environmental quotation

The struggle has never been about saving the planet. The planet does not need saving. If we warm it up to the point where we cannot exist we’ll be gone, the planet will still be here. … It will be bruised and scarred by humanity’s crimes on it but actually once human beings become extinct, the forests will recover, the oceans will replenish. This struggle is fundamentally about whether humanity can fashion a way of mutually coexisting with nature and protecting our children and their children’s future.

“Your longevity and health are more determined by your ZIP code than they are by your genetic code.” - Tom Frieden, M.D., M.P.H.; CDC Director

(as quoted in “CDC: Lifespan more to do with geography than genetics;” USA TODAY; May 1, 2014)

How much wilderness do the wilderness-lovers want?  Ask those who would mine and dig and cut and dam in such sanctuary spots as these.  The answer is easy: Enough so that there will be in the years ahead a little relief, a little quiet, a little relaxation, for any of our increasing millions who need and want it.

Wallace Stegner, from This Is Dinosaur: Echo Park Country and Its Magic Rivers (Rinehart Publishing, 1985)

Photograph: Little Goose Dam on the Snake River