environmental science majors

engineering school gothic
  • you are in three classes that use bernoulli’s equation. none of the equations are the same. your teachers do not know who bernoulli is. did bernoulli even exist?
  • there is a problem set. it is not on the syllabus. the first question is a blank page. you look through the whole set. it is all blank, except for the last page. you think it says “run”. you do not know. it is not written in binary.
  • this is an ethics class. you are not sure why you are here. you do not need ethics. you have never needed ethics. “it’s a joke class,” whispers an upperclassman. you do not understand why it is funny.
  • abet. the name echoes through the halls of the mechanical engineering building. no one knows what it means.
  • you are studying the tacoma narrows bridge for the fifth time. your differential equations professor tells you it is not an example of resonance. your engineering professor tells you it is. you are not sure who to trust.
  • there are six bernoullis. only four of them are related. they all look the same.
  • the environmental science majors have to take a class to learn excel. you do not understand. you have always known excel, haven’t you? you do not remember learning it.
  • you solve a triple integral and stop, confused. it has become a ricotti equation. you have forgotten ohm’s law.
  • euler has done everything. there is a portrait of euler in the english building. when you look into its eyes, something disturbs you on a visceral level.
  • you know so many languages: java, javascript, doubt, python, c++, R, matlab, uncertainty, ruby, html, confusion, terror,
  • your professor cancels class. you suspect a trick. when you arrive to the classroom, your entire class is there, watching the empty space where the professor should be. no one speaks. no one leaves.
  • the problem set is optional. the problem set is not optional. the problem set is about schrodinger’s law.
  • three different people have explained mechatronics to you. nobody knows what it is.
  • your friend says they have essays to write. essays? you cannot remember what a word document looks like. you have not written a paragraph in two years. words are abstract concepts without meaning.
  • “you’re an engineer?” someone asks. “you must be smart.” you begin to laugh. you have them all fooled. you cannot stop laughing.
  • no one is sure what systems engineering is. the lights in the systems building are always on. you have never seen someone come out.
  • your professors all do research. there are bloodstains on their lecture notes. you do not ask what they research. the last person to ask vanished at the start of the semester. your computer science professor hasn’t stopped smiling since.
  • when you attend career fairs, you are surrounded by students you have never seen and companies you have never heard of. “we’re an innovative start-up,” someone says. “we’re an innovative start-up,” you hear echoed down the hall three weeks later. the words have not stopped. you cannot sleep. you are an innovative start-up. 
NCT as college students - Instagram feed edits


  • 3rd year Business major
  • Does music to support his college life
  • Lowkey a well-known indie singer around campus
  • Sometimes sings with Johnny in the cafe when Johnny’s working
  • Trains Donghyuck on his vocal but 25/8 end up frustrated over his antics even though his voice is amazing
  • The kiddos come to him for advices
  • And probably ask him to buy them food


  • 3rd year International Relations major
  • DJ-ing at parties and events occasionally
  • Part time piano player at a cafe downtown twice every week
  • Part of the foreign swagger squad
  • Roommate with Jaehyun
  • Best friends with Ten
  • Ten knows his Instagram password
  • R.I.P his feed sometimes


  • 3rd year Communication major
  • Dances, writes lyrics & composes music
  • Soft and fluffy and a cutie inside
  • People follows his Instagram for his visual
  • And his unexpectedly awesome photography skill
  • Dance club squad with Ten and Sicheng
  • Best friends with Doyoung
  • Nags him a lot
  • Doyoung whines back too
  • I don’t know let them do their thing


  • 3rd year Environmental Sciences major
  • Football club team captain
  • Mountain guy™
  • Sicheng is his other half ever since they were paired for a basic science lab project
  • Always buys things for Sicheng even though he already knew it’s a trap
  • Likes to flirt around
  • Has his own fangirl group who never misses his football matches


  • 2nd year Economics major
  • Part of the college baseball team with his famous older brother
  • Radio DJ-ing with Jaehyun every Friday
  • Owns a special segment where he sings
  • Claimed himself a homebody but has 226625363736373 works and side activities beside classes
  • Best friends with Taeyong
  • Doesn’t even know why


  • 2nd year English Literature major
  • That $$$$ kid everyone has at their college
  • Dance club squad with Taeyong and Sicheng
  • Joined at the hip to Johnny
  • Part of the foreign swagger squad
  • Lowkey does modeling
  • 1 day 6616152526 selfies
  • Everyone knows him too
  • The famous very cute looking transfer guy


  • 2nd year Art History major
  • Basketball team representative
  • Music is 50% of his life
  • Part of the foreign swagger squad
  • Roommate with Johnny
  • College’s radio station DJ
  • A lot of girls confesses their love to him through the radio bulletin no this is not N-nana
  • Everyone knows who he is


  • 2nd year Biological Sciences major
  • Dance club squad with Ten and Taeyong
  • No one knows how could he dance like that he has no bones
  • Obsessed with ice cream and sweets
  • Has to deal with Yuta on a daily basis
  • His games come first
  • Breaking noona’s hearts since day 1 by his cuteness
  • Looks fluffy and innocent but always manages to manipulate Taeyong/Yuta/Taeil to buy him things


  • 1st year English Literature major
  • Writes lyrics and composes music
  • Has 2726353727 clubs and 7363638373 activities with barely enough time to breathe
  • Roommates with Donghyuck
  • Part of the foreign swagger squad
  • Likes to hang out with older people
  • Everyone adores him
  • Practically everywhere no one knows why this freshman is so good looking and talented and has everything
  • Famous af


  • 1st year Liberal Studies major
  • The cute maknae
  • Questions everything
  • Roommates with Mark
  • At least one prank a day for Mark
  • Follows Mark around to wreck people
  • Actually quite mature for his age but just naturally mischievous
  • Practices vocal with Taeil and Doyoung
  • Everyone is highkey annoyed lowkey loves him very much

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College!AU Minghao
  • major: environmental science 
  • minor: marine biology 
  • sports: fencing
  • clubs: oceanography club, volunteer at the aquarium, and part time chinese language tutor 
  • minghao is the kind of person that everyone knows by name but beyond that he’s a mystery??? 
  • like no one really knows anything personal about him aside from the fact that he likes animals and takes like 327093 bio courses for his major
  • when some1 asked him what grade he got for a lab minghao just smiled at them and left like that was his response and the person was like,,,,,,,what does that mean and jun (official minghao translator) was like “it means you dont ask people about their grades. esp not a genius like minghao” 
  • tbh minghao just didn’t hear him because he was thinking about what snack to get from the vending machine but jun likes being dramatic and minghao doesn’t have the energy to stop him
  • sooooo why environmental science and marine biology?? well minghao has always admired animals, but after getting a volunteering job @ the aquariums gift shop in high school he got to spend time looking at all the different animals that exist in the water and he was just like holy shit
  • minghao “seals? basically water dogs. sharks? also basically water dogs except like maybe not as playful….angry water dogs there we go.”
  • he still volunteers at the aquarium but instead of just working in the shop he actually gets to help out the trainers and he’s even got to do the feeding show with the penguins and it’s adorable he just has the biggest smile on when he’s around all the animals
  • mingyu: “so like …. you know those sardines that you feed the penguins and seals like could a human also eat-” 
  • minghao: “never speak to me again”
  • minghao’s interest and love for the animals is like very subtle, like you’d look at him and he’s standing there listening to music and he’s lean and handsome and you’re like ‘wow, he looks like he’d be a model or……a dancer’
  • but then he pulls out his textbook on the ocean and you’re like what and minghao’s phone case has jellyfish on it. it’s adorable. its like what you see is not what you get with him. its BETTER
  • he got into fencing after he found out dance team wasnt like an official sport and tbh he got recruited by captain jackson wang because he saw minghao tutoring in chinese @ the library and he was like wow cool another native chinese speaker!! so he went over to make friends and when minghao stood up jackson was like ‘you’re tall’ and minghao was like hmmmm??? and jackson was like ‘join fencing club’
  • at first minghao was like nah but dance team meet on the same days as he volunteers so he was like maybe fencing wont be that bad,,,, (also jackson wouldn’t stop chasing him around campus to join)
  • minghao in the fencing uniform with his hair pulled back with like a band ,,,,, imagine ,,,,,,
  • im also thinking like minghao whose wearing like khakis and like a windbreaker when he’s out in the field doing research but like on campus he’s pretty stylish like he has those grey sweatpants and street brand name sneakers and also
  • minghao with a helix + graduate lobe piercings…….one of the studs on his ears is a little starfish….ok anyway
  • so you’re always in the library because your roommate is …. to put is nicely……extremely social
  • as in they always have people over and you’ve got essays and tests coming up and you don’t want to try to be studying with the sound of laughter and other people yelling and so basically your dorm is the library
  • and every monday + thursday minghao sits at the table next to yours and tutors in chinese. a lot of the time though, no one shows up and so you kind of just see him sitting there with his notebook open, twirling his pen around his fingers and dozing off
  • and like a lot of people you just know him by name and it’s not like you really really really find him interesting, it’s just you two always see each other and you know at some point it becomes just common courtesy to at least smile at each other
  • but that’s all it is, smiles. 
  • except is it? like u start noticing the smallest, cutest things he does. like the way he runs his fingers over lips when he’s thinking really hard about something, or the way his voice changes when he starts speaking chinese, the way he rolls his eyes when mingyu stop to visit just to bother him about food or something and the way he laughs and covers it with his hand when seokmin sees him and makes a joke
  • and oh god you tell yourself: do not develop a crush on minghao. it’s futile 
  • but minghao notices you too.
  • he might look like he’s reading up on biohazardous chemicals affecting sea life  but from the corner of his eye he sees the way your cardigan is slipping off your shoulder. the way you toy with the keychain on your bag. the way you hold you coffee with both hands
  • you two have caught each other looking but all you could do is just….smile. like oh it’s an accident, we didn’t meet eyes because we were staring…..
  • and then the ghost incident happens
  • and by that i mean, you’re staying late in the library once again because this time your roommate has a significant other over and they’re texting you like “sock is on the dorm doorknob if You know WhaT I  m e an (((((;” and you’re like oh my god 
  • but you had two 3 hours lectures today and your eyes are fogging up and you rest your head on your bag for a second and all you see is the outline of the person at the table next to you and before you know you’re lights out. zZZZZZZZ
  • when you wake up tho…….it’s quiet……like more quiet and you look up to see that the lights are dim and that the tables are all empty
  • and you’re like wth what time is it and when you check your phone it’s like at 3% because iTS LIKE TEN O CL Ock the LIBRARy CLSOED an hour ago
  • and you’re like holyshit no no no n o and you get up in a panic but then stop because…..there’s a person
  • also asleep……………at the table next to yours
  • and it takes you a second but you see the hair,,,,and the starfish earring and you’re like 
  • “minghao???”
  • carefully you go over and see that he’s laying on a textbook with candy wrappers near his hand and you’re like ?? he was here when i was first falling asleep,,,why’d he stay so long
  • but you gently shake his shoulder and he comes to and he’s like huh hmm??? and it’s cute he has his hair a bit messy and there’s a piece of candy stuck to his lip and you’re like !!!!! “hey,,,,we both fell asleep and i think we might be locked….in here…”
  • minghao wakes up instantly and he stands up and is like ???? seriously and you two walk over to the front where the librarian usually sits and ofc she’s not there and minghao checks the doors which are ofc locked and you both are like: we’re fucked
  •  and you’re like “at least it isn’t dark-”
  • but just as you finish your sentences the lights go out and you’re like ARE YOU KIDDING and minghao is like the whole school has automatic lighting that stops at 10:30 …. the gym also has this,,, and you’re like o h 
  • and minghao’s like “let me use my phone’s flashlight” and he turns it on and you both make your way back to the tables you were at and like it’s awkward for a moment until you’re like 
  • “when did you fall asleep,,,,because i think i saw you before i - like….knocked out..”
  • and minghao looks down and is like um,,,,idk maybe at 8 i was just tired from practice or whatever (actually this is a lie and ull find out as we go in hehe)
  • and you’re like oh!! you’re on a sports team and minhao’s like yeah fencing and you’re like wOW thats cool i know jackson is the captain and minghao laughs because ofc everyone knows jackson
  • and its hard to initate conversation because u two have literally never talked and finally minghao is like “whats,,,whats your name? im sorry, i don’t know it..” and you tell him and he repeats it and then,,, say something in chinese??? and you’re like huh and he’s like “i was just translating it,,,i do that i just wanted to hear how it would sound.”
  • and ok your heart doesnt skip a beat because thats adorable except duh ofc it does
  • and then you’re like “oh, what if the library ghost comes out?” and minghao is like ???? and you’re like
  • “the library ghost! you know the one everyone talks about at freshmen orientation???” and minghao is like shaking his head because he’s like im a transfer i dont know,,,,but tell me
  • and you’re like OH well,,, there’s this story that there was a kid here in the 90s who used to get bullied in the non-fiction section by some mean upperclassmen and that one day he vanished and no one knows where,,,,but everyone says that he sits in that section and cries all night long because of the bullies!!! 
  • and as you’re saying this minghao is like ……..really? and he just laughs at the end because ghosts aren’t real
  • and you’re like heY you don’t know that!! and minghao’s like “nah, there’s no way, scientifically it’s impossible.”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,but ghosts defy science and minghao’s like nothing defies science 
  • and you get up and you’re like “let’s go check it out then!” and minghao looks up at you and he’s like ???? you mean go to that section and you’re like yeah…..ARe you SCAREd???? and minghao gets up like What NO
  • and its cute his all defensive voice and so you’re like ok!!! let’s go 
  • and so the two of you venture through the aisles of books to the non-fiction corner and you sit down and you pat the spot next to you and
  • minghao looks a lil uneasy but he sits down
  • and you’re like hehe if anything happens he’ll freak out and i won-
  • but then like his shoulder touches yours because your so close and you’re like 
  • ,…….I ….D I d………not….think this…through……..
  • because now you’re confined in this little corner with this tall handsome boy and its dark and you start like short-circuiting because ohgodohogodohogohdo
  • and minghao feels you try to scoot away and he’s like nervous too he keeps fumbling with his phone and then suddenly there’s this loud screeching sound and you’re like
  • and minghao’s like WHAT
  • and you two jump up and you grab his hand and you two jsut start running
  • but then you hear the screeching sound again and you instinctively jump in fear and thats when you feel minghao pull you back into his arms 
  • and your back is against his warm chest and he’s like whispering in your ear that it’s not a ghost, it can’t be but it might be someone else and you two need to get out of there
  • and you’re like ,,,, honestly you didn’t expect anything to happen so  you just agree and let minghao let you go and grab your hand and run
  • and the screeching happens again and you’re like what The he LLL i  S that
  • and minghao’s like,,, he sees the door to the library office is still open so he pulls you inside and shuts the door and is like GET dOWn if its a murderer he cant see us ok 
  • and you duck under a desk and minghao is like leaning against the door
  • and the screeching noise gets louder and louder AND LOUDER and then the door starts being knocked on and you’re like oh my god im going to die. we are going to die
  • and minghao tries to hold it back but you hear keys and minghao pulls back and runs over to you under the desk 
  • and when it opens…………..
  • the lights turned on the maintenance guy is like what the heck are you two doing here
  • and you and minghao are staring at him with wide eyes and when the maintence guy pulls the garbage can into the room the wheels screech against the floor
  • and you and minghao are like
  • oh my god …. we’re idiots
  • and the maintenance guy is like -_____- you kids are crazy how could you do something like that in the library, that’s inappropriate!! 
  • and you get what the guy thinks happened because minghao is still clutching you against his chest and you’re like AHEM and minghao lets go
  • and you’re like no, sir we were locked in and we thought that you were a murderer-
  • and the guy is like ME???? a MURDERER??? 
  • and you’re like ThaTs not what I M ENA
  • and minghao gets up and he’s like ,,,,we’re sorry we’ll leave and pretend this didnt happen
  • and the maintenance guy like grumbles but flicks his arm and minghao grabs you before you can say anything and pulls you out back to the table to get your stuff
  • and once you’re out like its dark and cold and you’re shivering because this damn cardigan is thing and minghao shrugs off his sweatshirt and hands it to you and you’re like UM and he’s like “the walk to the dorm is going to be far.”
  • and you’re like yes but you don’t have to- and minghao is like “i have to.”
  • and so you put the sweatshirt on and its long and you giggle and minghao is like,,, that screeching back there sounded like an orca whale…and you’re like what an interesting way to describe a sound and minghao blushes but you cant see it
  • and you and minghao decide that if either one of you starts sleeping in the library the other person should wake them up because we do not need this episode to happen again
  • and when you go home, you can remember being pulled against minghao’s chest and you can smell him on the clothes and you’re like
  • wow. crush on minghao? me? you fuckingfjgof BET
  • and when you’re back in the library on monday you want to give minghao his sweater back
  • but when he walks in mingyu is there and you feel a little shy but you go over and you’re like “thanks for letting me borrow this-” and you pass it over to minghao
  • and mingyu is wiggling his eyebrows and minghao is literally like shut up and mingyu is like WhaT  i didnt even say anything,,,,
  • before you turn back minghao’s like oh! here- and he passes you a couple of candies in red wrappers and you’re like ???
  • and he’s like “they’re from china, my mom sends me a bag every month. i know you stay here till closing, so remember to eat.”
  • mingyu voice: smooth moves man
  • you and minghao: blushing, except minghao is about to put mingyu into a chokehold and ur like gtg
  • and for a while it goes back to just smiling at each other and it hurts because you really,,,,really,,,,,,really like him now
  • and then one day you’re napping in the library again because your roommmates like dont come home if u dont wanna see something explicit 
  • when you feel someone gently brush your hair from your face and slowly opening your eyes you see minghao leaning over you and you’re like hmmm
  • and he’s like OH you’re ….. you’re awake,,,, um……its just we promised we’d wake each other up if we fell asleep but i just-
  • and you smile at him and minghao decides that you know,,if he’s going to wake you up he might as well do it properly
  • so he leans in and pecks your lips and WELL THAt WAKES YOu uP
  • and you’re like !!!!!! and he’s like i uh i uh … uh i ……*incoherent noises in chinese* and you’re like
  • …wh…why?? and he’s like you’re cute thats why there i said it
  • and tbh minghao has always thought you were cute ever since he first saw you and you touch your lips and you’re like
  • you’re cute too
  • minghao: no you’re cuter
  • you: no shuttup you’re cuter
  • minghao: dont tell me to shuttup
  • you: ok then. date me
  • minghao: ok. let’s date.
  • you: ok.
  • minghao; ok
  • the whole library: what did we just witness 
  • and thats the start of a beautiful relationship 
  • minghao moves his tutoring to your table and even though you arent studying chinese you dont mind it at all, seeing him talk and hearing him is enough to make you happy
  • and like on your first date minghao takes you to the aquarium where he works and points out all his favorite animals and shows you how to feed penguins 
  • and while you guys are eating afterwords he’s like “oh , this is for you.”
  • and he passes you the sweater he let you borrow on the night in the library and you’re like ??? are you giving this to me
  • and he’s like “use it as a pillow for your naps in the library. sleeping on a bag must be hard. you can also….wear it…butimjustsuggestingyouknownobigdealhahah”
  • and like minghao is straight forward, so he’s like ‘wanna know when i started liking you?’ and you’re like ok!! and he’s like remember how i said that i just fell asleep because of practice that time in the library and you’re like yeah and he’s like ‘honestly i wasnt tired. i just wanted to make sure you were safe and you were sleeping so soundly and i didn’t want anyone to come over and wake you up. so i stayed until the end,,,and fell asleep looking at you.’
  • and you’re like .,,,,,thats so romantic what the hell and minghao’s just smiling like im glad i told you and you’re a blushing mess like shgnweo do you not,,,,,, see how adorable you’re being right now and minghao’s like ??? what no ??? im not adorable
  • you: yes you are what the hell stop it
  • minghao: how do i stop doing something i didn’t know i was doing ????
  • minghao’s literal older brother jackson finds out your dating because you come to watch minghao practice and minghao points to you and is like ‘they’re mine’ and you’re like HOW ARE U SO STRAIGHTFORWARD
  • minghao: im not your son jackson: lol ofc u r stop joking son
  • and minghao has always been so cool in your mind, like the way he looks is so calm and collected and he looks like a damn prince when he fences 
  • and when he’s studying??? or  talking ??? or you know idk existing. he’s a prince
  • but then u guys go to an all you can eat chinese buffet and wow. minghao can EAT and seungkwans like thats gross slow down but you’re like YESSS bABy you look So cute Stuff anoTher Dumpling in Yo ur m outh Thats the 14th one YESSS
  • you learn cute petnames in chinese and when u call minghao that it’s so funny to see him try and not blush
  • minghao invites you to come with him and the oceanography club on a study abroad but you cant go since its not your major and he gets all pouty and its so cute he literally lays his head in your lap and is like ,,,,, you gotta kiss me 3000000 times before i go
  • and its the corniest cheesiest thing he’s ever done but you love this side of him
  • you wore his sweater to class and when you went to pick him up from lab he almost tripped when he saw you wearing it because he was like,,,in public?? and you’re like ‘how can you literally go around parading the fact that we’re dating and yet i wear your sweater and suddenly you wanna die of embarrassment??’
  • jun gets squishy over you two and is like mY TWO KIDS in love and he like holds you and minghao in a group hug and you and minghao are both like ‘save us’
  • the aquarium gets a new baby seal and everyones like what should we name it and minghao’s like,,,,it’s cute,,,,,lets name it after my significant other,,,,,,,,,
  • you found out he named the seal after you and you’re like minghAO and he’s like its cute right look here i brought a plushie of the baby seal for you keep it
  • and you’re holding the seal and literally looking at him like how,,,did i get someone like you
  • and minghao chuckles and leans down to kiss your forehead and he’s like no no it’s how did i get someone like you……..
  • since you’re dating minghao people like walk up to you and they’re like,,,,so what is he really like
  • and you’re like he’s a meme,,,a soft meme …..he’s so funny i love him and everyone’s like ???????? meme????funny????? he doesnt speak in class?????
  • but you’re like my bf is the greatest and minghao is like my angel is the greatest and its cute you guys have each other and you meet because of a damn ghost. ……………ideal

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I drew this a long time ago as a collaboration with my biologist friends to raise awareness about various endangered species and their habitats. Unfortunately we all got too busy and the project never took off. I found the file again and decided to post it anyway.

This one is about the Whooping Crane and how conservation efforts brought this endangered species back from near extinction. My friend, Joleen Tseng, worked with these beautiful birds and here’s her write-up about the importance of conservation for these birds and all species of life:

When we hear [the crane’s] call we hear no mere bird. We hear the trumpet in the orchestra of evolution. He is the symbol of our untamable past, of that incredible sweep of millennia which underlies and conditions the daily affairs of birds and men.
–Aldo Leopold

Whooping cranes, North America’s tallest and rarest bird, have quite the story. Due to habitat loss and over hunting, these birds have fallen to just 21 individuals in the 1940s but through the enormous efforts of conservationists, local, national, and international governments, the Whooping cranes have recovered to around 600 individuals today. The story of the Whooping crane can be seen as a symbol of hope for endangered animals. Through intensive methods involving captive breeding, constant monitoring across nations, research, education, enforced protection, and specialized reintroduction programs, the Whooping cranes have been able to make an astounding recovery.
Whooping cranes have been blessed to be a “charismatic species” or in other words, a species with popular appeal. Their beautiful profiles trumpeting calls have inspired conservationists around the world to fight for their cause. However, many endangered animals are unable to gather as much popularity. Whether they may be considered ugly, small, or even “unimportant,” every animal has a place in the web of life and it’s our job as fellow animals to respect and uphold the system of nature that we are part of.

Ways to help:
Of course there are the standard ways to help Whooping cranes and other endangered species. Donate/ participate in citizen science/ support conservation organization or programs, etc.
If you’re lacking the funds, the best way to help conservation efforts and endangered animals is to educate yourself. Visit a wildlife refuge with your family. The money goes directly to helping efforts to restore endangered species habitat, monitoring, research, and education. Volunteer at nature centers, zoos, refuges. And most importantly, educate yourself. Take biology, take environmental science, look into zoology/ environmental science/ natural resource majors in college. All these can lead to a career in conservation. And last but not least, practice conservation: be mindful of waste, re-using, recycling, etc.

anonymous asked:

What can I do with a degree in Environmental Studies?

You’re going to be looking in areas like:

(If you click those links, you can see actual job listings.)

Hope this helps!

How to Zookeep: The Quick and Dirty

Alright y’all. I’ve been getting (and have previously received) a lot of questions asking for very general “how to become a zookeeper” advice. I want to answer them all individually but I’m not always able. So here is the most basic overview of the steps to becoming a zookeeper.

Here’s your caveats: a. This advice is all based in America. Many of the steps may be similar internationally, but I don’t have the experience or the references to speak on non-American zookeeping. b.  This advice is meant for those “just starting out” i.e. those in high school, college, or recent graduates. I am working on another post just for those seeking zookeeping as a career change. c.  The zoo field is complex. This blog is a reference, but it’s not an authority. Ask other blogs, other individuals, etc. for advice! Every situation is different. 

Step 1: Get a four-year degree in “Related Field”

Check out University? More Like Universal Struggle for more details. Basically, you’ll need a degree in biology, zoology, environmental science, or a specialty major related to zoos or wildlife.

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Step 2: Do one to two internships (or internship-like positions)

Internships are key in the zookeeping field. You’ll usually want to get at least one (often summer) internship under your belt during your university career. Of course, paid internships are ideal. If all you can find is an unpaid internship, try to get class credit, or see if there are local school or community programs that can help with a stipend. 

There are some other position options that are similar to internships. Examples include work at sanctuaries, work at small non-AZA zoos, non-animal work at major zoos (usually related to education, not guest services/retail), or part-time/seasonal/on-call/temporary positions. As a note, if you’re set on some of the most competitive areas such as marine mammals, elephants, or large primates, you may have to do 4 to 6 internships / intern-like positions.

Most of these positions (as well as some full-time positions tbh) will include one or more of the following situations: very low pay, lack of benefits, being in a far away / rural location, and a lot of physical / “grunt” work. These are the not-so-great parts of the job… but at least we all end up bonding over them.

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Step 3: Apply, Apply, Apply

After you get the internship experience, it’s time to apply. And apply some more. The common number thrown around is 20 to 50 applications. Now this step gets complicated depending on a couple of factors. Do you have an ideal species that your heart is set on? If so, you’ll either need to take more internships/intern-like positions related to that species or take a full-time position that doesn’t necessarily have your ideal species and work towards that species. Do you want to work in one particular facility? If so, especially if it’s a major AZA facility, you’ll probably need to take a position or two at a smaller zoo and work your way up. 

You’ll need a good resume that focuses on your skills and what you bring to the table. Don’t fill much space with non-related experience (like waitressing or retail) and don’t put an objective. List your education at the top. You’ll also need a good cover letter (standard letter format applies). The resume can be more universal, but the cover letter should be very custom-tailored to each position. It’s time consuming but 100% worth it. 

Tips: Have common questions for online applications in a word document and copy/paste them in. These will include info on previous jobs/internships, job descriptions, and university information. Also download the Chrome app “Lazarus” which saves a backup of everything you put in an online form.

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And there you have it!

These are the most commonly accepted, widely known steps to becoming a zookeeper. This is the very basic roadmap most people take. I’ll be doing some more detailed and specific explanations / advice as I continue the “How to Zookeep” series, but I hope for now this will help.

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Oceanography class goes coastal for spring break

It’s not unusual for college students to travel to the beach for spring break. It is when they go with their professor. It certainly is when the trip is part of the course curriculum.

Cynthia Venn, professor of environmental, geographical and geological sciences, took her oceanography class on a brief coastal trip over spring break from Virginia to Florida seeing first-hand how the geology and climates changed down the coast.

“It’s one thing to be able to take a class so small and really have one-on-one time with the professor to learn the material, but to actually experience it hands-on is a much better way to further your education,” says Shannon Carr, a senior environmental science major. “Dr. Venn would provide us with photos of different birds, but we really got to know them once we saw them in their natural habitats.”

According to Carr, some of her favorite parts of the trip took place in Florida. A particular stop at Loggerhead Marine Center — a rehabilitation center for multiple different sea turtle species — was very memorable.

“It was really cool to see the vet’s office and all of the turtles they have there,” Carr says. “It was also cool to hear their stories as to why they are there and how well they’ve recovered since they arrived.”

Another highlight occurred on an airboat ride through The Everglades, according to Carr.

“We got to see mangrove trees up close and personal, which is something you can’t find up here in Pennsylvania,” says Carr, adding the trip has tremendously shaped her future.

“I’m graduating in May, and I’m looking to find a job in Coastal Restoration,” Carr says. “Since this class topic is not something offered regularly in the EGGS department, being able to have the opportunity to take it my senior year has been beyond awesome.”

Carr says the oceanography class did a great job of meshing together previous classes she took, such as biology, soil resources and surface hydrology.

“It’s a perfect wrap up to an already wonderful experience here I’ve had at Bloomsburg in the EGGS department,” Carr says.

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Did anyone from ywbf go to college? If yes how did they handle it

They’re all in college save Ben, and Libby, who has already graduated.
I like to think that they all go to different colleges in a consortium, so they’re all technically independent while still having one another nearby. This means a lot of meeting up to just work on their respective assignments together in silence.
The adjustment was obviously very awkward for Evan, but he got matched with a good roommate his first year and between him and an awesome RA they made him feel comfortable and get settled. If anyone cares, he’s an ESRM (environmental science/resource management) major. He had great profs and a good balance of classes that really helped him settle into a routine.
Connor was still rough around the edges when he started - he actually did a year of community college before transferring - but was lucky enough that he didn’t ever have to live in the dorms…because his parents got him an apartment right next to campus. And he has to check in with the school counselor weekly. He stumbled a bit at first (he got sober just before the semester started so there was that issue), but aside from a couple near-altercations with fratbros, it’s been good! Oh, and he’s a film studies/cinematography major with a creative writing minor.
Jared has basically a never ending supply of coffee, so he very quickly became king of the dorms. He had a tendency to keep to himself, but his roommate/neighbors were chill enough that it was a non-issue. As far as his area of study, it’s somewhere between computer science and economics. The nerd.
Alana is the kind of person who’s doing just fine until she’s not. The homesickness and existential terror didn’t hit her until the third week of school. Libby helped her work through it, and after that a careful record of upcoming assignments and tests was kept so that her friends/family could be aware of potential high-stress times and know when to help her take a step back or just plain relax. Getting a job actually helped her chill, despite seemingly crowding her schedule. Go figure. She’s trying to decide between a psychology and an education major.
Zoe was fine. She’d heard enough stories from her friends to know what and what not to do. Plus, with the exception of maybe Libby, she’s the most nt of the bunch, so… yeah. She’s entering her third year and has yet to choose a major.
Lee is the only one who is not a full-time college studenout.He has scattered interests and no major, so he’s just kind of there to learn things when he’s not at work. Plus, being the youngest, he can crash with the older kiddos who no longer live in the dorms (he has his own little place don’t worry) because they’ve aged out.

So…There you go, nonny.

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Best schools for psychology or environmental science? Thank you!


  • Arizona State University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University
  • Florida State University
  • Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges
  • Indiana University—Bloomington
  • James Madison University
  • Louisiana State University—Baton Rouge
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Michigan State University
  • Princeton University
  • Purdue University—West Lafayette
  • Stanford University
  • Temple University
  • Texas A&M University—College Station
  • The Ohio State University—Columbus
  • The University of Texas at Austin
  • University of Arkansas—Fayetteville
  • University of California—Berkeley
  • University of California—Los Angeles
  • University of California—San Diego
  • University of Central Florida
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Colorado—Boulder
  • University of Florida
  • University of Houston
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • University of Michigan—Ann Arbor
  • University of Minnesota—Twin Cities
  • University of North Texas
  • University of Oklahoma
  • University of Oregon
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of South Florida
  • University of Washington
  • University of Wisconsin—Madison
  • Yale University

Environmental science:

  • Stanford University
  • Pennsylvania State University - University Park
  • University of California - Berkeley
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Harvard University
  • University of Michigan
  • University of California - Davis
  • Yale University
  • University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Cornell University
  • University of Colorado - Boulder
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Princeton University
  • University of California - Los Angeles
  • Duke University 
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Carnegie Mellon Univeristy

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will you ever draw the full version of sams outfit in that pic???? SORRY ITS JUST I LOVE THE PETER PAN COLLAR

just for u anon

she’s an Environmental Science major, minoring in Women’s Studies, and she’s meeting her boys at Nasty Burger 💜

in other news, how did Vortex’s voice actor not like??? completely asphyxiate during recording in that episode

what friends are for - [college!taehyung] (M)

so i started this in august and now, almost three months and over 7k words later, it’s finally finished: my first-ever smut. honestly i don’t know how i got so carried away but i gotta say i’m pretty happy about it because i haven’t written this much in a long time. as always, feel free to send me your thoughts. enjoy!!

genre: angst/smut

word count: 7,243

“Hi, Taehyung.”

“Hey, you made it. I was starting to get worried.” He leaned up against the doorframe, failing to realize that Y/N couldn’t enter the house when his entire body was blocking the way, unwittingly broad and toned and glowing.

“Yeah, I - I got kind of held up,” she explained, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. “There were people protesting in front of the campus center so I had to take a detour and I was playing Pokemon Go, and then I saw a Lickitung on my radar, so…”

“Say no more,” he laughed, and his whole body shook as he did so. The golden skin of his neck moved with his baritone chuckles, more than a little distracting. “Lickitung is definitely more important than passing a midterm.”

She smiled, a bit sheepish, but ultimately relieved that he wasn’t mad about her tardiness. “I’m here now, though, so do you think I could come in?” 

There was a split second of confusion, and then a burst of understanding. “Oh, yeah, sorry,” he quickly apologized at her pointed gaze and ushered her in with an embarrassed hand rubbing the back of his neck.

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