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10 Ways Harper’s Government Has F*cked The Environment
In a decade of power, the Conservative Party has shown it cares more about its friends in the oil industry than the people of Canada - especially Indigenous peoples. Here are 10 ways Harper’s government has f*cked over the environment.
By miwilson
  • 1. Pulling out of the ONLY international climate agreement we had
  • 2. Passing a Bill that’s as Bad for First Nations as it is for the Environment
    • “Bill C-45, passed in 2012, allows for easier opening of First Nations treaty lands and territory. It means major pipeline and power line project advocates aren’t required to prove their project won’t damage or destroy a navigable waterway it crosses, removing protection for 99.9% of lakes and rivers in Canada.”
  • 3. Making protecting the environment an act of terrorism
  • 4. Waging a War on First Nations
  • 5. Cheerleading Dangerous Pipelines
  • 6. Muzzling Scientists
    • “The Harper government spent several million dollars of taxpayers’ money on a tar sands advocacy fund. The government spent $30 million from the public purse over two years on public relations advertising and domestic and international ‘outreach activities’ to promote Alberta’s tar sands and cover up the climate impacts of the project.”
  • 7. Conducting Secret Tar Sands Advocacy
  • 8. Screwing up environmental assessment
    • “Under legislation passed by the Harper government, the ‘Canadian Environmental Assessment Act’ no longer requires all proposed projects to undergo a hearing. The government has basically stated that the reason for this change is to make it easier to dig up fossil fuel reserves and get them to market as quickly as possible. Big surprise: the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers endorses the plan.”
  • 9. Allowing oil spills off the coast of Nova Scotia
  • 10. Winning ‘Lifetime Unachievement’ Award at Climate Talks