Environmental Procrastination

So I see this whole problem with global warming being a result of human-race procrastination. Chances are that the polar ice-caps will be melted in 20-30 years due to some new evidence saying that when Greenland melts, it’s going to release a ton more CO2 emissions into the air and will accelerate the process really quickly. But very few people think about 20-30 years from now and we won’t do anything about it until it’s way too late (chances are it’s already too late now), most people can only think 2-5 years ahead, if even that. They think that it’s some distant problem waiting on the horizon for the human race to overcome. The problem with thinking that is that it’s a problem NOW. And now, all people can think of is making fun of idiotic Republican Presidential candidates and laughing their asses off at the ridiculous claims they make, when we have much, much worse problems now. It’s kind of funny, in an ironic sort of way, to think about how ridiculous the human race is as a whole. I think of a similar story I learned a long long time ago about the Emperor Nero of Rome, who sat in his palace and played his violin while Rome got sacked and burned. It’s kind of similar when I think about it. Except for one key difference, we are the ones who are destroying our Rome. We’re all just laughing at Republicans while we simultaneously destroy the world.

(Also, if you don’t think that the polar ice caps melting is a problem, think about a world without most of its current coastal regions, including New York City. Because most of those regions will become flooded.)