enviroment artist

Mabel and Friends - Aah it’s finally done and I’m so happy with the result, it’s been a while since I was this happy with an illustration I made. Anyways, this is the first illustration I’m planning to sell on my online store, I’m still developing everything but that’s the idea. ^^


I forgot how much I liked to paint enviroments. I studied graphic design and stop working in this field, but I have such a strong urge to go back again, thats why im working on my portfolio again.



These monsters are called pack hunters, they stalk the city streets. 


Just some more meters until our hero reaches the last Moon-Crystallum.

Continuing to work on my portfolio and trying to get better at doing concept artworks to finally fullfill my dream to work on a videogame someday. I really want to get a bit into animation so I can show some cool fights. Also I found a name for this project and creating a small start screen for this. I’m looking foreward to show it.

The American nation through economic and social collapse engendered the rise of the Imperial Americana. The new autocratic regime was welcomed with open arms from a people that was all too weary with a seemingly hopeless and bleak picture. Lest we forget what happened to all others that promised a return to glory. History is bound to repeat itself, we seem unwilling to learn from our mistakes.