I cant think of anything clever for treebeard for the buddycop au like… maybe an aged hippy living in the woods? The ents are just a big old pagan commune? Is he a random homeless dude? Is he a little old man who’s super into gardening? Is Fangorn a retirement home (which would improve the ending to the battle if helms deep x10000)? I dont know guys what do u think?


lotr meme: three races → ents

“But I have an odd feeling about these Ents: somehow I don’t think they are quite as safe and, well funny as they seem. They seem slow, queer, and patient, almost sad; and yet I believe they could be roused. If that happened, I would rather not be on the other side.”


Today in Middle-Earth: Entmoot ends in the afternoon. The Ents march on Isengard. (March 2nd, 3019 T.A.)

  ‘Of course, it is likely enough, my friends,’ he said slowly, 'likely enough that we are going to our doom: the last march of the Ents. But if we stayed at home and did nothing, doom would find us anyway, sooner or later. That thought has long been growing in our hearts; and that is why we are marching now. It was not a hasty resolve. Now at least the last march of the Ents may be worth a song. Aye,’ he sighed, 'we may help the other peoples before we pass away. Still, I should have liked to see the songs come true about the Entwives. I should dearly have liked to see Fimbrethil again. But there, my friends, songs like trees bear fruit only in their own time and their own way: and sometimes they are withered untimely.' 


30 Day LOTR Challenge - Day 24 Saddest Casualty And/Or Collateral Damage

“Many of these trees were my friends. Creatures I had known from nut and acorn. They had voices of their own. Saruman! A wizard should know better! There is no curse in Elvish, Entish or the tongues of men for this treachery. My business is with Isengard tonight. With rock and stone! Hoorarooom… Come my friends. The Ents are going to war. It is likely that we go to our doom. Last march of the Ents!”