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Puerto Rico: Environmental defenders in Playuela arrested trying to halt the Columbus Landing resort construction

Arrestan a defensores del ambiente en área de Playuela en Aguadilla, que buscan impedir construcción. @PRPDNoticias se mantiene en la entrada.

Environmental defenders arrested in Playuela, Aguadilla, trying to halt construction. Police remain at the entrance. #NoAlColumbusLanding

Since 2012, Speciesism: The Movie director Mark Devries has been secretly using spy drones to investigate and expose the environmental devastation caused by factory farms. In this investigation, the drones capture shocking aerial video footage of several massive facilities that supply pigs for Smithfield Foods.

“The human appetite for animal flesh is a driving force behind virtually every major category of environmental damage now threatening the human future—deforestation, erosion, fresh water scarcity, air and water pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss, social injustice, the destabilization of communities, and the spread of disease.”
— World Watch Institute

female experiences:

  • being told it’s normal if your clothes hurts you and you have to endure it
  • being told it’s normal if sex hurts you and you have to endure it
  • not finding basic information about your biology and sexual organs through most of your life
  • being told that pain is a normal part of your life
  • being told that if you are a “good girl” you’ll endure it without complaint
  • being told you should be grateful for the rights you have and finding out in the past you wouldn’t even have these rights
  • getting brutally shut down if you try to stand up for yourself
  • getting forced into a role of serving men because “it’s woman’s job”
  • having your labor dismissed as worthless and stupid 
  • but you have to keep doing it anyway or you’ll get punished
  • anything you do is considered worth less and generally dismissed
  • realizing men’s work is praised and glorified even when they do harmful and environmentally destructive work for selfish purposes
  • realizing you can’t do anything about it and feeling less worthy even when you do more work and more necessary and useful work
  • having your compassion used against you
  • having your energy and emotional labor used by men who demand you to listen to them and comfort them and stroke their ego
  • being laughed at and invalidated and called slurs and insults when you try to talk about your own problems
  • being called selfish, dramatic, crazy, delusional and damaged when you expect basic decency and compassion
  • being treated like you’re insane and hysteric if you display any kind of anger at how badly you’re being treated
  • feeling infuriated at double standards and for how harshly you’re judged and punished while men can get away with anything
  • doubting your own senses and considering if you really are crazy
  • being ignored as a human being, your intelligence dismissed, only thing that seems to have any worth is your body but you get shamed, objectified, sexualized, used, violated, predated on and hurt 
  • hating your body and wishing it was a different body, one that nobody would hurt and violate
  • feeling completely helpless and alone

Had a tiny existential crisis whilst eating watermelon today. began to think about how in the olden days u could only have certain fruits in their respective seasons, and now u can p much have any fruit at any time u want bc of pesticides and gmos like that can’t be a sustainable way of life my guy ??? and my mom goes “hey what r u thinkin about” cus i hadn’t talked in like 4 minutes and i was like “nothing”

The plots of all core Pokemon games:

Kanto -  A child single handedly defeats the Yakuza.

Johto - Oops! The Yakuza are back! Oh, another child single handedly defeats them…

Hoenn - A child single handedly stops environmental destruction caused by a gay couple arguing over how to redecorate.

Sinnoh -  A child single handedly stops a misanthropic edgelord from using time and/or space to destroy the universe and remake it in his own image.

Unova 1.0 - A teenager single handedly defeats PETA.

Unova 2.0 - Oops! PETA’s back! Oh, another teenager single handedly defeats them…

Kalos - A teenager single handedly stops a tall, lion man from committing mass genocide.


There is no such thing as a non-vegan environmentalist.
What you see above are aerial photographs of large feedlots and massive lagoons of waste. British artist Mishka Henner accidentally captured these aerial photographs that show the results of industrial beef farming. At first glance you may think it as abstract photography because of the geometric and vibrant images, or may even resemble open infected wounds, as you start to look closely however, you’ll see the details of the feedlots. The small black dots are only a small portion out of the billions of animals bred to become food. “While I was working on that series I was looking intensely at the American landscape, and that’s when I came across these really strange-looking structures, like a big lagoon, or all these dots that look like microbes,” Henner says. The massive waste lagoons waft up dangerous hydrogen sulfide fumes and contaminate groundwater with nitrates and antibiotics. Feedlots use large amounts of energy and water and saturate the air with odors that emit huge quantities of climate changing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This is extremely damaging on the environment. “To me, as somebody in the U.K., looking at something [like] the feedlots I was shocked on a very personal level,” Henner says. “I think what the feedlots represent is a certain logic about how culture and society have evolved. On one level it’s absolutely terrifying, that this is what we’ve become. They’re not just feedlots. They’re how we are.”

Saying “well I enjoy eating meat, so I’m going to keep doing it no matter what” is the most mind-bogglingly ignorant statement. The world doesn’t give a single fuck about what you find enjoyable. If something that you enjoy doing causes massive environmental destruction, drives climate change,  puts sentient animals through unimaginable suffering, denies people adequate food, and is ultimately bad for you, then you need to fucking stop doing it.

I don’t give a shit how toe-curlingly good you think steak tastes. Your pleasure does not come before the safety and health of billions of other animals and humans.

I often hear sentiments expressed to the effect that the world would be much better off if people just died or that the world needs to cleanse itself or people…To even make such a comment indicates that one has to be in a fairly privileged position in society where one is not faced with death on a regular basis. It also assumes that all people are equally responsible for massive environmental destruction, rather than facing the fact that it is people in positions of institutionalized power who are killing the earth to further their own economic interests. It is racist and imperialistic to look at people who are dying now from environmental degradation and say that it is a good thing that the earth is cleansing itself
—  Andy Smith, Ecofeminism through an Anticolonial Framework