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[image description: six tweets from the cast of Critical Role

Marisha Ray: Stumbled upon a theory that #CriticalRole ( and VM) has predetermined rolls and story beats….. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. AHAHA! HAHAHA! Oh man…

Liam O’Brien: Uh..! UhhhhhNOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG..!!

Liam O’Brien: (diligently rehearsing all the face planting we do)

Taliesin Jaffe: It’s true. @matthewmercer doesn’t have cool environments under the sheets that we never see. It’s just cake for after the show.

Matthew Mercer: Oh man…that would make my life SO MUCH LESS STRESSFUL.

Liam O’Brien: image post that reads ‘we don’t know what we’re doing’]

The Problem With Your Water Bottle

Climate change is not a hoax created by the Chinese. (I hope), we all know that. Climate related issues are becoming more and more urgent. Yep, know that too. They key point is however what we often DON’T know, is how to act, how (and if) we can make a difference. 

I am a strong believer that we can all make a difference with our daily choices and attitudes. It is key that governments take the right steps to protect our environment, and while it is our responsibility to push them to do this, we often cannot trust in the fact that this will happen as soon as it is needed. But we do have full control of our day-to-day routine. I am a bit of an sustainability nerd, and so are most of my friends. This means that I often circulate in-between people who are often aware and have the time to research into sustainability, letting this influence their daily choices. Because of this, I often forget that some things that are obvious to me, habits that I gave up years ago, might not be to other people, and that they are not fully aware of the environmental burden linked to their actions. No shame. There is lot of stuff I don’t know (so let’s commit to research more and more on how to be better to our planet yayy), and there is loads of stuff I do know, am fully aware of their impacts, but still haven’t managed to kick them out of my habits. But hey, in the end, it does affect us all, so it is important that we do talk with each other - understanding that not everyone has the same interests/time that we have, and that sadly, environmental education is lacking in schools and is often not being focused as enough of a priority in mainstream media - and take the time to explain the things we know and discuss solutions. 

Anyways, long story short, last week I had a discussion with one of my work colleagues as they were teasing me about me showing concern about chemicals in plastic bottles that can be damaging to human health. I then tried to go deeper in the issue trying to explain the problem with littering and plastic bottles. So I was asked “and what if I throw it into the recycling bin? What’s the problem with my water bottle then?”. After having a moment of shock, not even knowing what to respond to their genuine belief that once a plastic bottle is thrown into the bin that’s it - problem solved, I figured, well how can they think any different? It is that that we are taught to believe.

Well, so what is the problem with our plastic bottles?

Bisphanol A (BPA):

Let’s start with the health issues. BPA is a chemical used in most water bottles to make plastic hard and clear. It is also an endocrine disruptor, which means it’s shape can either cause your body to produce too much of a certain hormone or block it from producing a certain hormone. This can cause certain types of cancer, neurological difficulties, early puberty in girls, reduced fertility in women etc.

Polyvinyl chloride:

Is used to make plastic more flexible and is also an endocrine disrupting chemical. It causes reduced sperm count, testicular abnormality and tumours.

If this wasn’t enough to at least make you consider buying yourself a reusable water bottle, you should consider following things: 

Plastic water bottles are one of the most unsustainable inventions, like, ever. There are millions of gallons of water involved to make these bottles. You are basically wasting more water in producing water bottles than your water bottle can even fit. The huge amount of water needed for their production also further fuels inequalities. The huge environmental stress put in regions where water bottles are produced affects residents of these areas, especially farmers, who often face shortages. This then affects food production, affecting the farmer’s financial gains, but also food prices and food security in the region. To add to all of this, most water bottles are produced of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which requires huge amounts of fossil fuel to make and transport. Take any water bottle and fill 25% of it with water. That’s how much fossil fuel was needed to produce this single bottle. That’s a lot.

Only certain bottles can be recycled in certain places. Recycling is a business, which means, it will only occur if there is profit coming out of it. In other words, if you are not making sure you are buying plastic bottles which have been recycled, you are undermining the likelihood of investment in recycling occurring. Municipalities will often only make sure that the plastic bottles recycled are the ones whose recycled outcome are being bought by companies in the area. The other ones end in the landfill. On top of that, many plastic bottles are made of different kinds of plastic which not every region has the capacity to separate and recycle properly. To conclude, most plastic bottles you use will end up stagnant in landfills, leaching dangerous chemicals into the ground, infiltrating streets as litter and often ending up in rivers and being washed up into the ocean.

But what happens to plastic bottles once they end up in the ocean? They break into smaller bits called micro plastics. Let’s keep one thing in mind: plastic will never decay. And it very very often ends up in the ocean. There, because of the saline environment, it breaks in million tiny pieces called micro plastics. These pieces are so tiny that they easily pass through water filtration systems, and are basically therefore impossible to clean out of our oceans. Our whole ocean is basically turning into a huge plastic soup. This is a huge threat to aquatic life, as stated by the marine scientists Karen Lavenden Law and Richard Thompson: “(the) problems will only get worse unless drastic action is taken to curb the sale of disposable plastic products worldwide and dispel the idea that plastic waste can just be thrown away.” Since clean up of this plastic soup is basically impossible, the urgent action to be taken is the reduced consumption and the identification of the main polluters. 

Due to their small size, micro plastic are often ingested by habitants of the sea.  It is also important to know that micro plastic containing toxic PCB’s and the pesticide DDF become enhanced in contact with marine life. Also, take in consideration that these are being ingested by organisms which are in the end going to be ingested by us humans. Yummy?

Be aware that micro plastics are often purposely placed in exfoliators, soaps, creams and toothpaste for hygienic/cosmetic purposes (but there are enough alternatives which don’t require micro plastics!), and these have a even easier way to end up in the ocean: they just get washed down the sink, and due to their small size, escape any kind of filtering system.

The good thing about this issue and all the major problems linked to it is, it is so goddamn easy to avoid. Start the plastic diet with us. For the love of our planet, just do it.



School project stuff that I’ll have to model and animate for my solo animation project. Will tweak some of the images at a later date for re-submission for a better grade. No tail because I didn’t really want to handle animating it later on.

Kind of excited to see how my dog model would turn out, since I’ve never modeled an animal’s head before.



Paypal in USD through invoice only. Email lmv.commissions@gmail.com for any questions :)

Please fill out this Google Form to place your order. Further commission details are written there.

  • 5 slots will be open at a time
  • Please provide visual references and clear character descriptions in your commission form so I can capture the character’s likeness accurately.
  • Details such as complex weapons, tattoos, complex clothing, etc. will be $5 extra.
  • Additional characters need their own form filled out.

Will Do:

 Original characters, Fanart, Monsters/demons/human hybrids, Couples (any type!), Sexy pinup, Non-sexual Nudity

Will Not Do:

Gore/Vore, NSFW porn/fetish, Cars, Mecha, Antrhos/Furries, Environments

*sees bird with clipped wings*

*heart breaks a little*

*sees baby bird with clipped wings*

*heart breaks a lot*

*sees adult bird who never learned how to fly and now can’t and never will despite wings no longer being clipped*

*soul shatters into a million pieces*

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Can we have a drabble w your incubus Laf? Or headcanons? <3 thank you!

OF COURSE! I will always write Laf honestly!

Waking up with a slight soreness, you took in your environment. Soft sheets, big bed, and a strong arm strewn across your bare chest. Looking over your shoulder you observed the being behind you. It was Laf, with how low the sheets hung around his hips, barely covering him, you now understood the slight soreness between your thighs.

Managing to slip out of his arms, you crawled down to the edge of the bed, sighing when you saw all the elements of last nights outfit scattered. As you were about to get yourself off his bed, you felt a warm, strong hand wrap entirely around you ankle, before being swiftly, and in one motion, drug back up to the top of the bed. You laid on your back, giggling slightly.

Two, long fingers walked along the curve in your stomach, between your chest, hand now sliding up your next, grasping your jaw tightly.

“Where do you think you’re going, my little one?” Laf asked, voice dark and drenched in his sexual thoughts.

“I-I don’t know,” you answered, loving the tone of dominance in his speaking.

“I’m not done with you yet,” Laf began by getting himself between your thighs, rubbing them with his fingertips, softly pressing his lips against your flesh.

You smiled, happy to hear those words. He kissed all along your stomach, occasionally leaving a hickey here and there. Reaching your collarbones, his hands traced the frame of your body, pressing deeply into your skin, wanting to feel every inch of you. Sending his breathing in a more rapid pattern. He reached your collarbones, but his favourite spot was your neck. Placing his hands on either side of you, you were trapped now. Though you weren’t complaining. Wrapping your legs around his waist, your fingertips stroked every muscle on his chest, before moving around to his back. You felt the movement of muscle under his skin as he dipped down to kiss your neck. His moans were erotic and sent your thoughts to memories of last night.

Suddenly, you felt two things. His forked tongue lick up your neck, making you moan at the warmth. Secondly, you arched your back at the feeling of him pressing his quite prominent length perfectly between your thighs. You dug your nails into his biceps, while he sucked at your neck, effortlessly finding that sweet spot, just below your jawline. You couldn’t help the noises you were making, he already made you feel so good. He pulled back just enough to see you biting your lip, eyes closed gently, simply taking in the sweet, pleasures of him.

He held your jaw in his hand, admiring you. Opening your eyes at his touch, you smiled. Laf placed a passionate kiss to your lips. Sliding his tongue along the bottom of your lip, you moaned more, bucking your hips a little only to feel his push back harder. Coming out of the kiss, he bit and sucked at your plump bottom lip, sure to leave it bruised. The way it bounced back was gorgeous as he watched, swiping a thumb slowly across it now. Your doe eyes practically begging to be fucked again.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be done with you,” he growled.


The four, finished

1. Outside Village Concept Painting

2. Boss Room Concept Painting

3. Isometric Boss Room Design Sheet

4. Isometric Level Design Sheet

It could be better, it always could. But overall, especially considering everything, I think I did a good job and gave it everything I could. (Probably more, too.) I love creating spaces to live in, for stuff to happen at and I often forget about that and worry about other aspects - but in the end, that’s what’s most important. To paint things for people to walk on and lie down into and fight their fights for.

In all, I had a lot of fun working on this project, and I have learned a great many things, too, about the importance of research and feedback and a cool head.

Next time I’ll tackle everything with a better mindset, a better understanding, one by one.

Greenland Ice Sheet Shrinking At Rate Twice That During 20th Century
The findings, published in the journal Nature, provide unprecedented estimates of the shrinkage of the Greenland ice reserves and could help scientists more fully account for the world’s rising sea levels.
By Los Angeles Times

The Greenland Ice Sheet has lost about 9,013 gigatonnes of water ice from 1900 to 2010 – and it’s dropping mass today at an increasing rate, an international team of scientists say. From 2003 to 2010, the ice sheet lost mass at a rate more than twice the rate during the entire 20th century, a new study shows.

The findings, published in the journal Nature, provide unprecedented estimates of the shrinkage of the Greenland ice reserves and could help scientists more fully account for the world’s rising sea levels.

Researchers have been using satellite data to track the Greenland Ice Sheet’s mass loss since the 1990s, because understanding its behavior is key to understanding the effects of climate change and the consequences on rising ocean levels. But to really grasp this long-term pattern, researchers need a fuller picture of the 20th century, pre-satellites, not just a snippet of the last few decades.

Continue Reading.


New bunch of backgrounds from our Annecy short #Ripaille. These ones were done with @mariposa-nocturna who did the main job. I adjusted a bit the lights and put everything in the overall style of the film.

For those who still wondering about the style, we played with perspective rules to get that medieval feel (where everything was flat). But we also wanted to understand the space and distance where the characters evolve, so it’s a mix between many tricks and techniques that leaded us to this graphic results.

And in bonus, I put the environment style sheet I made for @mariposa-nocturna who did backgrounds too.

Some art from my two MASSIVE 600 PAGE sketchbooks, both available CHEAPER for just 11 more days as part of THIS HUGE KICKSTARTER!


Your Favorite Tabletop Gaming Tumblrs

Of all the tumblrs that are (almost) entirely devoted to tabletop gaming (any system is fine) that you follow, which tumblrs are your favorites?

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h-hey there -shyly peeks around corner- do you have any plans on continuing your superman au comic that was left in the frame with oikawa and iwa laying on the ground? i'm so anxious if oikawa is okay there. also ;; your d. gray-man comic is really nice~ Tamashi is a cutie <3

THANK YOU SO MUCH…:!!!  Tamashi is a cute potatoe (●´□`)♡

Everything so far from the superman au will be pulled together in a doujinshi in which the rest of the plot will be continued until the second part is finished!!!     (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧ As it is, I left the superman au at the end of the first part (I myself can’t believe I made it so far lmao)… so the comic/artbook will contain first + second part (not drawn yet) + character sheets + environment + concept art! 

Thank you so much!! (/∇\//) I don’t know about the price yet but i’ll be less than 30 usd hopefully!! A4 size!! As for the pages i have yet to decide how I want to format it…..!!! THANK /YOU/ FOR BEING AWESOME!!!

DAY 3163

Jalsa, Mumbai              Nov 25/26,  2016               Fri/Sat  12:36 am

Birthday - EF Pankaj Kanodia

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Happy birthday greetings to the Ef above and may all that he wishes come true to his utmost desire .. love from us all ..

So last nights’ Blog was a blob ..! I revisited it this morning and was devastated to read what I read .. it has no meaning or sense and therefore any attempt by the Ef to make any of it, shall lead a very frustrated and wondered opinion on its contents ..

All that was sleep induced .. and sleep induced writing has its own charms .. it indicates what the brain is thinking or working on, and it is surprising how many varied thoughts enter and translate into words on paper .. if this writing can be so described ..

There is a growing feeling among many that ease of accessibility equates to immediate and instant reaction and response .. kindly erase such .. it is not possible to be able to react in as immediate a manner as one would desire .. one, referring to all that come to this platform or any other, during the course of our much admired and long lasting connect ..

Something is breaking .. breaking within .. and that is not such a good feeling .. well, not a good feeling, often said by the author of this blog .. one that has the right in some manner, to express himself in the manner he so wishes .. one that expresses joy and admiration for giving many others the fond desire to connect .. and one that has through the years only felt love and grace from all .. but ..

So fine .. if that has been the desired will .. so be it .. there was never an invitation or an appeal to come on board .. all that came had come from an understanding that they believed in .. some have stayed on, some have left .. some are considering leaving .. !!

In the free environ of this balance sheet, devoid of any great expression, all are not just invited guests, but also those that came on for the love of interaction .. they got it they liked it I presume, and they left .. 

Expectations from me are large and voluble .. humanly it shall be impossible to chart out a dictation that would be received by all for all .. I do not sit on anxious waiting to respond to immediate demands and requests .. if it can be done I shall do it, if not .. tough ..

Just because ‘no means no’ reaches some proportion of populace demanding such .. it does not clear by any means that ‘yes means yes’ .. many suggest, indeed advise, the ease with which the ‘yes’ is accomplished within my precincts .. but a stop they say is now mandatory .. stop to the verbage .. stop to the reaction … stop to the willingness of all that needs to be willed and executed .. STOP !!

Yes .. one asks .. and one gets ..

But is that perpetual and constant .. ?? Is that what yes conveys .. and does every yes deserve what the giver of it senses, or is it the yes that the taker gives .. I am troubled by that and need to understand .. no .. not understand, for, understanding denotes desire to know .. I may not wish it so .. 

Best then to cover the head in silence .. allow the within to speak .. if at all it does .. 

For long, have the ease of operation been achieved because the demand for a NO, never existed or, was never expected ..and when it did come, the first person it encountered was the one with the YES .. 

The building crumbled on learning this .. the debris shattered all over extensively .. and shall continue to be buried for long ..

Until the YES and the NO have gained some character .. some presence .. here, there, everywhere …

Amitabh Bachchan