A Czech on the EU

The EU celebrated the presidency of the Czech Republic over the first half of 2009 by commissioning a work of art by David Cerny.  They should have known that David has a mischievous and sometimes controversial sense of humour, but they didn’t.

His artwork (pictured above) is titled Entropa and subtitled “Stereotypes are barriers to be demolished”.  It resembles the parts of a model kit and depicts each country’s national stereotype.

Romania (also pictured) is a Dracula style theme park, which blinks and emits ghostly sounds.

Spain is covered entirely in concrete with a concrete mixer situated in the north east.

France is draped in a “GREVE!” (Strike!) banner.

There’s lots more on Wikipedia, but the last word must be about the UK.  We’re “included” as an empty space at the top left.  We’re just not part of Europe at all!