It’s back! The Zelda paintings are rolling now that I have a bit more time for personal work :) 

Here’s a painting of a scene that I imagine could happen when Link starts off at Death Mountain, and his reaction when he first meets the Gorons, not knowing what they are actually like. I felt like including the Master Sword this time to try something new and different :) So much fun with this one!

Prints: http://society6.com/product/death-mountain-72q_print#1=45

Having a rest while being back home in Australia, so I wanted to catch up and try finish some Zelda arts. Here’s Zora’s Domain! :D I only used two photo textures in this one (which were photos I took in New Zealand), the bulk of it is handpainted, which I’m enjoying more now. 

3 more left of the series: aiming to get them all done before the end of the year. Let’s do this.

(Print: https://society6.com/product/zoras-domain_print#1=45)


Back in 2011, My very first visual development for a town yet named ANIMALIA, that would eventually become Zootopia. 

Byron and Jared were looking for visuals for a city populated by mammals. I had really fun to imagine all the conceptual mutations of a city from its prehistoric times until a futuristic yet retro 60s style world where mammals of very different sizes could coexist.


New painting in the Zelda Open World series! This is what I think Kakariko Village could look. It probably won’t be like this in the game, but I think it’d be cool if they did it - since running on those rooftops and scaling the buildings would be so much fun :D 

Prints here: (http://society6.com/product/kakariko-village_print#1=45


Lake Hylia, latest painting in the Zelda Open World Series. 

I couldn’t wait to finish this one because it’s one of my favourite locations in Hyrule to explore. Went for a painterly feel for this one and experimented with the cool colours. Always wanted to paint this location and my interpretation of it, it was such a delight!

Prints: http://society6.com/product/lake-hylia-mcd_print#1=45


Zootopia visual development . 3 more illustrations me trying to find  a good balance between a mammal made world, very organic and the 1960′s retro interiors design that the directors wanted back then beginning of 2012. I took an extra care to find the right details on the wobbly and mismatched furnitures. a fancy balance between nature and manufacture. I had great fun on those.