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Deah Shaddy Barakat. Yusor Abu-Salha. Razan Abu-Salha. 

Barakat was a dental student at the University of North Carolina, and he started a campaign last year to send dental supplies to victims of the Syrian civil war. The YouCaring effort has raised more than $70,000 to date.

Yusor had planned to begin her dental studies at UNC-Chapel Hill this coming fall. The outlet also cited UNC officials as saying that she and Barakat were married in December — less than two months ago.

Razan was a student at North Carolina State University, where she studied architecture and environmental design. The New York Times notes that many have praised her artistic abilities; she won an award from her school “for capturing 3-D abstract model making with time-lapse video.”

These are the 3 victims of the Chapel Hill shooting — and we must remember them.

ASKS - Misc Majors

Asks sent to my main, answered here! All these deal with different majors at EU.

valaaz said: What would the Fae do about architecture students? Would architecture studios be one of those places where time passes differently? End of semester projects suddenly seem to ignore all laws of physics but the physical models still work somehow?

Not all architecture projects. But if you’re desperate enough for inspiration to strike a deal, it’s fifty-fifty you’ll end up with some Escher shit that would implode if constructed anywhere except on campus, model or not.

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This documentary looks at the creative legacies of several Seattle-area Mid Century Modernists, and at the factors which contributed to the development of a distinctly Northwestern architectural style.

ID #44755

Name: Lilla

Age: 19

Country: Hungary

I’m a lover of classical arts (especially literature, architecture and painting), philosophy and history. I would like to be a teacher someday (Hungarian literature and English) and travel the world helping people. I consider myself a feminist who doesn’t believe in gender roles , an environmentalist and an LGBTQ ally.

My astrological sign is gemini and I’m a proud Hufflepuff. (I think by these two you can perfectly predict how extra I am).

When I’m not studying I enjoy a good book, a cup of black tea and some music (right now I’m reading Irwin Shaw’s Young Lions and my favourite band is the Sons of an Illustrious Father).

I also love movies, my preferred genres are biography, fantasy, horror and history.

I’ll send you memes and dog photos one day, and discuss the universe the next.

Preferences: Only text me if you are willing to share every tiny detail about your culture! I would prefer talking to people over (or around) 20. 

Limerence needs your help!

Our game and family is growing incredibly fast, but we still need a little bit of your help! We currently need a few more hands on deck to get Limerence rolling into an actual game, but unfortunately we don’t have those helping hands quite yet. This is where you come in!

Limerence is currently publicly opening applications for the following roles:

  • Full body/concept artists (mainly capable of creating a reference for modelers)
  • Environmental artists (landscape/architecture)
  • Modelers (doesnt have to be full body modelers, while that is appreciated. If you can only model hair, clothing, furniture, etc. that’s fine!)
  • Programmers

Before you volunteer for Limerence, you must be able to provide examples of your work! This means full body artists must provide a full body piece they’ve done, like a turnaround or even a simple front face. Environmental artists must give a piece of landscape or architecture they’ve drawn, Modelers must give examples, etc.

All of us at Team Lovebite thank you all for your consideration, and hope to have your continued support in the future!


Photographs by Thom Sheridan

In 1986, the United Way attempted to break the world record for balloon launches, by releasing 1.5 million balloons, which resulted in two deaths, millions in lawsuits, and a devastating environmental impact.


Assumed you were a hobbit in another life time? Enjoy saving the planet but also living comfortably? Here are Peter Vetsch’s Earth Houses in Dietikon, Switzerland. Out of the nine houses on the lot, there are between 3-7 bedrooms, a parking lot and space for gardening. Peter placed the houses under the natural hills in order to provide insulation in the winter and cool breezes in the summer. I imagine this is where the Teletubbies are hanging out right now. 

“Why Aren’t I Here?” - Rebecca 

Quack Squad- Is over.

The Project is finished! We all successfully made it, we poured so many hours into this damn thing and we finally finished. It feels good.

Having a brief look back, we’ve learnt so much, and come so far. Here is some footage of what the level looked like at submission

And what it looked like at the beginning…

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Daniel Grataloup

Daniel Grataloup is a Swiss Architect and Urban Planner who has worked primarily in concrete. In his own words, in regards to his work: “The architectural envelope is continuous, made of a single material, so there is no break between the exterior walls, roof, door frames and windows, basins collecting rain water, chimneys, canopies etc. … This is the architecture of the free man today. It is the largest architectural promise of all time.” Would you live in a Grataloup?

also sat with the woman whose airbnb patrick was staying at and she talked about how she passed up cornell to study environmental architecture in utah because it was she couldn’t afford it but she bought a house there to qualify for in state tuition and she was twenty four and would put empty vodka bottles in her yard during halloween because she didn’t want to tell the children who stepped around tje bottles that she couldn’t afford to buy them candy and she went to denver and bought a house and met a physicist who worked in berkeley and it thrned out he was crazy but she stayed in the area and said it was enough to know there was a house in denver waiting just for her


This is insane, but amazing! Looks like a 1990’s Polly Pocket.

‘Freedom Cove’ is the home of Wayne Adams and Catherine King, two artists who have created the sprawling floating property in Cypress Bay, northeast of Tofino, B.C. It is made out of 12 platforms connected by a wooden path and is completely off-land. First built in 1992, it has five greenhouses, a dance floor, an art gallery, a lighthouse towe, a generator shed, and a studio. Without a fridge or freezer, they eat produce grown in their half-acre garden and fish from the ocean. Drinking water comes from a nearby waterfall in the summer, and from rainwater in the winter.

Masterlist: College Majors || 300+ Followers Gift

Under the cut you will find some college majors. I’ve seen that a lot of roleplays is based around college and have the option in the apps to choice the characters major. I did an occupations list which could help as well. This is also a big big big thank you for the 300+ followers. Please like or reblog if you find it helpful. 

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Swimming Cities
Venice Biennale

“The process of ecological destruction through climate change is just beginning, so I started imagining a fantastical world where bits of cities broke off and developed their own life out at sea and began to navigate their own futures.” - Swoon