entry level employees

Not a Fuck Anyone story but

I’d like to share some happy stories bc honestly some people need hope
I’ve been working at my current job for the past month and a half and honestly?? It’s such a good environment. Yeah the customers are still dumb as hell and some of my coworkers could be better, but overall it’s a good environment and management actually cares about its employees. The ESM and ADS ((electronic services manger and assistant store director)) take the time to learn about the employees and learn their names - not just relying on name tags. The department heads stick up for their employees, get schedules out on time, and confirm that each employee sees the next week’s schedule and is ok with their hours.
I’d like to give a huge shout out to our ADS bc he’s the best. He goes to each department every day and can often be seen helping entry level employees with their jobs. Last week he helped my department (bakery) package rolls. Today I saw him bagging customers purchases because the lines were long and there wasn’t enough baggers. He’s just such a good person and, by doing stuff like that, he’s raising employee morale and making our holiday rush more bearable.
Good management exists people it’s out there you’ll find it one day.

Cognitive Function Dynamics: Your Personality, inc.

Dominant function: the CEO

This function is boss. Dictates the overall emphasis and direction of the personality. 

Auxiliary function: the VP. 

This function supports the CEO and leads a team of its own. Sometimes you wonder if it’s the real power player, pulling the strings behind the scenes. 

Tertiary function: the mid-level employee. 

This function struggles to navigate whether it should speak up or simply do what it’s told. It’s ambitious and has a love-hate relationship with the VP. 

Inferior function: the entry-level employee. 

This function is inexperienced and often a pain in the ass to work with. If left in charge for too long total chaos ensues.

You guys know the people who post memes on corporate social media accounts are very likely to be either entry level employees or interns (which means they might not even be paid), and are very likely to be under 30, right? I wouldn’t be surprised if the CEO of Denny’s didn’t know anything about what happens on this site. Like, these people get paid (or if they’re an unpaid intern, for school credit or something to put on a resume) to post memes, and it probably makes their job a heck of a lot less boring than many other positions they’re also qualified for. I’m just saying this because I feel like a lot of people here think that there’s a bunch of capitalists planning to just ruin memes and Internet culture so they can make some profit and I bet you that is very far from the case.