envious makeup

Everyone in the crew has their own individual roles right? Like Jack’s on flight duty or takes on the role of getaway driver, Michael’s got explosives on lock, etc. etc. 

While Mica helps out with a lot of different areas of the crew, I like to imagine Mica’s the sole person in charge of disguises.

She’s got everyone’s measurements practically memorized for custom pieces (Ryan’s shoulders are often too broad for jackets, Michael’s calves are tight in a lot of jeans, Jack values comfort above all else and lots of clothing binds in awkward places).

Whenever they need to go undercover, or simply want to hide their identities while out and about, Mica’s easily their go-to. Her proficiency with makeup and prosthetics, not to mention her arsenal of wigs and accessories, would make the top Hollywood makeup artists envious. With relative ease (though she needs time), she can make the crew completely unrecognizable. During downtime, Jeremy tries picking up on the basics of it all,  just in case they need a second person.

She’s also a great voice coach and knows more accents than she could ever care to count. (She knows a bunch of languages fluently too but, kind of aside the point)

Also, please imagine how bomb-ass Halloween heists would be.