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Hey everyone! ^^ Here’s my design of an SMG issued to Jack soldiers of Tasmanwick’s military. It is manufactured by Sofala (one of Tasmanwick’s firearms manufacturers), and I decided to call it ‘Clydesdale’ after Big Red’s (who’s a horse I ride every time I go on trail rides) breed.

Here’s a few facts about it:
- It has a side mounted magazine, which is usually of the small drum type (similar to the MP 18). That way, a Jack can hold the vertical grip comfortably.
- It’s a really compact multistage coilgun. The ammo it fires is designed to be deadly on an enemy, but it’s also intended to minimise collateral damage by metal pollution (I just like being environmentally friendly - less collateral damage is an ethic of mine).
- Where the previous guard should be, I’ll add a compact pistol ( the idea was @luminescentphoenix ‘s), but I’m gonna design that separately.
- These guns come with a bayonet lug (not pictured).
- A small screen displays the amount of ammunition in the magazine. It is situated under the telescopic sight.

So, what do you think? ^^ Feel free to criticise it all you like, cause I know it will have disadvantages on the battlefield xD then again, so does every weapon, but still.

Special thanks to:
for helping me design this by giving some really good suggestions. ^^

Designed and drawn by me, @eclecticcoyote

Sand mining has erased two dozen Indonesian islands since 2005. The stuff of those islands mostly ended up in Singapore, which needs titanic amounts to continue its program of artificially adding territory by reclaiming land from the sea. The city-state has created an extra 130 square kilometers in the past 40 years and is still adding more, making it by far the world’s largest sand importer. The collateral environmental damage has been so extreme that Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam have all banned exports of sand to Singapore.

The Deadly Global War for Sand

By Vince Beiser in WIRED