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I guess the long answer, cause I'm pretty curious

alright. let me take you back, anon. let me take you back to a time that was nearly precisely 5 years ago - back to March 2nd, 2012. on this date, the movie The Lorax came out. it was an adaptation of the classic dr. suess story, albeit with heavy creative liberties taken and an arguably much less poignant environmental message.

but that’s not what you need to know.

what you need to know is, the main character of the original book, the Once-ler, was given a face in this movie - the face of a young, skinny, baby-faced man with the voice of Ed Helms.

for reasons still unknown to me, the internet at the time developed an incredibly deep and immediate fixation on him - most likely due to his nonthreatening, attractive appearance and voice. a fandom began to develop around the movie, but most specifically, around this character. the most prevalent place of operation this fandom took to was tumblr, in the wake of the rapidly receding superwholock fandom.

as with most fandoms comprised of sexually frustrated teenage girls, there was a heavy emphasis on shipping. however, this movie’s main cast aside from the once-ler were either vaguely off-putting, too young, or had absolutely no interaction with the object of their desires - the once-ler. their solution to this was the most surreal and bizarre fandom uroboros that many innocent souls have ever witnessed.

they started shipping him with himself.

later in the movie, the once-ler adopts this appearance while singing the only significant musical number from this movie, How Bad Can I Be? and undergoes a pretty striking character shift as he’s blinded by his own greed. hence, the fandom began to view this green suit-wearing once-ler as a completely separate entity than the previous, innocent, vest-wearing once-ler. they subsequently dubbed this double as The Greed-ler.

past that, things began to spiral quickly and violently out of control.

how many different ways are there to cook an egg? you can ponder on this for a very, very long time - but eventually, you’ll just get bored of the taste of eggs. how many different ways are there to ship someone with themselves? if you ask the once-ler fandom, they wouldn’t be able to tell you. because they tried literally every way imaginable.

there were high school AUs. there were wolf AUs. there were countless different ways to ship this character with his own self, in every single way you could possibly stretch it, to the point of absolute unrecognizability from the source material.

and even that became tiring.

they began to ship individual body parts with each other. they began to ship articles of clothing. there were RP blogs for each and every single AU and scenario, and then some. there was an RP blog dedicated to playing AS the once-ler’s semen.

here is a list on the once-ler fandom fucking wiki of but a fraction of the number of once-ler ask/rp blogs there were. it’s endless.

for a time, the blue hellsite was the green hellsite. the green man was inescapable. after a time, it eventually faded and died down over the course of these 5 long years - active once-ler blogs are now considered cryptids. rightfully so.

the idea of shipping junkrat skins with each other is a disturbing echo of the hellish period that was once-ler fandom. best we nip it in the bud now before we enter a new era.

then again, we’ll never reach heights like this again, right? we could never even come close to doing this all over again…

how bad can we possibly be?

i wish that more people would take a page out of miyazaki’s book and actually learn how to deliver a pro-environmental message without coming across as annoyingly preachy or anti-technology and progress

I may be reading too much into the movie, but I felt like Moana had a strong environmental message and the characters represented, in broad terms, the challenges our society is facing.

[Spoilers for those who haven’t seen the movie]

Maui is the old generation. He stole the heart of Te Fiti (mother earth), thinking humans could harness, control and benefit from its power. This is a pretty straightforward comparison to what happened during the industrial revolution, and is still happening now: humans trying to dominate nature, using it for their benefit without caring about consequences (extinction). 

Just like our natural world, once deprived of its heart, Te Fiti crumbles down and turns into a rage-filled lava monster. This is climate change, and all the disasters that are happening over the world because of it.

The wave of destruction slowly but surely reaches every island in the ocean, threatening to take all living things with it.

Moana (the young generation) is chosen to fix the damage Maui did (even if he did it with good intentions) and restore the heart to prevent the death of her people. This means, for us, finding technologies that will enable us to live while limiting our impact on the environment.

Successful in their mission, Moana and Maui make peace with Te Fiti and apoligize for the mistake that was made and the suffering it caused. Moana goes on to guide her people in a new era of exploration and peace with the natural world.

Me and my friend haniemohd got to talking about this whole Miss Officer and Mr Truffles thing about how people would feed the wild bears at parks and all that from when they were cubs cos people think they’re cute but this it actually dangerous cos the bears then depends on people for food and when they can’t get any they might get all rogue-y (her words, which is think is a pretty cool word which is why I’m using it here, hah!) and attack people so she said that this whole Miss Officer and Mr Truffles thing is a good platform to send out environmental messages like this, but I didn’t know how to go about doing this yet, so I got to watching Suzanne Bourque’s interview and how she had a stern talking with the cub and it gave me this idea for the comic.

I didn’t have much space at the bottom there cos I made a mistake in the layout to place a message about why feeding bears can get them euthanized but I think (hope) people get the message anyway.

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Doug never praised SatAM as the best thing ever at all, he was actually more about being thrilled (in his over the top NC manner) that it was miles better than AoStH, and was a good kids cartoon with environmental messages that wasn't grossly preachy and took itself seriously compared to other shows of the era.

I never said that he claimed it was the best thing ever. I just acknowledged that he praised it very highly, which made the numerous examples of him getting facts wrong about the show all the more perplexing.

The fact that he praised SatAM constantly while slandering nearly everything about AoStH came off as just a tiny bit biased to me as well. (I don’t buy the “he was in-character” excuse either given that the gap between the character and the person isn’t really that wide, especially in recent years going by what I’ve heard.) And I felt that a lot of his praise towards SatAM was mostly by comparing it with AoStH, as opposed to genuinely looking at SatAM on it’s own merit.

Cat's Obtuse Halloween Costume Stumps Everyone

Abigail is the reigning queen of Halloween among her friends and co-workers. At least, she was.

“You can always count on Abigail to win the company costume contest,” says colleague Ron Simmons. “Last year she was Left Shark. The year before that, she was a chimichanga with actual, edible queso in her costume.”

But this year’s get-up has many friends baffled.

“It’s just a plastic bag. Is she supposed to be trash?” posits Tiffany Unger, Abigail’s roommate.

“Maybe she’s groceries,” says Ryan O'Toole, a longtime friend. “I don’t know.”

Abigail won’t reveal the theme of her costume, hoping instead that people will just “get it,” according to sources familiar with the situation.

“I guess it has some sort of political or environmental message,” O'Toole speculates. “I think she’s lost her edge.”

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Wall-e is such a spectacular movie. I have seen it about fifteen times, and even when I watched it today, I was still blown away. It has SUCH a powerful, environmental message, and yet it still manages to be an adorable children’s movie, with a cute romance thrown in for fun. If you’ve never seen this movie, go out and watch it. Now. It’s probably free to rent at your local Family Video. Or library.