It’s back! The Zelda paintings are rolling now that I have a bit more time for personal work :) 

Here’s a painting of a scene that I imagine could happen when Link starts off at Death Mountain, and his reaction when he first meets the Gorons, not knowing what they are actually like. I felt like including the Master Sword this time to try something new and different :) So much fun with this one!

Prints: http://society6.com/product/death-mountain-72q_print#1=45


This is probably the last you’ll see of me for a while because I just started my third term at Art Center and the homework is already piling on haha. Here is my main portfolio project that I did over my summer break, redesigning Little Red Riding Hood.

I placed the story within the culture of the Hopi Indian tribe and their villages in the Arizona desert. My design inspiration came from the tribe’s art, in particular their Kachina dolls which are the spirits that rule over various aspects of the tribe’s life. This can be seen particularly in the designs for the Wolf and Huntsman.

I had a lot of fun with this project especially in the research phase, learning about the Hopi Indians and their culture.

Wow! Thank you everyone! The response to the little tutorials I’ve been posting has been amazing, so I’m just going to keep them comin’! Here is a little breakdown on how to bring form to flat shape, especially when drawing trees. Here’s how i bring flat forms to life, hopefully it helps!