environmental facts

fun fact: the Environmental Protection Agency was created after Cuyahoga River caught fire for the thirteenth time

not because a river caught fire

because it caught fire for the THIRTEENTH TIME and caused $50,000 in damages

in 1969 Time reported that the river “oozes rather than flows” and said that a person “does not drown but decays” in the water

The oceans — their sea levels, temperatures and acidity all on the rise — do not read Breitbart News in the United States or the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom, which by spreading science denial put the most vulnerable at risk.
—  Cynthia Barnett’s Op-Ed in the LA Times, read here. 
Bottled Water Facts
  • $100 billion is spent globally on bottled water
  • Tap water is 500-2000 times less expensive in the US
  • Tap water is regulated by the EPA whereas bottled water is regulated by the FDA. Basically bottled water is regulated as food and is less regulated than tap water.
  • In order for tap water to be distributed, it must be undergo testing for e. coli, is required to provide its source and produce quality reports.
  • Bottled water, on the other hand, doesn’t have to meet any of those standards to be distributed.
    It takes 3 times more water to make the bottle than to actually fill it
  • 80% of all bottles are landfilled or incinerated
  • 40% of all bottled water is taken from municipal water sources (aka tap water)
Letterkenny Season 3 trailer (Alliteration part 2 :3)
  • Dary: *spits*
  • Alright. After Autumn.
  • Wayne: Ask anyone around the area about accuracy, Arctic activities are abundant, astonishing, astounding and A one on all accounts.
  • D: Back up.
  • W: Before beach bodies, bros better bundle up in boots, blankets and balaclavas because a bloody bitter breeze a blow brisk, blustery and bleak.
  • D: Careful.
  • W: Correctly common to cocoon in a cap, coat and comforter because the cutting cold can consume your character, occasionally create a corpse and continually compress your cock.
  • D: Don't.
  • W: Don't you dare dawdle, dilly-dally your dick around after dark in December, she's definitely damn drafty if you're down a duvet.
  • D: Easily.
  • W: Each and every Earthling is environmentally enslaved.
  • D: Fact.
  • W: It's fucking freezing. It's fricken frigid. You're fit for flu in February without fleece, flannel, full-fledged furnace or fire.
  • D: Go on.
  • W: It's a goddamn glacier, go grab gloves or garb and gear up for gusts.
  • D: Here here.
  • W: Hypothermia if you don't heat your home to half hellish it's harsh, hibernate in a hoodie, hot chocolate, Harry and the Hendersons.
  • D: Infinitely icy.
  • W: Inhabit indoors, isolated and insulated, incubate the igloo, illness is an issue, influenza implied, infections imminent, immunity is impossible.
  • *music plays as dramatic Canadian winter scenery is shown*
  • D: Just joking.
  • W: Ah, just josh and jargon, it ain't jail, jackets in January is no jigsaw.
  • D: Keep calm.
  • W: Killjoys keep comfy in their kingdom, crushing kilos of Kleenex, keen for cozy kayaking with their kids when the key is killing kegs with your kin.
  • D: Literally.
  • W: Losers live life locked in their layers lingering lazy and lifeless, lost like legit loners while the leaders in larger learning let loose.
  • D: Muffs.
  • W: Earmuffs, mittens and mucus medicine. A mighty maniacal Mother Nature makes milder, mellower and meltier moves motivate your mates like the moose Mark Messier, maybe mix a martini for your maiden if you've met your match.
  • D: Nature.
  • W: Naturally nippy but that's nothing new up North, normal naturistic narrative not national news.
  • D: Overcast.
  • W: Overcoats and overshoes obvious-lay
  • D: Polar.
  • W: Parkas and pullovers particular-lay
  • D: Dry quail.
  • W: A quantity of quality quilts is quaint with quasi quintessential to avoid quivering and cross quarrelling of quarantine to one's quarters fried quail.
  • D: Reindeer.
  • W: Well not raw, rookie, in a rosemary rug roast with radish wrapped in rich rare bacon after removing Rudolf's red nose.
  • D: Sledding.
  • W: Solar sounds. Sled is a synonym for snowmobile. Snowmobile is a synonym for sled so; a sled is a snowmobile, a snowmobile is a sled. Super?
  • *snowmobile scene*
  • D: Terrific.
  • W: Trust a traditional turtleneck to maintain a toasty temperature over time.
  • D: Ugly.
  • W: Useful.
  • D: Vile.
  • W: Valuable.
  • D: Whatever.
  • W: Whiteouts and wind chills, walk it off whiners, withdraw whimpering and wake up wankers, wrathful, wicked weather wear woollens and a waterproof wardrobe, warm your wet work wear by the wood stove, winter is wonderful, wild and wide.
  • D: Exact-lay.
  • W: Exceptionally.
  • D: Yyyyyyup.
  • W: Yeah.
  • D: Zero... *looks off for a second* degrees?
  • W: Well sub-zero but... oh zip it.

I love that the new American Revolution is all about science, facts, environmentalism, logic, and equality. 

First, it was the Women’s March, where an entire gender protested on day one of the Trump Regime. Then came the gag orders attempting to silence NASA, the Parks Service, the FDA, and other science and health-minded organizations, giving us rogue Twitter accounts that practically overflow with support, sass, and scientific facts. After that was the Science March where hundreds of thousands of people demanded that science and facts and logic be the highest order of the day instead of lies, pandering, and propaganda. Now we literally have states and cities declaring openly and aggressively that “no we will not turn our back on our own planet and global allies” and have actually formed a growing coalition of states pledging their independent allegiance to the Paris Agreement. 

A few weeks ago I would have said the Founding Fathers would have been ashamed to see what America has devolved into, but now I’d think they’d be proud. 

We are a nation of rebels through and through.  

some more neopia headcanons
  • brightvale: is home to over 100 secret societies (or so i’m told).
  • darigan citadel: for whatever reason, the citadel is the most common location for conventions in neopia. The ratio of cosplaying visitor-to-permanent resident is 20:1 most of the year.
  • faerieland: its new grounded location has enabled faeries to renew the interest in environmental conservation; in fact, faerieland is home to some beautiful nature reserves and national parks.
  • kiko lake: the freshwater lake situated within the kiko lake valley has attracted some of the wealthiest neopians over the years, who have constructed beautiful lakeside mansions all around the water. these luxurious homes are empty most of the year; most visitors come in the summer months. unfortunately, this influx of rich retirees has destroyed some of kiko lake’s natural features, in favor of golf courses.
  • lost desert: sakhmet is a massive cultural hub, and its borders stretch out all the way to the eastern lost desert sea. the ocean breeze protects this part of sakhmet from the desert heat. sea-side sakhmet is also the location of Coltzan University, one of the top schools in neopia.
  • mystery island: apart from it being the most popular tourist destination, the island is also home to some of the most famous restaurants around the world; this is in part thanks to produce that is unique to mystery island’s climate.
  • roo island: is home to neopia’s biggest amusement park, and is renowned for its hipster cafes, which are speckled all over the island’s map. RI has the highest kadoatie cafe-to-citizen ratio in Neopia, at 1 cafe for every 10 citizens.
  • shenkuu: prime hiking trails! the best mountain hot spring is located at its highest peak, and is situated next to a tea shop. it’s pretty cold in shenkuu’s higher altitudes, but those hot springs make the trip worth it.

I said this in another post, but I might as well make it its own post, but I gotta say that I think one of the big obstacles in getting public support for environmentally-sustainable policies is the fact that environmental sustainability in the US is associated with austerity, as exhibited by how these people talk about how people want to force them to give up pleasures like cars and meat, and they hate environmentalism because they see it as one big killjoy, and cling onto any evidence they can to avoid the fear that they’re morally obligated to give up nice things for something so abstract.

I’d say the environmental movement hasn’t helped as well, what with not only how much of its activism has focused on an individual level IE “It’s your fault personally for enjoying bad things that the environment is getting ruined,”with associated more-expensive/shittier/inaccessible-to-the-working-class “ethical” alternatives that do nothing in the long run rather than actually trying to fix the fundamental systems/forces up top that cause this, but also how there are some stripes of activists respond to those fears by saying “Actually austerity is good look at how much meat you could be getting off this pinecone you selfish pricks.”

if we want to change anti-enviro folks views of environmentalism, we have to de-associate it from austerity and deprivation…

Every year, humans cut down approximately 15 billion trees.

Aside from providing 30% of our planet’s oxygen, trees are vital in providing habitat, holding soil, controlling floods, reducing noise pollution, and maintaining biodiversity.

A single tree has the capacity to absorb 20 tons of carbon dioxide, produce 1550 pounds of oxygen, and take in 45 pounds of suspended dust in a given year. Yet, since the dawn of their time, humans have reduced the Earth’s tree coverage by nearly one half. 

I really do wish that environmental issues hadn’t been politicised because there ARE environmental concerns and the fact that it’s dismissed as “leftist nonsense” is just :/

After all, if nothing is done to promote research and development of clean processses both left and right wingers will have to live on a shit planet so it’s not like ~*~skeptical~*~ people are getting anything out of it. And no, it’s nor just climate change.


New Makeup Line Dropping January 22nd, The KaePop Collection:

Karrueche Tran, best known for modeling and acting is set to launch her makeup line mid January with cosmetics brand, ColourPop. The KaePop Collection includes 4 matte eye shadows, 3 ultra matte lipsticks with matching lip pencils, 1 blush, 1 highlighter, 1 contour/bronzer. These products are benefiting an important organization, The Environmental Media Association.

Fun Fact, all of the products will be under $10 dollars each and sold separately. Full sets will be $72. That’s definitely a steal for all the make up lovers, so mark your calendars we have some shopping to do. 

Karrueche’s color palette is inspired by her everyday personal wear. The collaboration with ColourPop won’t go unnoticed. ColourPop is known for their vibrant cosmetic products and have worked alongside many beauty specialists, models, and bloggers such as Kathleen LightsEllaRie &  Raye Boyce.

Colors Include:

· Medium Brown Matte Shadow – “Fairfax”

· Light Warm Beige Matte Shadow – “Melrose”

· Burgundy Matte Shadow – “Beverly”

· Sheer Gold Shadow – _”Sunset Blvd”

· Nude Ultra Matte Lip and Pencil – “Chi”

· Brown Ultra Matte Lip ad Pencil – “Kae”

· Deep Burgundy Ultra Matte Lip and Pencil – “Rooch”

· Peach Blush – “Flush’d”

· Warm Bronzer– “Bronze Me”

· Golden Bronze Highlighter – “Glo Up”