enviromental disaster


 A short film by Steve Cutts to help us reflect on our actions and their consequences, Exactly how arrogant race we, humans, are?  Do we feel that we rule earth and therefore we can pretty much do anything we want?

    I do not think that our planet needs to be rescued. I only believe that we will eventually need rescue from our own lifestyle. 

The Aral Sea Tragedy- We Shall Not Forget

Geography nerds like myself may remember reading about the largest lakes in the world; and among them the Aral Sea in the border of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in Asia.

They might also remember it was slowly shrinking away.

However, at least I didn’t realise how “slowly” exactly, until last night, when I suddenly got the urge to google it - and to my horror, this is what I found:

This is the Aral sea how the Google maps potray it (screen cap taken minutes before writing this article):

And these; are how the satellite pictures show it (latest from 2009):

I didn’t believe it at first, either.

It has almost entirely shrunk away - today probably even worse since the newest image is almost 4 years old. Yet, even sources like Google maps still show it being there; as if nothing had happened.

The Aral Sea has been shrinking since the 1960’s when the Soviet Union decided to redirect the rivers that used to flow into the lake into cotton fields and of the sort. Here, are the results. For some reason, mainstream media has not been very interested about the subject, despite it indeniably being one of the worst enviromental tragedies of all time.

Some hope there is though. According to some sources, the most Northern parts of what’s left of the lake have been able to be saved due to a dam being built, and its salinity levels have reportedly been reduced by some. So, it may be that the remains of the Aral Sea will not entirely disappear.

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