environmental decline

UK General Election 2017

Good Ending - Labour Party wins and inequality begins to decline, working families have more money in their pockets because of a higher minimum wage and investment in the economy stimulates growth. The need for food banks begins to decline. European environmental policy is not immediately scrapped as a result of Brexit and the tax on renewable energy sources is removed - there is no more fracking in the UK and wind farms start to pop up everywhere. This creates a demand for skilled workers and therefore jobs. The NHS begins to heal with the funding it needs, social and mental health care is also properly funded which removes much of the strain on the system, and Doctors and nurses stop quitting from chronic stress and exhaustion. We retain our access to the European single market (where 44.6% of our exports go, and 53.6% of our imports come from) and no citizen is afraid of deportation. The rail is renationalised and no one ever has to take a megabus again. Corbyn continues to make jam and things get better. Dennis Skinner sleeps with a smile on his face.

Bad Ending - The Conservatives increase their mandate giving them greater power to create a hard Brexit with no ties to the EU, while continuing to snuggle up with countries like Saudi Arabia, and Trump’s fascist America. EU environmental policy is scrapped and air pollution sky rockets, fracking and nuclear power become the default as the tax on renewables is maintained. The NHS is slowly dismantled over a long period where of the systematic underfunding of its services and overworking/underpaying of its staff makes it unfit for purpsoe, private healthcare is introduced. Higher education becomes more expensive, increasing the education divide between the rich and the poor. Lower education is also under-funded and grammar schools make a come back, further widening the gap. Scotland votes to leave the UK and the British people can’t blame them. Theresa May poses on the cover of the sun wearing the skin of dead cows, her eyes are gleaming. 

Mediocre (sort of good) Ending - Coalition between the ‘left’ parties, things get better but there is a lot of bickering and no consensus can be made about how to deal with Brexit. Working families are better off but corporations still aren’t made to pay their taxes. Everyone makes compromises and no one is really in charge, still better than the conservatives though.

True Ending - see Bad Ending 

Joke Ending - everyone votes Lib Dem!

signs as types of apocalypse
  • aries: nuclear apocalypse
  • taurus: 'natural disaster' apocalypse
  • gemini: plague apocalypse
  • cancer: 'monsters destroy the world' apocalypse
  • leo: 'social collapse and environmental decline' apocalypse
  • virgo: 'utopia gone wrong' apocalypse
  • libra: robot uprising apocalypse
  • scorpio: 'humanity abandons earth' apocalypse
  • sagittarius: 'aliens destroy the world' apocalypse
  • capricorn: zombie apocalypse
  • aquarius: 'supernatural end of days' apocalypse
  • pisces: 'nature turns on us' apocalypse

5 years ago, it was MY friends who used the word ‘gay’ as if it was synonymous with ‘feminine’, 'weak’, 'lame’ or 'lesser’. 

5 years ago, it was MY friends who passed around the N word as if it was theirs to own. 

5 years ago, it was MY friends who made racist jokes and laughed, believing they were harmless. 

5 years ago, it was MY friends who left their rubbish on the streets, who took long showers or left lights on. 

5 years ago, it was MY friends questioning whether an education in science/law/politics/engineering was wasted on a woman. 

It’s 2015, ONLY 5 YEARS LATER, and it’s MY peers who are fighting against homophobia, racism and sexism. It’s MY peers who are speaking out about equality, poverty, global warming and environmental decline, social and economic change… The most influential and ground-breaking TED talks are coming out of MY generation.

MY GENERATION IS FIGHTING TO QUESTION EVERYTHING THEY HAVE BEEN TAUGHT TO BELIEVE IS RIGHT. My generation has realised that growth and change can only be made through questioning, challenging, and discussing opposing views and various points of view. 


WE are educating OURSELVES and making rapid social change DESPITE an education system created for people two generations above us, DESPITE a political system that does not listen to and cater for our needs and the needs of our future. 

Can you fathom the amount of power it takes to make this kind of change, despite having no resources, no mentors, no suitable education, no funding, and no political opportunity? 


We may feel weak, powerless, and helpless when we cannot change laws, when we cannot access appropriate education and platforms for change, and when we are shot down, patronised, criticised, blamed and belittled by everyone around us. 

Please, remember your power. Remember your influence. Maybe we can’t change entire systems just yet, but we have changed language, we have changed mindsets, we have changed how we approach our fellow human beings - using just the internet, our only resource. A place where I can share an idea and people all over the world will read, ruminate, discuss, argue, refine, elaborate, refute, defend, rebut, provide evidence, and strengthen the initial idea. THAT is how change is made, and we have already conquered the process.

We have already changed the world more than we will ever realise. One day, we’ll get to change the systems governing it, too.

a thought provoking piece of modern art. by depicting a bee then paradoxically stating “this is not a bee” the inherent trickery of images is addressed. this is merely the image of a bee and it does not seek to be anything other than that. this is also a poignant environmental statement addressing the decline of bee populations; soon we will only have images of bees.

people seem to think veganism is ALL about the animals but forget that the production of animal products are an undeniable attribute to environmental decline and poverty