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Mercury aspecting sun, mercury in the 5th: Mental vibrancies and illumination, self-expressive words conveying messages directly from the ego, confident opinions, vivid story-teller, words of creativity, youthful mind, passionate about learning, desires a strong intellect, willful, clever thinker, thinking and talking about themselves, their self-expression  

Mercury aspecting moon, mercury in the 4th: Nostalgic perception of reality, vivid memories, opinions of common sense, motherly messages directed to the masses, understands the emotions of the public, empathy for All, reserved and private mind, daydreamer, mind of the inner child, thinking and talking about emotions and finding Home

Mercury aspecting Venus, mercury in the 2nd: flowers and roots in the mind, blossoms of Venus symbolizing artsy, creative, beauty, serenity and musical appreciation, roots of the earth symbolizing wisdom, resourcefulness, patience, reliability and stability of the mind. Thinking and talking about life, pleasure and beauty.

Mercury aspecting Venus, mercury in the 7th: sweet messages of harmony from the heart, love and union on the mind, social breeze, accommodating opinions, attracted to youth and intellect, words dripping with sugar, thinking and talking about aesthetics, social equity and love 

Mercury aspecting mars, mercury in the 1st: words used for fighting and protecting themselves, active mind on overdrive, the mind is a battlefield, headaches, strong or offensive opinions, individualistic and passionate messages conveying motivation and inspiration. Wants to speak first. Knowledge (mercury) is power (mars). Thinking and talking about ambitions, sex and themselves

Mercury aspecting Jupiter, mercury in the 9th: visionary messages expressing ideals, indulgence in knowledge and learning, big stories, exaggerated opinions, daydreams of adventure and freedom, gift of the gab, jokester, professor, thinking and talking about spiritual and religious beliefs and inner philosophies 

Mercury aspecting Saturn, mercury in the 10th: Reticent speech, reserved opinions, unwillingly silent, mind of authority, voice of the public, voice of Judgment and Order, mental blocks or mental structure, practical, calculating and introspective thought trend, mentor, timeless knowledge, thinking and talking about self-discipline, experiences of self-perseverance and personal achievement 

Mercury aspecting Uranus, mercury in the 11th: Thinking outside the box, inside the box, below the box, above the box. Shocking opinions, universal mind, mad scientist mind, words conveying messages to the collective, sudden nerve pains, revolutionary and futuristic thought trend, thinking and talking about social justice, togetherness and liberation

Mercury aspecting Neptune, mercury in the 12th: receptive and emotionally psychic, words conveying messages from dreams, daydreamer, romantic visionary of life, perception of life glittered by rose-tinted glasses, reclusive, charming actor, walking dream, angels in the brain, empathy for the unfortunate and emotionally abandoned, thinking and talking about wishes, spirituality and alone time

Mercury aspecting Pluto, mercury in the 8th: solemn and prophetic thought trend, investigative mind, detective, soulful words conveying messages of pain and healing, empathy for the misunderstood and emotionally disturbed, demons in the brain, chatting and learning from past demons. Knowledge (mercury) is Power (pluto). Transformative mind; from mind of chaos to rebirth and mind of clarity, thinking about death, secrets and privacy

Mercury in the 3rd: erratic, restless and elastic thought process. creative cerebral surges, curious perception of reality, extremely adaptable to immediate environment, good-natured, gift of the gab and swift tongue, witty humor, chatty, eternal student, believes in the importance of knowledge, child-like wonder, perpetually questioning every facet of life, thinking and talking about Everything

Mercury in the 6th: analytical and calculating thought, stress disturbs the nerves, perceptive and digestive of information, daily routine studying, healing and serving with knowledge and understanding, grounded mind, detailed mind, magnifying glasses as eyes, structured and organized thought, thinking and talking about health, routine and self improvement


member: park woojin 
genre(s): high school!au, fluff 
summary: cold and aloof, many view him as intimidating and despite everyone’s advice of staying away from him, you didn’t care; he looked lonely and keeping him company was the best thing you could offer even if he thinks he doesn’t need it. (requested - bullet point format)
word count: 2.1k

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Nothing like a nice kiss to warm up your love in a cold environment.

A little fan gift for @missjazzdafunk and @jon-the-hillbilly on Twitter and Tumblr. I just love the retro work they both do, so a nice picture of the two of them kissing is worth making.

V1. Moonlight winter love image

V2. A greeting kiss after a long journey. 



How To Make Orgonite Towerbusters

Learn to make towerbusters, and gift your community! This is a step by step walkthrough of the entire process. Happy Gifting!

Day 6: The More the Merrier!

After seeing Harrison’s parents reactions, David offers to take him into an environment where his gifts are appreciated and not feared.

Though, at first Max is a bit apprehensive of Harrison (after the puking thing) and does not fully accept his new brother. But, after a few cool demonstrations, he’s accepting of David’s decision to welcome another into their little makeshift family.

(Maxvid is a no)

Romance makes me wet, it’s like a lubricant. Thoughtful gifts & romantic environments, outdoor soothing music, effort, adventures, stargazing & affection. 💖💖💖


Chemtrails, From Outer Space, & Orgonite with Sharon Daphna part 1

Denice & Zak ask all the right questions to learn more about the extra-dimensional aspects of geoengineering. Learn the true nature of chemtrails, and how easy it is to remove them from the atmosphere and live a healthy life on Earth! The parasitic entities that have been feeding off our energy for eons are now being sent back to where they came from along with the chemtrail toxins. Now, it’s time to take responsibility and clean up your own home and neighborhood by eliminating the deadly energy that they have tricked us into taking into our homes. This is the same energy they use to pollute the atmosphere. Why help them? Let’s face the truth and help ourselves.

Part of the fun of wrapping presents is the inherent surprise of the gift inside, even if it’s clearly barking or meowing. “Presents = surprise!” is so ingrained in our reptile psyches that people apologize for not wrapping gifts.

As it turns out, pretty much everyone who’s ever wrapped a present probably owes Mama Earth an apology. One estimate has suggested we spend about $2.6 billion annually on wrapping paper, which is probably enough to make Jurassic Park a reality if we put our minds to it. A solid half of the 85 million tons of paper products Americans use in a year is solely for packaging. Wrapping paper and paper bags account for about four million tons of the trash we toss out, which is the approximate weight of several herds of apatosauruses.

6 Awesome-Looking Things That Are Destroying The World

Title: The Vowed Rings

Pairing: KouAo

Rating: SFW

Word Count: 4740

Summary: It is the Eve of Holiensday, a time meant to be spent with family, friends, comrades but Koujaku isn’t so lucky…or is he? Out in the middle of a snowy field, spending the night with his beloved, Koujaku has a very special present to give. One that would change both his and his love’s lives forever.

A/N: Merry Christmas, @magemg! I kind of just went with it so I hope you like it! 

(this is also on AO3 as it is easier to read over there!)

Shivering in the frigid cold, Koujaku leaned back against the wooden fence, shoved his hands into his pants pockets and wondered if he should be appalled or rejoicing his luck. 

Assigned to patrol duty on the Eve of Holiensday, only the unluckiest of the lucky could end up drawing that. Though, he supposed that might be his own fault given the recent spat him and the assignment chief had gotten into. Not matter how he split it, this was most definitely retribution from that bastard for arguing with him in front of the other Brothers but he couldn’t help that that damned fool had been asking for it! What type of idiot would seriously recommend for the majority of their scouts to go to the North when they already had problems with the Big Tooths in the south? The dark elf threat in the Bwor Woods was nothing more than just hot air being passed around by prejudiced dumbasses, looking to earn some fame while innocent folk got hurt in the process. It didn’t help that thickheaded fool was just as prejudiced against the dark elves as the menfolk in the North so of course, he would want to rush down there just to cause more conflict without even really understanding the situation. 

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