entry: free for all


While we would live separated into Sun signs, everyone is welcome to come and go, to pass by, to be welcomed, to stay over, to visit. If I’m going to dream, I’m going to dream that life would be peaceful at least, joyful at most.

Aries: Rocky and volcanic, a heaviness to the air. Everyone moves with urgency, with energy, with inspiration. There are dragons, friendly but fierce, creatures straight from the pages of fantasy novels. Competition is encouraged, but so is being protective, the merging of strength with something warm.

Taurus: Green, forests, streams, flowers, trees that seem to communicate and break away, that move should you look away for too long. People live in cottages, sweet smelling cakes filling the air in the days, amber and musk at night. Everyone who passes through is well fed and looked after. Leisure is considered a virtue here.

Gemini: Bright and colourful paths to follow, interweaving routes that lead to places undiscovered. The weather changes as they do. Shows are put on, laughter and giggles the soundtrack, and no day is the same. Everyone greets those that pass through, a conversation the key to affection. Libraries fill rooms Beauty and the beast style.

Cancer: Lagoons, beaches, caves to hide out in, pretty with glistening gems and rocks, places to reflect, to see the water move where the mermaids swim. There is time out for every emotion, every sensation to be realised, to be validated, and sitting and dreaming is the perfect way to pass time. Loved ones are kept close. There is power to the sound of the ocean.

Leo: Glamorous and built up, high buildings and fashionable aesthetics, modern, like a city but with quiet corners. Shows and films flash all day, free entry of course, and comfort and luxury is abundant. No one is considered too loud or enthusiastic, the more the merrier, shame is forbidden. If you are quiet enough however you can hear the bellowing lions roar in the distance, protective.

Virgo: Modest towns, green, but practical, everything you need at least once over is accessible. Little critters hop around. People greet each other with a slight nod of the head, a smile, then on their way to learn, to lend a hand, yet at the end of the day they meet each other, even if not much is said. At night, there is quiet to fall into fantasy, to create, to show a touch of genius.

Libra: Open spaces and airy, mountainous, a place to breathe, to balance, to think. The wind makes their hair dance. Houses seem balanced on the edges, views to envy. There are rooms like studios, a place for controlled messiness, for the creativity of Venus to express, yet the rest of the housing is immaculately designed. Most live in pairs, yet the wider community is also cherished.

Scorpio: Beautiful Gothic designs, castles and ruins, yet light seems to dance. Privacy is respected, but so is connection, and inauthenticity sticks out like a sore thumb here. There are creatures that you cannot quite tell if they are ugly or cute, a duality. Devotion and loyalty are held up as virtues. There is a dark humour here, but also great wisdom.

Sagittarius: Green and open, places to run and tumble, but also places to sit and ponder. A natural prettiness, but not heavily designed, natural, placed by the hands of something higher. Sport and competition is encouraged though not valued more than the mental and spiritual talents that their inhabitants gift to the world. There is a warmth in the air, a free spiritedness, a place to visit for anyone that feels blue.

Capricorn: Built up buildings, a big city, classy and simplistic design. Everyone progresses here, advances, creates personal ambitions along with shared ones. Hard work is a virtue, but so is being supportive and stable, extending a hand to those that need advice and solid method. Everyone walks with an air if dignity, but followed closely by a sarcastic grin and shining smile should someone break the poised pace.

Aquarius: A place of technology, pointing to the future, like a cross between a built up city and a science lab. If cars will one day fly, here will be the place to have them first. Can be overwhelming on a first visit, not knowing how anything works, but the fascination is more than enough compensation. The people here are odd and eccentric, but also speak with such interest and offbeat passion that it is infectious.

Pisces: Misty, iridescent, reflective, one colour seems to blend into another, can be confusing for the senses upon first visiting, but there is a point where it becomes easier to acclimatise. The floor doesn’t feel solid, like you could fall right through, but if you concentrate hard enough, you see the streams pass through, pretty rainbow lights dancing on the water. Everyone walks with a sleepiness here, takes time to gather how they feel.


Hello everyone!

Here are your new prompts for October! Hope you enjoy them.

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OMG they even included MOCHIDA!

Hello, everyone! I am very excited to be announcing my second follower appreciation giveaway!

The rules are as follows:

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! Over 1400 people are following me and I’m really grateful for every single one of you AND since I wanted to express my gratitude, I decided to hold a little raffle for you all!

- 1 reblog = 1 entry (feel free to reblog more than once!)
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- After drawing the winner, I’ll announce them in a post and contact them through askbox (so make sure you have your asks open)! If they won’t reply within 24 hours, I draw another winner.
- ENDS: AUG. 20TH 11:59 PM CEST 

1st place: Colored fullbody picture (up to 2 characters, 1 character + detailed bg OR 2 characters with simple bg)
2nd place: Colored bust up/portrait (one character only)

If you have any questions, feel free to message me!

yo I love ships based on friendship and I love kuroken for that reason but I like barely see people interpret them as close as like, oikawa and iwa, for example

so this new chapter is like EVERYTHING to me

Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4 | Pt.5 | Pt.6 | Pt.7

Lookee what my brain coughed up~~

Peter stays the night again. The man cooks for the two of them, Stiles finishes his homework, Peter uses his shower and poaches more of Stiles’ clothes, and they end up in the fort again, knees and arms knocking together, blankets piled on top of them.

“Should we be expecting your father tonight?”  Peter enquires idly, not sounding like he cares much either way.

“Mm, no, he’s working on a case out of town.”  It’s instinct to check his phone, but there’s no text message waiting for him, and that’s to be expected too.  He sends one off to Scott though, just to check in, just to ask how he’s doing after everything that went down.  He doesn’t get a reply this time either, which doesn’t surprise him one bit.

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