enviro vegan

this thought keeps messing with my head. It’s so weird, and scary, to me that all of these animal rights activists, organisations and just “everyday vegans” need to show videos, movies, audio clips etc. etc. to convince other people what cruelties the animals have to go through for humans. It’s also a little bit strange (not wrong though) to think that a lot of people only consider veganism when they realise that there is a health benefit for themselves. shouldn’t it just be enough to tell people ‘you are taking part in killing another creature,( an innocent creature who cannot defend themselves even if they tried)’?? It’s unethical. Why can’t people just realise that killing and hurting another being is wrong? 

 how disconnected are they and why do they lack empathy to that extent

Get this

All humans could disappear from earth, and earth would do better without us.
But if the bees or trees or water or dirt or deers or literally anything from nature disappeared, our entire world would collapse.

Humans are so unimportant. We’re destroying everything around us. It’s time we realize what we’re doing and that we aren’t actually so damn important, and start changing our ways.

Nature doesn’t need humans, humans need nature.