environment shots

Update on my 3D environment!
My teacher told me to change the lighting and populate the room with some more stuffffff, so I did. Planning on adding curtains, now that I removed the blanket. I will model some dried flowers to hang on the wall next to the broom. There’s still so much to be done, but I’m so surprised how good it already looks, considering that this is my first actual 3D environment!

Previous screen shot

It’s about that time! Maybe you know me as one of the idiots behind @parlortrickscomic — but probably not, seeing as it hasn’t really released yet.

I have a few different options this time and my pricing and offerings system has been improved from the last time I opened commissions (and now I’m using Sketchbook Pro for everything except painting, so any sketch commissions I offer will now be considerably cleaner than they were in the past).

What I’m Offering

A full-body, high-resolution painting of a single character. This type of piece takes me about 3 days to complete. If you want more than a simple color background, or more than one character, then consider:

A sepia or grayscale full environment shot. The emphasis here is on the environment, not the characters, but a simple full color background with 1-2 characters is around the same price. Something of this background detail, with multiple characters in full color, would fall in the $80-$100 range (about a week’s worth of work), if you’re amenable.

I’m also offering still-life or portraits of inorganic subjects (want drawings of food? I’m your guy) on the cheap.

And if you want a quick and dirty piece from me, I can do that too. This sort of thing is super flexible, but generally involves either an uncolored sketch or composition, a quickly-colored single figure, etc. The point is that generally $10 buys an hour’s worth of work. Also, if you’re a budding artist and looking for a way to improve your art, I can offer you the PSD or TIFF of your sketch commission under a creative commons to draw over or alter however you like, as long as you credit me if/when you post it anywhere.

I’m working on setting up a Patreon to offer this sort of thing on a regular basis (quick online art lessons, maybe?), but I’ll get to that another time.


Sprites! I’m still pretty new to this, but my pricing for simply animated character sprites ranges from $50-$70, depending on complexity. 

Terms and Conditions

I’m hoping to do this on a semi-ongoing basis (I benefit from making you art, too! It helps me improve so I can make you better art!). It’s a first-come first-served basis, so those who commission me first will get their art done first.

Ping me on Tumblr if you’re interested, and if you commission me we can communicate through Discord or Skype, depending on your preference.


-Complex mechs are a no go. Sorry. 

-No explicit NSFW (for now. I’m considering opening this to 20+ commissioners).

-I retain the right to refuse any commission for any reason. 


New set of backgrounds from #Ripaille. If someone finds an Harry Potter easter egg in one of them… You’ll win all my respect. Actually, there are a lot of surprises hidden in all the shots and environments of the film.


May 14 2015 - Since 2009, demonstrators have opposed Southern Copper Corp’s project to exploit the hills surrounding the Cocachacra province. In just over 6 weeks, at least 3 people have died and hundreds have been wounded as protests turned violent. Protesters are mainly farmers from neighbouring regions who say the mining project, named Tia Maria, will contaminate their land and water. [video]/[video]


The past 4 weeks were self study time at school, which I spent on creating a CGI environment shot. I’m more or less satisfied how it turned out! (Also you absolutely can’t see it from so far but I animated the little chickens)
Modelled in Maya and then comped in Nuke. you can see the final comp on vimeo:


Eat more veggies. Quit smoking. Waste less. Get fit. Best of luck with your 2015 New Year’s resolutions! 

[Ronald R. Geibert. Vegetables, Seward County, Seward, Nebraska. 1980]
[George Brecht. Lucky Strike. 1962] 
[George Maciunas. One Year. 1973-74]
[Dan Weiner. Exercise Class, Park Forest. 1953]