Today’s smokey skies are a consequence of inaction on climate change
I was prompted to write this post by the very unusual fact that, right now, Vancouver skies are smokey from the various wildfires burning...

Remember, it was this government that decided that Canada would back out of the Kyoto Accord, which required that signatory countries make minor reductions in their release of greenhouse gases, the single greatest cause of global warming.

Indeed, Canada has become a pariah at international environmental conferences because of the federal government’s indifference to global warming and other threats to our natural world. Several prominent Canadian scientists have accused the government not only of lack of interest in environmental protection, but also of going out of its way to sabotage any global agreements.

The same lack of regard is evident in a variety of federal policies, from blind support for the tar sands and oil pipelines to reductions in funding for research about the state of Canada’s environment.

Adidas Makes Sneakers From Ocean Trash And Illegal Fishing Nets Taken From Poachers
Adidas has partnered with a multidisciplinary creative environmentalism organization called Parley For The Oceans to create a concept sneaker made almost entirely out of plastic waste and discarded fishnets taken from the sea.

What a fantastic initiative!

Sadly, these shoes are not for sale, yet. A spokesperson from Adidas has said in interviews that they only “did this to show what we are capable of doing when we all put our heads together.” She did confirm that the company will begin incorporating recycled plastic into its shoes by early next year. I hope this encourages more businesses and brands to pursue more sustainable projects similar to this one.

I do hope they end up producing and selling those, I’d totally buy them!

Robocabs Will Fight Climate Change

The first vehicles capable of driving themselves at highway speeds are expected to start hitting roads in Europe and the U.S. in the next few years. 

In 2016, Mercedes is expected to launch a pilot program on a stretch of Germany’s famous no-speed-limit autobahn between Munich and Berlin in which specially equipped cars pilot themselves. Companies from Tesla to GM, Nissan and Google anticipate marketing their own robotic cars in the coming years. BI Intelligence expects 10 million cars to be operating by 2020 that have at least one self-driving feature installed. In another forecast, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers predicted that three-quarters of all the world’s cars in 2040 will be autonomous.

There are big advantages to switching over driving duties to computers–in just one report, KPMG estimates that robot chauffeurs will lead to 2,500 fewer deaths on UK roads between 2014 and 2030. Noting that alcohol was involved in 39 percent of all motorist fatalities in 2011, a RAND Corporation report argued that a switch to computer drivers from impaired humans alone would represent a “dramatic improvement in roadway safety.”

Now a new study by researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Lab says even more benefits can be expected when some of those robots start replacing taxi drivers. A cab fleet made of electric, autonomous vehicles in 2030 would emit up to 82 percent fewer greenhouse gases than a hybrid, privately owned car. Such electric robots are forecast to produce 90 percent less greenhouse gases than a gasoline-powered private vehicle made in 2014. 

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Utopia - by Aeon-Lux (Jonathan Maurin)

“I’m the artist who represents the 18th challenge of fotolia with advanced photoshop creation.
So this commissioned artwork shows a futuristic vision of the future.
You can see video tutorial soon.
Check the rules of the contest [here]

All stock used is from fotolia.
[lens flare]”

Harper government a no-show at climate forum in tale of two summits
The snub comes after a broad coalition of 10,000 people took to the streets of Toronto on Sunday for the March for Jobs, Justice, and the Climate to push for a transition to a clean-energy economy in Canada.

The Harper government is sending three top ministers to International Economic Forum of the Americas in Toronto this week – but can’t be bothered to send a single representative to the Climate Summit of the Americas being held at the same time at the exact same hotel.

That’s right, International Trade Minister Ed Fast, Transport Minister Lisa Raitt and Treasury Board President Tony Clement – a guy with 50 million reasons to love international summits – have all cleared room in their schedules to speak at the Economic Forum at the Fairmont Royal York hotel.

Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq will be tied up in her home riding to celebrate Nunavut Day, but the government didn’t think of sending a stand-in for the Climate Summit to speak alongside the governors of California and Vermont, the premiers of Ontario and Quebec, and the environment ministers from BC, Quebec and Ontario.

Mexico is even chipping in its top environment bureaucrat and former president, Felipe Calderón, who chairs the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.

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