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Evidence (and a Prediction)

Let’s play around with a few TST puzzle pieces.

So we have Lestrade and Hopkins bagging evidence in 221B (or bringing it there, but like, that seems odd). Let’s say this happens earlyish in the episode.

and here is a page with a header matching Hopkins’ folder, along with a sticky note that let’s us know John is in need of an alibi. 

And then we have the Miss Me? disc presumably used to broadcast Moriarty’s image

in a beat up envelope…another piece of evidence found in 221B, bagged by the DIs? Okay, sure. Actually, that makes sense. Lestrade and Hopkins are looking into Moriarty’s media blitz return, they’re gonna end up searching Baker Street at some point.

Two interesting tidbits:

1. The third track of this episode is Murder This Time, which seems like a great track title for a juicy murder case being brought to Sherlock’s attention. But Moriarty’s return isn’t murder (yet). Unless…

2. It’s an exact parallel of this.

Two Miss Me? tags. The one in Sherlock’s MP was indeed a note left on a murder victim. Is there a murder victim involved in Moriarty’s return? (Well, that wouldn’t be a surprise now, would it?) (Bonus points if they intended a modern/Victorian pun with this time.) (I hate this show.)

Hmm. So in the process of bringing Moriarty back, someone died. And we always start with motive, right? Who would want to bring Moriarty––and therefore, Sherlock––back more than anyone? Well, one might say Sherlock. But he was in solitary confinement the entire week before killing Cam and Moriarty’s return. And this disc was (again, speculating) found in 221B.


John Watson. Suspect #1 needs an alibi. Presumably, John was with Mary that week, getting sonograms and being all happy domestic family. *cough* So…his alibi is…Mary. Yikes. Sorry John. 

John takes the fall, Mary goes off the grid. (Ooh, track 4: Agra!) Now we get TRF but flipped: John’s wanted by the police, so he and Sherlock flee (tracks 5 and 6: Absolute Trust! Running Away!) They track down the person who actually brought Moriarty back and committed murder in the process. And surprise surprise…

Cheating. Sharks. 

  • Seulgi : My friends are making fun of me because I tell them Fairies actually do exist ! Every week I get notes of encouragement from them--
  • ------
  • Wendy : * writes one of the notes, signing -W at the bottom *
  • ------
  • Seulgi : --I also get money ! Well ... cents more than anything.
  • ------
  • Wendy : * Slips an envelope of pieces under her pillow *
  • ------
  • Seulgi : But most importantly, they send me video calls to tell me to do my best everyday !
  • ------
  • Wendy : And after all that, she still doesn't get that it's me all along. I love that kid.

this is my first studyblr post on my new blog, so hi everyone! i’m del and i’ve started a studyblr to motivate me to work through my library and information studies. this month i’m going to try to focus on good things; the origami envelope has a long piece of yellow paper (no points for guessing what my favourite colour is) that i’m going to use throughout november to list some of the things i’m proud of or happy about! i’m looking forward to getting to know the studyblr community better x 

Every day since the 1st of feb (which was our two year anniversary) tim has been giving me little envelopes full of lego pieces and love heart stickers. There’s 14 envelopes in total, so on v day he’s going to give me the last one and we’re gonna spend the evening building the lego thing (I don’t know what it is yet, apparently it will become obvious at the end??). He is v cute !!

 Spell for persons to attract (romantic) love.

Pink/Red Candle (1)
Agate (1)
Bay leaf
Himalayan Pink Salt
Lapis Lazuli (1)
Rose Quartz (1)
Pink or White Envelope (1)
Sticker (1)
 **replace any herbs or stones you would like, these are just what I used!

 Step 1:
    Surround candle with agate, rose quartz, and lapis lazuli
 Step 2:
    Put Salt, Dill, Rosemary, in envelope 
 Step 3:
    Write your name on bay leaf - envision yourself in the type of relationship you want, visualize it as you write your name and put this energy into the bay leaf. Then, put it in the envelope.

 Step 4:
   Seal envelope with sticker of choice (heart maybe?)
 Step 5:
   Light candle and carefully drip wax on the front of the envelope (careful not to light it on fire!)
 Step 6:
   Keep this envelope under a piece of rose quartz. Once you have attracted the love you want, burn it as it is no longer needed. (Or reuse the spell ingredients!)

  • Q: I’m planing to visit San Francisco, do you have any off-the-beaten path suggestions for when I’m there? I’m so excited to be in the city that was part of your brilliant novel Adverbs. You captured San Francisco’s spirit really well and I’d love to see some of the places that inspired you.
  • Daniel Handler: If you are not frightened of the cold, head over to the Dolphin Club and ring the bell. Wait for a while. Eventually someone will open the door and you will put a small amount of money into an envelope and sign a piece of paper saying you understand you are about to do something foolish. Then, go change into your bathing suit and swim in the Bay. It is very cold but you will see many beautiful things, including old ships, which you may touch, and sea lions, which you may not. A good thing to do while waiting for someone to answer the door is read a new book you have picked up at Green Apple, Booksmith, City Lights or any other of my town's amazing bookstores. If you see me in the water, I do not need rescuing although it might look like it.

“Warner Bros. comissioned a script for Rebel, and its chief talent scout, William Orr, traveled to New York to cast the lead. Orr kept hearing about an actor named Marlon Brando and thought he might be the brooding young man the part required. ‘When he came for his screen test, he didn’t say a word. He just sat there tearing up an envelope into little pieces,’ Orr remembered. ‘So I figured he must be a genius and signed him.’”The Bad and the Beautiful: Hollywood in the Fifties by Sam Kashner & Jennifer Macnair

h.s.- Colours

The small gallery had large windows towards the front, letting in massive amounts of natural light. The blueish glow fell upon the various canvases, illumination the intricate brush strokes of the artist. You weaved your way slowly through the gallery, your eyes tracing each piece, memorizing the colours and patterns until you moved onto the next and you were enveloped in the new piece in front of you. If only you had such a talent. A hand slid onto your shoulder, startling you slightly. You looked over. 

“Hi,” Your voice came out as a whisper. 

“Hi, kitten.” Harry’s deep voice replied quietly. He watched you as you turned back to the painting, staring at its complex beauty. “Do you like it?” He asked. You nodded in awe. His finger reached out slowly and pointed to the smudged signature at the bottom of the canvas. There, in smooth black was Harry’s name. 

“You made this?” Your eyes grew wide as you looked back at Harry. His smile stretched across his entire face. It was his turn to nod his head. His long curls fell over his shoulder as he too examined his piece. The gentle brush strokes worked together to compose a single lily in a jar. 

“It’s a bit cliché , don’t you think?” He frowned. 

“Not at all!” 

You and Harry had known each other for quite a long time. His mum, Anne, had known your mum when they were younger, and so naturally when they both had babies, your mum thought it would be brilliant to force them into friendship. But then, in eighth grade, you moved to London and left Harry in Holmes Chapel. Two years later, he auditioned for the Xfactor and became well-known all over the world. The two of you had kept contact over the years, but you hadn’t seen him since the two of you were about sixteen when Harry went to London to audition. Now here you were, you were 21 and Harry was 22. Right now, Harry was back in London for the time being, and even though he had enough money to buy a very nice flat in the city, you let him stay with you in your piece of shit, falling apart townhouse with you. The walls were a crusty eggshell colour, and the floors were dark and hardwood. The furniture was mismatched and dusty, the windows were cloudy, and you had a drip in the attic. You thought it was shit. Harry thought it had ‘charm’. 

You jammed the key into the rusty lock and shoved the door open with your hip. Harry had the great idea of sprucing up different rooms by painting something on the walls. He had a couple gallons of white paint and several rollers and brushes, along with maybe fifteen shades of blue alone. All together, maybe 150 tubes of paint. Once inside, you grabbed a pair of old jeans from your room and pulled on an old shirt and met Harry in the kitchen. He had pulled a smock over his shirt, and changes into paint-smudged jeans. 

“Nice outfit.” Harry chuckled. You rolled your eyes and asked where you should start. “Well,” He started. “I was thinking we could do maybe a large rose or something in the corner..” Harry continued to ramble on about the art work he was about to create. His eyes lit up with passion, and you watched in fascination as he gestured and smiled, the words not registering in your mind. 

“What?” Harry asked, looking over at you with a confused look on his face. 

“What?” You repeated. 

“You’re staring.” He laughed. Your face flushed. 

“You get really cute when you’re excited, like your eyes light up and you look like a kid again.” His arms dropped and he continued to smile at you.

“Really?” If it was possible, his smile widened. You tucked a strand of hair behind you ear and nodded. 

“Yeah.” You looked down and over at the pile of paint tubes on the floor. “So, I’ll sort these and you can work on whatever you need to work on.” He nodded again and bent down and started sketching a large flower on the wall. 

Three days later, Harry was done painting the kitchen. He ended up covering the entire wall in red and pink roses. He was a little anxious today, because you two literally had not left the house in three days. 

“Harry. Let’s go out. To Nando’s.” You sighed. He wiggled away from you and sat up. 

“Yes!” He smiled and jumped off the couch, where the two of you had been watching Netflix. He ran into the other room to change, and you laughed quietly, standing and stretching. You climbed the stairs to your bedroom and pulled on a pair of Harry’s joggers and some of your ankle boots, paired with a simple t-shirt. Harry was waiting for you downstairs in a similar ensemble, but he was wearing tight fitting jeans and a button up shirt that probably cost more than your rent. He slid into the driver’s seat of your car, and you plopped down in the passenger’s seat. Upon arrival,  there was a crowd waiting at the door. How they knew where you were going to be was beyond you. Harry said he might have tweeted something abut going to Nando’s. You giggled and followed him out of the car. 

(part 2?)


a different kind of commission

[USA only, for now]

I’m cleaning out some of my old art (the past 3 years) and making new art, too!  

As stated above, you’ll get a random art from whatever category you buy.  A lot of the ones seen here will go first, but if you’d like a specific style (marker, ink, watercolor, pencil, crayon), let me know.  

I’ll occasionally throw in brand new pieces into the mix, but I’m really looking to get rid of these first.

$1 envelopes are a lot of sketch cards, doodles, and some things I didn’t feel 100% about.  

$2 envelopes are filled with pieces I nearly felt 100% about, and are a little bigger.

$3 envelopes are filled with pieces I really like, and where I really started to feel my niche.

$4 envelopes are filled with even more/bigger love, and actually had a hard time getting rid of these.

$5 envelopes have random scraps of portfolio pieces!

Message me here [or, if you’ve been linked from another social medium, message me from whence you came], with the following info:

Your envelope price level
Your style preference (listed above) or if you’d rather be surprised

I’ll message you back with my paypal address, and any questions if I need.  When I get notified of payment received, your envelope will be on its way!