Art-trade with Camila Cuevas ;w;

I don’t have enugh words for express how happy I am. The streaming was so nice and fun!! Cami senpai is a very nice person  :’3 I hope to stream with her again in the future.

Also, This is another gift I made for her.

@camilaart, Thank you for everything and my best wishes for all your projects!! You’re the best!!

Watch the art here too ^^

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M!A teen madison catches teen lb jerking off and moaning her name

           LB was at the studio. Madison was doing a photo shoot for a teen magazine. Summer Issue, the swim suit one. He leaned against the wall watching her pose as the cameras flashed and clicked. He had to leave. He couldn’t watch it was too much. He left the room and walked down the hall. He couldn’t stop thinking about the way she looked in that bikini.

          He opened a door to a dressing room and went inside. It was empty, for the time being. He sat down on the couch and grabbed a water bottle, downing half of it. His shook his head trying to get those images out. It was no use, it was too late the damage had been done.

         He slid his pant down to his knees. He’ll close his eyes, thinking about her. Her skin on his, their bodies moving with each other. He wrapped his hand around himself and started pumping it in a smooth even motion. 

                                 “Madison.” He moaned after a while.  

Oh you... || Lucina & Severa

Severa sighed to herself. Why did she have to be here of all places? Why did she have to let her guard down to be caught like this? Another sigh escaped her lips as she took her place. Of course she had to be here because she knew how to avoid the enemy’s attacks better than the other lap dogs here.

“Who’s coming here now…?” She placed a hand onto her sword, wondering if she could just go after Holland, tell him to leave, go after Nelson to get her ring back, then go off to find Lucina and the others. “Guess I should start now after getting rid of these people…”


so! the chances of me doing a drunkblog tonight are good….but i might decide to drunkenly write instead so. i’ll certainly keep you guys posted!

(cc: @bethanyactually)

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Hey, I just wanted you to know that you are awesom... If you're depressed or have social anxiety, I just want you to know that you are worth living, and you are good enugh, and you're good person! I'm happy you're alive!

Thank you, my dear! I was having a really crappy day, and this made it so much better! I hope you know the same counts for you as well 😊You’re an amazing person, thank you for existing!