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Jessica Jones enlists the help of the familiar-looking Detective Alec Hardy in a case that takes a dark turn.

pre-Alias comics/post Broadchurch 2

Rating: M (strong language, violence, and adult themes)


Issue I: Shadows

The street had been silent since 10:45pm.  No people or cars had stirred.  It was a school night after all, and she was in suburbia.  Not her usual terrain.  The last bedroom light on the second floor of the house across the street didn’t go off until almost midnight though.  Its occupant had insomnia; he took at least two sleeping pills before getting into bed.  She’d give it another half hour, just to be safe.  

She stood up carefully on the branch she was perched and made sure the second-hand camcorder was securely strapped to her hand. In one swift move, she jumped down to the sidewalk. The toe of her boot extinguished the cigarette butt that fell on top of a pile of others that had accumulated below her. She scanned the street once more. Still empty. A shadow bolted under a streetlight. She turned on her heels. An orange cat was walking towards her, slower once it noticed her presence.  

“You little shit,” she said as she knelt down to scratch its head.  “I was about to dropkick you.”

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