focus!!!! still got five more assignments to go!!!!!!

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Ok, so this ask is inspired by your post about Harry's song writing influences. A lot of people seem to want a duet album of Harry and Louis. Do you think they would make a good team, considering their choice of topics, their approach to song writing and their musical taste?


This post took me quite a long time to think about and write, and it is LONG ASS. I have to apologize if the answer isn’t exactly what you had in mind, but there are so many ways to answer the questions. I have to mention how much I want to thank you for this ask, because the questions are integral to the primary questions in my blog. The following answers are from my tiny brain.

In answering this question, I am considering my previous posts about Harry’s writing style, Louis’s writing style, their influences, their performance styles, their vocal abilities, and the evolution of One Direction albums. I’m dubious that a duet album between Harry and Louis will be forthcoming soon. I believe in their partnership, professionally and personally. But I also feel a bit like Penelope from The Odyssey, weaving and unweaving every day, waiting for them. You know? I’m not complaining– just getting old.

And, if I’m honest, I am thinking about the evolution of their moral and ethical development as well, throughout their touring years. Specifically, because Harry and Louis have made explicit statements about social justice, I don’t think we can ignore that aspect of their songwriting. I think songs like Home and End of the Day can be viewed as LGBQTA+ anthems. Both Harry and Louis have been explicit in their support of LGBQTA+ issues. I’m not going to provide links, but here, for the sake of representation, are two photos. If you know my blog, you know my stance on this issue.

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I believe in nothing. Whereas I don’t even believe in the cult of nature-worshipers or wilderness-worshipers. (I am perfectly ready to litter in parts of the woods that are of no use to me - I often throw cans in logged-over areas or in places much frequented by people; I don’t find wilderness particularly healthy physically; I don’t hesitate to poach.)

A note found by the FBI in Ted Kaczynski’s cabin.

DC Comics Character Summaries Part 3: The Bat-villains(1/?)




3. The most famous (or infamous) of BatDad’s enemies.

4. Anime hair.

5. Ruins everything.

6. Has a very avant garde fashion sense.

7. Killed Family Disappointment by beating the shit out of him with a crowbar then blowing him up. 

8. Crippled Spineless (that’s how she got her nickname).

9. Is a really shitty boyfriend to Cloudcukooland.


1. Gay.

2. Salty.

3. Can’t stop making up dumb riddles.

4. Makes the most overly-elaborate death traps.

5. Is a genius but acts like a fucking child.

6. “If you’re so smart. why aren’t you rich?” says the smart guy who isn’t rich.

7. Has no social life.


1. Really bad case of DID.

2. HALF the man he used to be haha I’m so funny.

3. Obsessed with the number two. 

4. Got burned by acid so now he’s half-hot half-not.

5. Bi.

6. Decorates all his escape vehicles to match his clothes.


1. Crazy cat lady.

2. 2Fab4U.

3. Bi.

4. Likes cats in case it’s not obvious.

5. Rly fashionable.

6. Sexual tension with BatDad.

7. Adopts every stray cat she sees.

8. Every. Single. One.

9. Steals diamonds and jewelry and shit like that.

10. Animal rights activist.


1. Is really fun.

2. On-again off-again dating Skinrash even though he’s an abusive dick.

3. But is also gay with Oak Tree.

4. Carries lots of oversized weapons.

5. Has pet hyenas.

6. Makes friends with everyone.

7. Also flirts with everyone.


1. The ultimate tree hugger.

2. Hates boys.

3. In fact, hates all people peroid(except Cloudcukooland).

4. Gay.

5. Gives environmental terrorism a whole new meaning. 

6. Yeah she’s sexy and all but I mean she’s also ready to murder you in a second, so like, yeah.


1. If you get the reference then you get an internet cookie.

2. Obsessed with birds.

3. Collects umbrellas.

4. Is a gentleman but will have your family murdered if you inconvenience him.

5. Mary Poppins enthusiast.

This is it

If we don’t get rid of Harper tomorrow, I don’t know what will happen to us. We can’t take 4-5 more years of him. What will happen to my mother, a black immigrant environmentalist, under a prime minister who denies climate change, classifies environmental activism as terrorism, and has created second class citizenship laws that could see her stripped of her citizenship and deported for denouncing him? What will happen to my muslim friends in a climate of violent islamophobia and xenophobia that Harper is actively working to create? What will happen to my trans friends who the Conservatives are legislating against? What about missing and murdered indigenous women? What about indigenous communities and sovereignty? What about our lakes and rivers and trees? Our civil rights, our environment, the lives of millions of people are in the balance. This election is so important, and if we don’t go out and vote I don’t know what will happen to us. As a queer person of colour I am terrified that this will go unnoticed, that the Conservatives will win again, that things will get even worse. Please, for the next 24 hours, can everyone take the time to care about this election? Is that so much to ask?