environmental shift


Ellie is never in any real danger when sneaking past enemies in The Last of Us. The player character of Joel is charged with her protection- but her invulnerability makes this a moot point outside of some environmental puzzles. This shifts the understanding of what Ellie is to the player. Rather than a protector and the protected the relationship between the player and her is one of partners. They both need each other, but this doesn’t manifest itself in negatives (using first aid packs when Ellie’s hurt, extracting her from crowds of zombies, etc.) but in positives (assistance in combat, identifying unseen enemies from a distance, etc.). 

One of my favorite types of Harry Potter aus will always be the “What if [your favorite character] got Sorted into a different House?”

Because while I don’t necessarily believe that a different House would really change who a character is as a person, it would still be a distinct environmental shift that would probably bring out entirely different qualities.

So here’s one I had lately – and pack your bags, because when I go on rambling insane thought vacations they’re never brief ones – sharing on the off-chance that hey it might amuse a handful of people. Because why not.

What if Lucius Malfoy ended up in a different House at Hogwarts?

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