Coming Home

It’s a bit rough. Not as good as my others I don’t think but this was requested by an anon! I wasn’t sure if you wanted AU or not so I didn’t do it and worked in how she was coming home from work and Calvin had a load of friends over!
Hope y'all like it!


I gathered my things from the plain carpeted floor in the dusty corner of the mixing room, buttons and knobs strewn seemingly endlessly across a coloured board set into a wide wooden frame that stretched along one wall. On the opposite side of the room, a bookcase with curved shelves encased books, speakers and CDs alike in its wooden borders. A neutral coloured sofa blended into the wall behind it, standing subtly beside the large bookcase.

The mixing room was adjoined by a soundproof window to the recording booth, a plain room littered in tangled black wires and showcasing microphones dotted throughout the place where I had spent the past two hours, standing idly while singing my heart out mixed in with a few awkward dance moves… All in all, it was just another eventful day at work.

“Guys, this track is so sick! It’s gonna be so great when it’s finished, I can’t wait! I’m so stoked you guys could come in today; thank you.” I said, hugging Max and Johann tightly while subtly edging towards the door.

“Good job, Taylor. You gave it your all today!” Max praised.

“Thanks! You are talking about my dancing, right?” I joked, flashing a smile followed by a chorus of laughter from the mischievous pair.

I placed one hand carefully on the cool, silver handle of the unpainted wooden structure of the door - a stark contrast to the muggy heat of the small room - before gripping it firmly. “So, I’ll see you tomorrow to work on more of the background stuff?” I confirmed, earning two enthusiastic nods from the producers.

“Can’t wait! See you then!” I called, twisting the knob and stepping into the airy hall, a variety of goodbyes ensued, echoing through the building after me.

I sighed lightly in content and fatigue and greeted a few tired people in the brightly lit halls while I began my journey toward the lobby and the awaiting security car, luckily slipping out of paparazzi’s view today.

Once I had settled in the car, I checked my phone’s lock screen, displaying the time of 7:03 in bright numbers

My tummy rumbled loudly in between mindless chatter in the SUV, in complaint at the lack of substantial food I had fed myself today between breaks.

A subway and a few biscuits did not satisfy my endless pit of a stomach, apparently. I rubbed it gently, promising to fill it once I was home.

We wound our way through back roads and seemingly endless traffic before pulling in through the daunting metal gate of my LA home just as the sun was beginning its descent into the abyss of the horizon. Its bright orange glow tinged everything within reach, its usual heat lacking after a rainy and cloudy February day.

The grass in my front garden remained barely overgrown, untamed throughout the winter months. Small flowers cropped up in patches across the green area, weeds tangling with innocent flowers. Some annual flowers’ previous existence hinted at by withered stalks or crumpled petals and leaves, shaded from the wind under small pebbles.

Towering over the large garden was my two storey house, it’s cream walls accented by the beige windowsills and borders. A large wooden door drew your attention to the middle of the house, a black knocker adorned the top half with a matching handle, these features standing out against the sleek and modern build of the door. It was a perfect mix of Adam and I’s style.

One window facing out to the front emitted a vague glow, framed by bright cream curtains on either side of the window frame.

A grin broke across my face, my day suddenly seeming a lot less stressful. Adam was here.

Once we had parked beside his car, I jumped out after thanking my security, bidding them a goodnight and sprinted up to the door, fumbling with my key in the lock, my giddiness overwhelming me.

We hadn’t seen each other in three weeks that dragged by endlessly in elongated seconds because of events and interviews and were cruelly restricted to daily Skype calls, mostly hours long when we talked about everything and nothing until one of us dozed off while the other lazily spoke of their day interrupted every now and then by their uncontrollable yawns.

No being enveloped into warm hugs, no unnecessary cuddles in the middle of the day, no passionate, freeing kisses, no physical contact to ignite sparks all over my skin, no Adam. For three weeks.

With these thoughts in mind, I rushed through the door, dropping my purse carelessly on the rug in the spacious hallway and kicking off my heeled ankle boots, the movement jiggling my sky blue skirt around my bare legs.

A mix of aromas mingled in the hall; fading scented candles and some kind of cooking being emitted from the kitchen.

I skipped into the kitchen excitedly, bouncing on the balls of my feet, bobbing my tangled, wavy hair around my face and pricking my skin with some untameable strands.

My excitement was boundless at that moment, making me forget about the way I usually savoured the feel of the old, worn rug beneath my feet, giving me a sense of familiarity from my old house or the cool, dark hardwood floor relaxing my tense feet after a long day.

I entered, expecting a relatively empty space with a lazy cat maybe, ambling by without giving me a second glance, a few pots cooking something on the pan that was producing the sweet aroma and a tall, hunched figure outlined in front of the stove, hands working at a rapid pace, stirring, tasting, pouring and mixing.

I got exactly that but was pleasantly surprised to see the tall figures at the stove were Karlie and Hailee and the room was not relatively empty, it was bustling with mine and Adam’s close friends who were all immediately recognisable, some spilling into the living area that was connected to the kitchen through a large open doorway, the polished birch wood reflecting the lucent glow of the kitchen light. Everyone was either chatting intensely or laughing carelessly, jokes were being thrown across the room and food and drink was being offered and passed around.

Music blasted from speakers in the living room at a moderate level, carrying through the kitchen. It was expected at a gathering of mostly musicians.

It was a small group - only about 15 to 20 people, but the noise was as loud as a party.

Despite the noise level, the atmosphere was warm; welcoming and friendly compared to the less inviting but intriguing and all around intense atmosphere of a club.

As I entered, a few curious heads turned and I was instantly surrounded by my friends and was giving warm greetings and hugs to everyone.

Karlie, Gigi, Martha, Ella, Ellie… The list went on.

Curry was shoved into my hands on a cool plate while I made small talk for a while - long enough to finish the dish of food, catching up on my busy friends’ lives.

“Does anyone know where Adam is?” I cut in quickly, before a lull in the conversation was broken.

“I hope so.” a deep voice sounded from behind me. Large, calloused hands covered my eyes which fluttered shut almost reflexively under his touch. I felt the sparks lightly prick my skin, where his skin made contact with mine, like his touch held indescribable electricity. It rippled through my body just under the surface of my skin, leaving me breathless.

“Guess who?” he teasingly whispered in my ear, his grip gently urged me backward until I bumped into his toes with my bare heels. I could sense my friends backing away one by one to give us privacy.

I had always loved the way my head barely reached up to his shoulder as I moulded into him subconsciously. All tension easing; shoulders relaxing, back unclenching, legs slackening, using his sturdy build to support my petite frame.

He was my support physically and mentally.

A smile spread across my face gradually, my gums starting to ache from the width of my grin. “Is it Calvin Harris? I think I’ve heard his voice before and he sounds just like you!” I played along, earning a light chuckle from Adam.

He released my face and twirled me around with ease, wrapping his arms securely around my small waist and resting his hands comfortably at the small of my back, fingers tickling the skin through the fabric with tingles.

“Nah, you’re not Calvin Harris.” I joked. Adam laughed with me but the mischievous glint sparkling behind the blue of my iris’ produced a confused look, eyebrows drawn in and lips frowning subtly, he waited for me to continue.

“He’s much better looking!” I finished, glancing away from him with a wistful look for dramatic effect.

He was utterly confused now, an internal debate as to whether he should take that as a compliment or not waged deep in his eyes.

Eventually, he shrugged and leaned in to my smiling lips to connect them with his. And once they did, it was like galaxies exploded around us in silent oblivion, worlds collided in unnaturally pure impacts, sparks flew in slow motion but at the same time were too quick to keep up with, thoughts flitted about restlessly but all seemed to suddenly rearrange themselves neatly until all my mind screamed was ‘Adam’. These were the moments I never ever wanted to forget.

These moments where I abandoned cynical judgements and warped opinions and just lived in the moment and savoured it.

Although there was a mess of talking and music clashing around us, we were oblivious to it all. Oblivious to the cat calls from Adam’s friends draped over the couches, beers in hand, oblivious to the admirers who aw’d from near us in the kitchen, and oblivious to the fake gagging that was all surely going on and would be reenacted once we pulled away.

In these sparing moments, it was just us on our own little planet for a few seconds. It was a sweet escape within the chaotic scene revolving around us.

We stopped time and every force of nature eased its attack on the environment for just a few seconds until we broke away, slightly breathless, slightly dreading the inevitable teasing to come. But we shared a secretive smile, foreheads touching, chests heaving together in a steady rhythm, sparing a second to capture the moment.

We hugged and whispered ‘I love you’s and 'I miss you’s back and forth into each others necks. It really had been too long.

“C'mon.” Adam urged, beckoning me to follow him while his hand latched onto mine, fingers entwining, sparks emitting.

I stumbled forward before catching my footing, my brain scrambled and feet uncoordinated. Adam checked on me momentarily before swinging back around and striding through the kitchen into the living room, my pace quickened in a meagre attempt to keep up with his effortlessly long steps.

We arrived at the couches where a few of Adam’s friends were lounging around. “Hi guys!” I greeted them with a wave, receiving a few mumbled responses, while following Adam to the middle of the couch between everyone and, realising there was no room, slid onto his lap comfortably, leaning into him and resting my head on his shoulder.

He picked up both of my hands, entwining our fingers and pressing our palms together in a comfortable embrace.

“Hey Tay.” one of them greeted. “I would give you a hug but you were standing up and now you’re over there and- effort.”

I chuckled, leaning forward to check who the speaker was, seeing it was Burns. “Air hug?” I asked, disconnecting mine and Adam’s hands momentarily and raising my arms in a wide position. I felt the fatigue set in quickly making my arms ache after only a few seconds.

“Love to!” he replied enthusiastically, opening his arms too.

We all chatted a bit longer and then when one of the boys began a story about how his laptop mysteriously went missing the other day, I turned my head to the side to see Adam better and in a low voice asked: “What’s all this for, anyway?”

“What?” he asked lazily, his attention preoccupied with twisting around the diamond ring on my left hand, which mirrored the glowing rays of light from the fitting on the ceiling in beaded sparkles. I admired it in wonder. It signified how right everything felt right now.

How his voice rumbled under my comfortably placed head, resting on his chest. How his hand fit perfectly in mine while he played with our fingers in silence. How every minute spent together added to new inspiration even if we were just doing mundane things like washing up after dinner.

Life was good.

“Everyone being here. This whole party gathering thing.” I explained, gesturing to the commotion around us.

“Oh, I just thought we could use a few friends over to warm up our new house a bit and show everyone and I thought you might like that idea since you’re into a lot of weird shit.” he mumbled, pressing his lips to my neck in a quick motion.

I laughed loudly but it went unnoticed in the chatter bouncing around the room. “Says the one who films himself raving with broccoli.” I pointed out, rolling my eyes.

“Touché.” He mumbled, nuzzling his nose into my neck again and giving it electric kisses here and there.

“But thank you. Really. I love you.” I kissed his cheek adoringly, staring back at his intense gaze.

“Get a room you two!” Emil hollered over from the other end of the plush couch, drawing the attention of some people surrounding us, but their conversations quickly resumed.

“Adam?” I asked dramatically, staring at Emil in mock horror, jaw slacked. “He just told us to get a room.” I recited calmly, glancing at Adam and holding eye contact, shifting in his lap to face him better. His hands gripped easily to my hips, his thumbs raked slowly over my exposed sliver of skin under my plain grey crop top.

We exchanged a few eyebrow conversations and looks in silent communication. After a few seconds, I leaned in quickly and reconnected Adam’s lips to mine, he pulled me in close by the waist and I tugged at his neck to get better access. Even sitting on his lap, he was way taller than me.

A few of his friends simultaneously groaned out loud in annoyance. Good.

We pulled away slowly after a good, heavy, scarring (for everyone else) make out session. “I love you.” I mumbled loudly, softening my eyes and sighing theatrically, barely having to act.

“I love you too, Taybear.” Adam pouted dramatically, making a big show of pecking me on the lips again. I giggled noticeably, flirtatiously placing my hand on his chest, feeling it rise and fall rapidly.

After more cheesy couple stuff from me and Adam and a few unsuccessful attempts to get us to shut up which ended with Adam threatening to mess up Burns’ face with his fist if he took a picture of us two kissing and posted it on Instagram, Charlie suggested we played charades.

So that’s what we did.

19 grown adults all playing charades in our living room, some slightly tipsy, some bursting with adrenaline.

Let’s just say it wasn’t something you wanted to miss.