Hello pups! I’m here to provide you with the official TAG LIST for Sterek Week 2016!!

Please use these tags on your entries per appropriate day so that it’s easier on our rebloggers to find the newest peices and keep our page tags organized and clean! It would also be FANTASTIC if you tag your enttries with “sterekweek2016” as well!

Monday October 24th- SterekSceneStealer2
Tuesday October 25th- SterekKids
Wednesday October 26th- SterekFairytale
Thursday October 27th- SterekMagic
Friday October 28th- SterekDivergent
Saturday October 29th- SterekWolf
Sunday October 30th- SterekLyrics2
Monday October 31st- SterekHalloween2

For writers who use AO3, there will also be a specific AO3 tag- Sterek Week 2016, and though you don’t have to use it, it would be STELLAR if you did!

We will not be having an official AO3 collection as I’ve found with personal experience that it inhibits fics from appearing in archive feeds and getting noticed, we want our writers to have as much exposure as possible, thus the tag instead of the collection

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know at any point and we’d be delighted to help! Happy Stereking!

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Forgotten MH Fact #199: 

Only two of the totheark hijacks of the MarbleHornets channel (“entry” and “68”) were edited into normally-titled entries (Entry 61 and Entry 68) shortly after being uploaded. Entry ######, enttry #37, and entry #73 remain on the channel with their original titles and descriptions. 


GUNPLA BUILDERS WORLD CUP 2014 (GBWC): CHAMPION & FINALIST ENTTRIES - On Display @ Gundam Front Tokyo (Diver City, Odaiba, Tokyo)

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