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Mudroom Extras Part II by cashcraft (The Sims 3)

The set features an entryway organization unit for your home.
The set includes 15 objects, which are an umbrella stand, storage baskets (large and small) 3 pairs of sneakers styles, magazines and a newspaper and a revised object from my Sims 2 sets - it’s a mini-house, and more.


10 Easy Feng Shui Tips That Will Work For Anyone
  1. Clean your clutter
  2. Close your toilet lid before you flush and keep it down
  3. Try not to work with your back to a door
  4. Get plants
  5. Fix what’s broken
  6. Organize your entryway
  7. Get as much natural light as possible
  8. When possible, open your windows for fresh-air
  9. Hang a wind chime or two
  10. Use color schemes that reflect good taste and mood

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Weekend DIY: Scarf Organizer

Real talk: I have a little bit of a scarf problem. I love them. The colors, the patterns, the coziness… and while there are tons stashed away in my closet, I do have a few that are rotated more frequently. Using some scrap plywood and inexpensive cabinet hardware, it’s easy to create a storage solution for scarves and other accessories.

First, get out your tape measure and level, or T-square, and mark off where your hardware will be secured to the board. Once you’ve marked those spaces, drill your holes and paint. We used our color of the week, Home Decorators Collection Campfire Blaze. Attach your hardware, and use a picture hanging kit to secure your board to the wall. Easy peasy. 

Stylish catch-all space. Make your entryway as pretty as the rest of your home. Organize your trip in and out with stunning painted cabinets, baskets and decorative hooks. Quickly get on the go by adding a bench seat that does double duty as extra storage with drawers for bags, leashes and boots. Organization never looked so good.

In it’s place morning, noon and midnight. You can never have enough storage and its important to designate a space to store everyone’s coats, shoes, gloves and hats. Consider vertical storage like cabinets, baskets for mail, pegs for keys and hooks for coats, leashes and backpacks. Working on your organization game plan?  Remember to choose materials that are easy to clean (like these gorgeous midnight blue cabinets that will hide a fair amount of dirt) and plan for more storage than you think you will need. You can never have enough storage and its even better when its organized stylishly.

Even a narrow hallway can accommodate an area for shelves, which takes advantage of unused wall space. Here, a wall lined with cubbies creates a handy storage area for bags, shoes, coats, and sports equipment.

(via Custom Mudroom by It’s Great To Be Home)

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