“listen to the voice of the earth.
you’ll find him,” said her to the mockingbird.
and the mockingbird sang an unknown
melody as if 
telling her that he understood.
the mockingbird flew away to find mr. 

stories for rainy days, by naela ali

L: She wore those apple bottom Jeansss boots with da fur~

K: With the fur!

L: The whole club was looking at

K: Voltron!

L: AyY! 

L: She hit the floorr

K: Next thing you knoww

L: Shawty got 

L/K: Low low low low~!!!

((our boys are back, full of nunville, and ready to answer asks so send AWAY!))

L: We haVE to show everyone-



L: So that camera, has it been on the whole time?

K: *Clears throat* I thought this spot would be good for answering questions 

K: Since we haven’t been on in a few days, y’know

L: Right.

L: I’m surprised we still get asks like this

K: aha, I know, it’s really weird, there’s always so many, even though I delete most of them.

L: Yeah it’s not like we would ever…

K: Yep-

K: I don’t think they’re gonna stop until we…

L: Yeah, I mean we could just do it, get it over with 

L: to stop these anons I mean… they’re becoming more and more annoying

L: Let me know if you’re going to elbow me again, I’d like to brace myself this time

K: Lance, shut. up.