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I love that post you did a while ago about Pidge actually enjoying Lance's company and how Lance can be himself around her like how sweet! Do you have any headcannons about their relationship? (Either ship wise or just as best bros?)

Listen, I have so many thoughts about Pidge and Lance. Enough that I had to drag myself out of bed and onto my laptop to answer this, because my phone just won’t do. I’m gonna start with brOtp Pidge and Lance, because that’s my jam. 

  • After their initial meetup kerfuffle at the Garrison, Pidge and Lance actually become very close.
  • They’re actually known around the Garrison for their joint effort shenanigans: “Gunderson and McClain are running a poker tournament in their room again tonight.” “I hate playing against them, they always wipe me out of my allowance.” 
  • Total Weebs™. Pidge used to make fun of Lance for watching entry level anime and completely imparted her fathomless depths of anime recommendations on him. 
  • Lance taught Pidge how to swim.  
  • Pidge= makeshift stuffed animal.  Lance has a bad day and just needs to hold onto something or someone, he’s carrying Pidge right onto the couch and squishing his face into her tummy, because she’s soft and warm and plays with his hair and tells him that it’s going to be okay.  
  • Not afraid of crying around each other. 
  • Pidge makes an active effort to learn Spanish (like her attempts at Altean, only more successful).  She doesn’t really ever speak it to him, but it’s important that she learns her best friends first language. 
  • Lance has Protective Mom Mode: “Pidge, sunscreen, this planet has no shade!” “I got you a headband so you can keep all of that hair out of your eyes, it’s dangerous on missions.” 
  • Radio Lance, sings to Pidge when no one’s around and she’s lonely.  Does a rad cover of ‘Steal my Sunshine’ by Len.

I hope my presentation has convinced you all to get on the winning team of Best Friends 5eva Pidge and Lance

Dirk and John, in mid/late elementary school, had to work on a group project together, and ended up swapping, like…MSNs or something, like some ancient messenger, to work on it online from home, because neither of them actually did the work in class.

 Down the line, Dirk boots up this messenger for the first time in years, and is trawling through it to recover assets from projects, find backups for things, etc. Basically performing the last rites of use for this chat client, before he finally uninstalls it.

 But within minutes of launching it, it flashes orange and sends the loud, obnoxious, horncall of early-2000s clients into his ears, and he shudders, because God how did we live with that. Thinking it’s some automated message from the client itself, he opens it, and…

 It’s some kid from elementary school? The message is a simple ‘hi!!!’. The client grinds as it falteringly loads messages from years ago, leaving Dirk to figure out who this is in the meanwhilst.

Finally, as the above messages load, it clicks - that annoying kid from elementary school. Dirk sighs, writes a few paragraphs on how he’s not sure why he was messaged, and that he’s going to be deleting the client soon, goodbye.

Just when Dirk thinks there won’t be a response, he gets one. John’s asking about Dirk’s icon. Dirk realizes that it was some entry-level anime profile pic he selected in high school, sighs, and explains, and John seems…mocking and a touch derisive, but kind of interested. As Dirk explains more, he finds old interests rekindling themselves just enough for him to feel nostalgia for them.

 Dirk doesn’t delete the client that night.

 A few days later, he launches it again, telling himself he should perform a second pass, and ends up talking to John again.

And again.

And again.

Before too long, Dirk and John are talking using this ancient, grinding, wheezing, chat client. A few months down the line, the company announces they’ll be deleting it, and John, finally convinced to download another one, asks for Dirk’s contact info.

Dirk, by this point thoroughly interested, and genuinely enjoying his company (even if he still gets on his nerves sometimes, and by now he knows just where to poke, and just when to stop), agrees. This new chat client has video features, something they didn’t have the 'leisure’ of before.

Turns out, John’s hot. (Oops).

What’s beautiful about the insult “entry level anime nerd” is that every way you respond makes you sound worse. So it’s true that you’ve only seen a few mainstream anime? You are a WEAK nerd. You’ve actually seen a ton of cool obscure anime? You are a HUGE nerd. Into the locker.

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I have transcended weebness right back into casual viewer mode so you could say watching a 1000 changes a man a couple of times

Gone so deep you’re back to entry-level anime? Perhaps the real journey is truly horrible shit you watched along the way. And the lesson is that perhaps entry-level anime aren’t that bad.


aries - fucking weeb
taurus - otaku trash
gemini - sleeps w/ at least 2 waifu pillows
cancer - wants to be a mangaka
leo - entry level anime filth
virgo - likes sword art online
libra - owns all of evangelion on dvd
scorpio - subscribed to shonen jump
sagittarius - pocky eater
capricorn - wears neko ears to family events
aquarius - naruto runner
pisces - wapanese

So I came up with another Love Live! AU..

Okay so I mentioned something on my blog a few nights ago that I was coming up with another AU & I want to share it with you guys now!

So I’m not gonna lie this whole thing came from me joking around with the idea of BiBi working at Hot Topic. But now it’s seriously turned into something that I plan on writing small ficlets for & I’ve fallen in love with this AU so hard.This AU has taken a turn that I never thought it would take. This AU I’ve decided to call the Mall Rat AU because Muse is group of friends that work at a mall basically. They all met each other at the mall because of their jobs. The sub units are basically who they are closest to.  I’ll post more headcanons whenever I can! I just wanted to cover the basics.

Okay more info under the cut:

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the gems as anime garbage
  • pearl: encyclopedic knowledge of her favourite animes including the manga/visual novel/drama cd canon, will lecture you with 5 paragraphs if a single line of dialogue is semi-ooc in your fanfiction, complete madohomu trash
  • amethyst: loves all garbage anime and will not turn the fucking volume down when shes marathoning bad english dubs, eats a lethal amount of ramen, wears all the naruto headbands at once while she trolls the madohomu fanpages
  • garnet: you wouldnt realize she's anime trash until u saw pics of her in fucking A+ cosplays on every convention facebook page, crushes the cameras of dudebros who try to take pictures of her inappropriately without her permission
  • lapis lazuli: studio ghibli enthusiast to the fuckin MAX, always suggests ponyo at the anime club meeting (though they never watch it) and keeps a copy on her at all times, insists disney ripped off miyazaki
  • peridot: makes fun of everyone on 4chan for their "entry level" tastes in anime but watches THE MOST pretentious, psuedo-intellectual anime on the fucking planet to seem smart, always smells like she bathed in lychee ramune
  • jasper: that one fucking asshole who talks like an anime antagonist irl and brags about their anime sword collection constantly, always tries to physically fight any new members in the anime club "to prove they're worthy". she's been kicked out of anime club six times.
  • ruby: super into martial arts anime and DBZ, but has a super huge weak spot for shoujo animes because sapphire loves them, would literally bend the world to cosplay sapphires otp with her
  • sapphire: the one who can get away with wearing school uniform cosplays everyday bc she looks so goddamn cute in them, will fucking own your ass at ddr, her future vision didn't predict mami's death in madoka magica and she still cries about it

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please explain the weeaboo levels

level 1- you watched/know of a/an anime

level 2- you have seen a full series of anime and have relative knowledge of several others

level 3- you know of basic entry level anime (e.g. SNK, sword art online) and likely have at least one piece of merchandise from said series, probably have watched 10-20 series

level 4- you begin to recognize those of lower levels than you and gain a superiority complex of the ‘lesser fans’, likely you shop at hot topic constantly and attend anime club 

level 5- anime is your life, you are THE fan of your favorite series, you have created fan OCs, roleplayed, all you wear is oversized shirts of generic anime and corporate memes you can find in JCPenny and other department stores, you probably have attended at least one anime convention and have caramelldansen on your soundcloud. you recently got into/enjoy nightcore. you use XD unironically. you have tried to perform a dance you saw in an anime at a public event,

level 6- you begin to realize maybe your lifestyle isn’t very socially accepted, so you try to tone it down and cut off the anime t shirts and jewelry, only to replace them with scale figures. ‘only one or two of my favorite girl’, you think to yourself. you stopped attending anime club because their tastes were too low tier for you.

level 7- you can spot any weeaboo of a lower level than you, you know what they’re doomed to become. you still watch anime on your free time, and finally come across your first hentai. then you finally understand that there truly is a genre for everybody, and likely people are lying if they say they have never watched anime. you deny you like anime if asked.

level 8- you begin to come to terms with your lifestyle, and if people ask about your hobby, you will admit to them that you sat around and rewatched the entire season of puella magi madoka magica last night and cried, and thats why youre so tired today. you can recognize most anime based purely on art style and you have likely been to at least 5 anime conventions. you have at least 5 scale figures.

level 9- you are able to recognize what level weeaboo a person is simply by glancing at them. you feel no pain if anyone criticizes you, and you know what kind of anime someone watches purely based on their wardrobe and speaking style. you can tell you’ve hit the top because whenever someone asks you if you’ve ever heard of a certain show, you can name the title character and the general plotline even if you haven’t even seen a single episode or advertisement. oddly, you don’t even watch anime that often anymore. you don’t need to. you just absorb it. you begin to wonder if your power is worth it, as sometimes you realize the simple slip of the tongue could reveal your godlike status to all those. you pity those who use XD, although you have taken in several apprentices who may have not quite left that stage of their life yet. you are a level 9. you are essentially the elder weeaboo, you must help those along their quest line. you pray for those stuck at stage 5.

Friends, PLEASE

I honestly can’t believe this has to be said in the YEAR OF OUR LORD 2015, but I will say it anyway because I’ve seen too many of my sweet friends and followers upset:


If so,wine is in a fandom that you absolutely CANNOT STAND, leave them alone and let them enjoy it. Clearly you enjoy other things, so go do that, and don’t spend your time making fun of what someone else enjoys. It’s one thing if you’re offended or disturbed by someone’s interests, (such as a sexual kink or a social issue that bothers you or that you don’t agree with), but it’s just absolutely ridiculous that any of us are tearing each other down because of what fandoms we are in or not in.

Look, we’re all the same, here. We are all drawing or writing or recording or consuming fan works based on fictional characters. You are NOT better than someone because they like ‘entry level anime’ or they 'can’t name all the band’s songs’ or they 'haven’t read the comics/manga/etc.’. JUST STOP. If you think you’re 'above’ another fan for any reason, (hint: you’re not, none of us are), then kindly see your way out of their space and go enjoy something else. Problem solved.

Tl;dr: Stop being rude to other people because you don’t have the same interests. Grow up, find some thing better to do, or just go yell at a cloud. As long as you’re not upsetting my friends, I don’t honestly care which you choose.