So, I applied to Blue Mammoth, the creators of Dungeon Blitz and Brawlhalla (similar to Super Smash, but 2D and on Steam), and they responded asking for me to complete their art test!  The task was to design a new Legend/Hero and a Level and include the process work. It was a whole lot of fun.  

At first I was thinking doing something Mycenaean inspired, maybe with a bull theme, but they already had a Minotaur. My mind started wandering, maybe Thai, South East Asian? Then I thought Tibetan - and then Sherpa.  I’ve actually watched more Everest documentaries in my life than I ever thought I would, so why not use it as inspiration? And a character with a climbing pick and spikes seemed pretty novel and original to me. So off I went.

These are the results, they really enjoyed them, but unfortunately timing/location was not in my favor, and at least for now, I will not be joining the studio. But I got great work that I’m proud of out of the opportunity!

Hope you enjoy!


This is probably the last you’ll see of me for a while because I just started my third term at Art Center and the homework is already piling on haha. Here is my main portfolio project that I did over my summer break, redesigning Little Red Riding Hood.

I placed the story within the culture of the Hopi Indian tribe and their villages in the Arizona desert. My design inspiration came from the tribe’s art, in particular their Kachina dolls which are the spirits that rule over various aspects of the tribe’s life. This can be seen particularly in the designs for the Wolf and Huntsman.

I had a lot of fun with this project especially in the research phase, learning about the Hopi Indians and their culture.