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How much time do you think is spent traveling between systems? I haven't played the other ME games, so I don't know if it's ever covered there. Like I get that it's FTL, but I can't imagine it's like poof we're there.

From the ME wiki entry on FTL drives:

The Tempest ship of the Andromeda Initiative is capable of traversing 13 light-years per day.

To put that into perspective - Pluto is only 319 light minutes away from Earth. To get from Earth to Alpha Centauri, the closest star (other than the sun, obviously), it would take just shy of 4.35 light years. Our closest galaxy (supposedly) is the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy, located about 25,000 light years from ours, where as the Andromeda galaxy is roughly 2.5 million light years away from us.

Without knowing the exact distances between planetary systems in the Heleus Cluster, I can only use exoplanets in the Milky Way as a referential guide - for example, there’s a planetary system orbiting Epsilon Eridani that’s roughly 10.5 light years away from us. Earlier this year, NASA announced that TRAPPIST-1, which is roughly 40 light years away, has seven potentially Earth-like planets in its orbit. To get to either of those in the Tempest, it would take less than a day to reach Eri and just over three days to reach TRAPPIST-1.

Unless there are some hard numbers I’m not aware of, it kind of comes down to headcanon how far MEA’s imaginary systems are from each other. For the sake of my own canon, I’m going to hazard a guess that it takes at least a day of FTL travel to go from one neighboring system to another.

Also keep in mind that a ship can’t fly at FTL indefinitely - they’d run the risk of their drives discharging and frying their ship. They have to land or dock somewhere periodically in order to safely discharge the static electricity built up by the eezo-generated mass effect fields. At the very least, if they don’t have time to land, they could skim close to a nearby planet so that they can discharge safely in its magnetic field. 


I’ve moved at a glacial pace down this coast until I finally reached the big attraction at the bottom - a pair of ancient glaciers (see what I did there??). They’re small as glaciers go but still spectacular with nice hikes near the base of each one. It’s ever so slightly depressing to see how much they’ve receded - the entry drive at the Fox Glacier is peppered with signs showing where the glacier reached in the 1700s and the 1930s. These days, you can only get ONTO the glaciers via (very pricey) helicopter flights. They’re also some of the only glaciers in the world that touch temperate forests. What I want to know is where the other temperate touching glaciers are ?! Very vague informational signs, if you ask me.

Headed down the coast there are an endless stream of very fulfilling hikes, often near to streams and rivers (see what I did again?!). You think you don’t like hiking? Try meandering down this coast and see if you don’t stop for every 20 minute, 45 minute, hour and 2.5 hour long hike just to see what you can see. They’re all ancient forests and they’re shockingly beautiful.

Little girls growing up dreaming of being a princess is the problem. Gorgeous gowns, sparkling jewels — the white knight hero who braves death and rescues the girl. Fairy tale after fairy tale — be it the Dread Pirate Roberts who overcomes the Pit of Despair, swoops in for Buttercup, and kills the evil prince; Robin of Locksley who storms the tower and defeats Sheriff Nottingham; or Prince Phillip who slays Maleficent’s Dragon heart — winning Sleeping Beauty. All strong heroes saving the day.


No — give me the girl that will not be owned; who defies a system with her heart and a deadly bow. Show me the woman that doesn’t run from the fight, but charges into battle along side a man. Tell me the story of the heroine who refuses to mold, takes the punch, and gets back up. She who stands in great sacrifice, unwavering before the blade — and does not quiver in fear, for she is unafraid. So, let’ us teach our daughters to stand and proclaim, “You keep your tiara. I am no princess. Princesses rely on the courage of a knight to defend her in war — and I will go to war myself.”

—  Journal entry
Video Of Deaf Woman’s Starbucks Drive-Thru Order Goes Viral
"It is a big deal to [the] deaf community that Starbucks has one now. We all want to have that at every drive thru in the world."

But instead let’s be upset over the color of their cups. 


Nigeria Is Ebola-Free: Here's What They Did Right

It’s been 42 days since the last new case

Key quote, in my opinion anyway.

“Keeping borders open. Nigeria has not closed its borders to travelers from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, saying the move would be counterproductive. “Closing borders tends to reinforce panic and the notion of helplessness,” Shuaib said. “When you close the legal points of entry, then you potentially drive people to use illegal passages, thus compounding the problem.” Shuaib said that if public health strategies are implemented, outbreaks can be controlled, and that closing borders would only stifle commercial activities in the countries whose economies are already struggling due to Ebola.”


30 Lakeside Drive, Pleasantview
Exterior . Entry . Dining Room . Powder Room and Laundry Room

A home of her own meant a chance to put her own personal touch around the entire building rather than just her own bedroom. It wasn’t as though Nina minded only having the freedom to make one room truly hers, but it felt nice to create an entire area that spoke to her now. It would be welcoming but orderly, bold but still stylish. And above all else, it would be comfortable, even if only for her.

Ground Floor:
Exterior, Entry, Dining Room, and Powder Room . Living Room, Kitchen, and Yard
First Floor:
Landing, Study, and Master Bathroom . Master Bedroom and Terrace