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Pls send poh-lice!! Rlled over on bed @ top of my cat perch to say hi too humaine, and thre wuz not enugh bed? Nd I fell??? Need arrest humaine for disturbing slumbur, and fur not buying a big enough prch? But not fur too long, need be home to make dinnur, also, and to give pets.



J: Congratulations, Kamil, another prologue with your win. And, I guess, it was worth to wait this long?
Kamil: Sure, it’s always worth to wait for the best and ski flying is doubtlessly the best part of our job.
J: How was your day today? The sleep wasn’t too long and waiting for these jumps must have been tiring.
Kamil: Not only the night wasn’t so long, I also didn’t sleep well. The day was long for me. But when I sat on the startgate, I immidiately woke up, my eyes opened up really widely and, uh… well, that was a great wakie.
J: Today you all started as Champions League players. 20:45, is it a good time for ski flying?
Kamil: Any time is good for ski flying if it’s not windy and the conditions are proper. We’re always willing to do that.

[…] - Kamil here says a lot about his still good shape - he didn’t lose it, he just needed to eliminate one mistake he kept on making; also about “wind hestitations” - that they matter on the ski flying hills.

J: What happened at the landing?
Kamil: The surface is hard, uneven. You need to be careful. That’s a good advice for tomorrow.

[…] - Kamil here says that if the coach is okay with the top 3 of National Cup (and he is), then so is he - they’ve done enugh this season, now it’s time to focus on their “private” points.

So Pero first whistled quietly at Kamil, which immidiately made him smile, and then they shook hands. I’m sooo, soooooo happy with this, I love the two of them so much!

Kamil: […] We’ll do everything we can but more important now is to have fun.
J: There is close support for you coming from Poland.
Kamil: I’m always supported. My official fanclub is with me everywhere so… Let’s do it!

I won’t be translating the whole interviews, just the best parts. If you have any question or you want me to translate some parts you were interested by, ask me. :)

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under, over

i sacrificed sleep and risked relatively stable mental health for you Nam Taehyun, I hope you’re happy

[► pairing : Nam Taehyun + Reader]

[► genre : explicit smut, dom/sub undertones, rough sex, fluff, bad!boy nam taehyun (but kinda not really), college/university au]

[ao3 link]

[►summary: He’ll turn you under and over, inside and out, and play with the strings of your heart like they were made to be manipulated by his finger tips.

Being afraid has never felt so good. ]


That’s all evenings like these come down to, stealing pockets of minutes and seconds, rushing from coffee with Lena, best friend of four years and her broken-in-by-3-months silvery haired girlfriend Su-Min (both of whom knew you hated coffee, so you decided to be enraged at the fact they’d invited you to third wheel at a fucking Costa) to a subway ride through hell, hoping and praying that it would come flying off the tracks, killing you in one bone crushing swoop. Wishing that if the whole freak-accident thing was too much of a stretch for the powers above, trying to compress your life into a series of humiliating anecdotes, they’d turn the men who are making no secret of the fact they’re clearly scoping out the curve of your ass and bare thighs turn blind.

Admittedly, it’s not the lack of time molding your face into a scowl, or the bitter slickness of coffee on your tongue pushing curses from your mouth as you jog back to the apartment complexes just outside the university, backpack straps looped around one hand.

You aren’t even that angry at the fact you let Lena, coffee loving and alcohol adoring fiend that she is, convince you that a Friday night party at the biggest frat house on campus hosted by none other than Jung Hoseok - talented, hyperactive and infuriatingly loveable second year - was worth hauling ass and soul for, practically kneeing yourself as you sprint up the stairs to your apartment that you’ll actually have time to shower, change, and ready yourself for untold hours of social interaction.

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How to stay motivated when suffering depression or anxiety:

I know that a lot of people have to deal with horrible mental illnesses durng their school time, i am one of them. I have severe depression and social anxiety, and my phsyciatrist is currently looking into whether or not i have bipolar disorder.

I am in my final year of my GCSE’s (year 11) and those who live in the UK will now especially how hard it is. The truth is that i am not coping very well at the moment , hence why i havent been posting anymore, but still i have to work as hard if not harder as anyone else in order to provide a better future for myself. I am not going to lie to you and tell you that my grades are the best because they’re not, in a few months time they have fallen from A*’s to B’s. However i think that with what i’m going through that is exceptionally well.

Enough of my blabbing, here’s my tips on how to cope:

DON’T PLAN EVERYTHING BEFORE HAND! When you go on studyblr a lot of people tell you to organize and schedule, which is great if you can deal with it, but in my opinion it only does damage. I have a bullet journal which upto a few weeks ago i have used to plam and schedule upto the hour. BUT when you have depression or anxiety that can take a toll on you, especially if you don’t complete something when you were supposed to. I used to beat myself up over the stuff i didn’t do, i’d panic, i’d cry and sometimes i’d get drunk. SO what i do instead is that i never plan beforehand, i plan afterwards. What i mean by that is that i’d do the stuff during the day that i was supposed/ or felt like i could manage to do and then later on i’d write it down in my bullet journal. That way i avoided all the stress and worry.

GIVE YOURSELF A LOT MORE TIME TO STUDY THAN ANYONE ELSE! What i mean is that if you know that you have an exam in 4 months time but teachers recommend you to start revising 2 months before the exam. Start 3 months before instead. Because let’s be honest depression or anxiety can sometimes prevent you from doing the stuff you need to which means that you will need more time to revise your material so that you have had enugh time to learn the information :)

TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF! this is really important to do and i feel that many people forget to do it. If you’re having a day where you feel particulary bad then take a break. You will most likely not learn as effectively if you don’t.

MAKE SURE SOMEONE KNOWS THAT YOU ARE STRUGGLING! For me this was extremely useful because a lot of the time i find it very hard to revise for class tests or do certain homeworks on time. Please tell a certain trusted teacher or even ask your parent to inform them so that they know why you couldn;t complete something, they will most likely give you more time to complete it. Also it takes away the worry of being told off :)

Here are SOME tips that work for me :)

-Okay so he could do this. It did not matter that he’s been pining after the fit receptionist since September, he absolutely could do this. He was an adult and all now.  He could bloody well ask his crush out.

-Sirius got into this job in the middle of July as part of a program. He studies and and work for the company while they paid for his course. It was not what he wanted to do with his life but being disowned and not wanting to depend on the Potters all his life, he accepted the deal.

-Not really his dream job but he takes what he can. It was a Monday morning when he first met the cute man with his wild curls, large nose and his really, really kissable overbite. He had arrived early and that was why he took notice of the man. He was usually accompanied by the students in the program and did not really pay attention to people around them.

-Well that day, Sirius arrived early enugh to not be accompanied. That was when he saw him. He was sitting at the desk, smiling from having read something on his phone with his wild tawny curls, cute overbite that screamed Kiss me and amber eyes.

-He must have felt eyes on him becaue he raised his head and met Sirius’ eyes. He only smiled (he’s got dimples in each cheek. Dimples! ) and said Good morning but the other man spent his morning mooning about those curls and dimples.

-The same thing happened over the nest few days until Sirius, after a Pep talk with James which involved loads of jumping, managed to start a conversation with him.

-His name was Remus, he absolutely loved history, reading and tea. This led to the two of them sharing a drink every morning. The black haired man was enamoured.

- As he made his way to the building, Sirius took a deep breath. It was just after work drinks. There even would be other work mates so really, no big deal.

- “Hey! Why are you worrying your pretty head?” Remus asked with an amused glint.

- Sirius could feel his face warming at the compliment. “Oh nothing much. Erm… I was wondering if you’d want to come for a drink tonight. There’ll be others from work also.” It was maybe a trick of light, but the tawny-haired man seemed dissapointed.

-”Yes, sure I’ll come. I’ll wait for you here?”

- Sirius already had two drinks, he wasn’t drunk but just pleasantly buzzed. Apparently there was some band playing that night and he was standing close to Remus as they listened. They were close enough that he felt the warmth from the taller man. Their hands were brushing pretty often and Sirius felt a rush each time.

-Remus just brought his mouth next to his ear to say something. He did not capture any of it because he could feel Remus’ warm breath next to his ear and even a lip brushing against his earlobe.

-God you have no idea how much I want to drag you to the bathroom and snog you senseless.

-Remus raised an eyebrow when Sirius realised he just said that aloud and then, looking at the shorter man straight in the eye, he said clearly, “Well you won’t see me stopping you.”

-Sirius blinked, letting the words wash over him until he finally caught and dragged the laughing receptionist.

-He pushed Remus against the wall, palming his cheek. “Are you sure about this?” He made a noise at te back of his throat when the other man nodded. “I’ve wanted this for so long,”he all but whispered before crashing their lips.

-It was not  the most expert kiss, but the wait and the passion amde it so much worth it.

Alright. I got something for u that you may or may not like. If I get enugh like on this here photo. I’ll start doing Video’s c’; As yess your’s truley Laughing Jack ~

BSM #45: You two act cute in front of his celebrity friend *Requested*

A/N: I know the request specified for the age to be between 10-12 but I didn’t think these age groups would work when i started writing so I changed it. I hope you don’t mind. anyway here’s the request <3

Harry(age: 8): you never like bothering harry while he was working but it was either you stay with him for the weekend or home alone. You couldn’t deny it though’ you were glad to see him again and you planed to spend as much time as you could with him. You in your room drawing a picture of you and him, oblivious of the fact that Ed Sheeran, one of harry’s best mates, was downstairs with him. Once you were confident of the drawing’s outcome, you ran downstairs calling out for him “Harry! Look what I drew” you jumped excitedly as you spotted him in the kitchen. It wasn’t until you walked in that you noticed Ed with a big smile on his face. You blushed deep scarlet as sudden shyness took over. It was harry’s voice that pulled you out of your shy shell “WOW! did you draw this all on your own?!” He picked you up and hugged you as you nodded and his your face in his neck out of embarrassment “its AMAZING! I love it, thank you” he said, hissing your head. It was later on in the day and you saw Ed’s familiar face on TV “do we heard you were at harry’s this morning” “yeah, he had his little sister over and she drew a picture of him. It was the cutest thing ever!”

Liam(age: 6): you were a shy little thing. You always were, ever since you were a little toddler. And so it was no surprise when you hid behind Liam when meeting Ashton Irwin “she’s a shy isn’t she” Ashton smiled, kneeling down, stretching his arm for the little girl. You buried your face in his legs as the two boys laughed. Liam picked you up, still laughing “aww, its ok. Its just uncle Ash. You don’t need to be shy” but you shook your head burying your blushing face in his neck. Liam was honestly a bit surprised to hear this event play out on the radio by an interview with Ashton “right, so she was this shy little thing. And then He carried her and then they were all cute together. Ah, you should’ve seen them”

Niall(age 3): Today was time of the month were you and your older brother Niall, hangout together, it was a tradition. He called ‘brother sister day’ and Demi Lavoto was accompanying you guys today “so where do you wanna go cupcakes?” Niall asked you “let’s go to nandos” you said excitedly “ya, ya and order so much food and eat it together” “yes, yes Niall! And we we we will stuff our face in food and order so much ice-cream ” you said “let’s go munchkin” he carried you, heading to the car with a laughing Demi, following. It was no surprise that Demi talked about this in an interview; she already adored both you and Niall. This just increased her love for you even more.

Louis(age, 4): Louis sat down on his tiny chair wondering how the hell did he end up with a pink tiara on his head, among stuffed animals and barbie dolls drinking make-believe tea with his little sister “do you want more tea, prince Louis?” She asks “Yes of course, princess” while she was pouring some non-existing tea in his small plastic tea cup, Louis heard a distant familiar laugh and sure enough when he turned Luke Hemmings stood by the door “oh hey, what ya doin’ here mate?” Louis says slightly blushing at the situation that he’s in “We were suppose to go the movies. Don’t you remember?” “Oh yeah. I’ll be there in a minute” He excused himself and kissed you on the head and left with Luke hoping he won’t mention the little tea party to anyone. Unfortunately for him though Luke mentioned the whole thing in an interview.

Zayn(age 5): it was his birthday present to you, going to Disney Land that is. He brought you all the way to Orlando, Florida for your birthday and you couldn’t be happier. You were accompanied by Zayn and Cher Lloyd who decided to join your little party. All day you kept dragging Zayn around so you can meet all the Disney princesses together. In the end of the day though, you were exhausted so Zayn had to carry you back to the car. Walking alongside Cher, zayn thought you were asleep on his shoulder but his thoughts were dismissed when you started talking “thank you zayn! Today was the best day ever! I love you” you say hugging him slightly “I love you too”. Cher smiled slightly at the cute moment. And soon enough when the media asked Cher about her day with the Malik’s, she told them all about their little moment.

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M!A teen madison catches teen lb jerking off and moaning her name

           LB was at the studio. Madison was doing a photo shoot for a teen magazine. Summer Issue, the swim suit one. He leaned against the wall watching her pose as the cameras flashed and clicked. He had to leave. He couldn’t watch it was too much. He left the room and walked down the hall. He couldn’t stop thinking about the way she looked in that bikini.

          He opened a door to a dressing room and went inside. It was empty, for the time being. He sat down on the couch and grabbed a water bottle, downing half of it. His shook his head trying to get those images out. It was no use, it was too late the damage had been done.

         He slid his pant down to his knees. He’ll close his eyes, thinking about her. Her skin on his, their bodies moving with each other. He wrapped his hand around himself and started pumping it in a smooth even motion. 

                                 “Madison.” He moaned after a while.  

Oh you... || Lucina & Severa

Severa sighed to herself. Why did she have to be here of all places? Why did she have to let her guard down to be caught like this? Another sigh escaped her lips as she took her place. Of course she had to be here because she knew how to avoid the enemy’s attacks better than the other lap dogs here.

“Who’s coming here now…?” She placed a hand onto her sword, wondering if she could just go after Holland, tell him to leave, go after Nelson to get her ring back, then go off to find Lucina and the others. “Guess I should start now after getting rid of these people…”

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I am in the bad day boat. We're in the process of being forced to move and don't have the funds or spoons for it, and we just got denied the ideal house in town, and commissions are going nowhere. Can I mooch hugs too?


I really, really, REALLY hope everything goes okay in the end sweetheart! D: