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I have a question about your mutetav! AU- does he have another condition besides muteness because why would he need an IV drip because he's mute?

ah, what a good question anon-chan, i have been investigating about laryngitis and other diseases with vocal chords , laryingitis is caused thanks to a few issues like smoking and drinking, and also excessive coughing and use of vocal chords in a bad way such as screaming, anyways! what im trying to say here is that tav had a case of excessive coughing since he was little and that caused him to hurt his throat enough to rip internal tissues, losing blood and eventually ending up in the hospital, it took several months to eventually lose his voice , he didnt lost it like suddenly, it took time to do it, he had to stay in bed and to prevent anaemia he had to use an iv, its almost psychological , but you get the point right anon-chan??  
Plus, its a fictional au, it doesnt have to be all accurate right??  though im trying to /keeps reading