Tweet 44 Masterpost

So far, at least. Below I’ve collected the evidence in MH related to 44 and some of the theories. Keep watch of this, cause this one is gonna be updated a lot as more ideas/evidence surface.

Please keep in mind, I am going to be crossing through information that comes to seem irrelevant or incorrect as the puzzle deepens. I will not be deleting them as we could always be going down the wrong path, but feel free to skip them for the time being. 

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GUNPLA BUILDERS WORLD CUP 2014 (GBWC): CHAMPION & FINALIST ENTTRIES - On Display @ Gundam Front Tokyo (Diver City, Odaiba, Tokyo)

Images via tohoseesa

Forgotten MH Fact #18: (submitted by newsmanwaterpaper)

“enttry #37” and “entry #73” are the only entries that don’t have capital Es in their titles. Both videos were uploaded by someone other than Jay, presumably totheark. 

Another notable example is “entry”, another TTA hack (currently unlisted on Youtube) which was edited into Entry 61.