entreprise 3.0

The five levers of accelerated growth

The @pentagrowth model is the result of a study carried out by Ideas for Change between 2012 and 2013. It takes more than 50 digitally based organisations that:

  1. Have grown more than 50% per year in terms of users and income between 2008 and 2012/2013;
  2. Have reached a relevant scale of the industry where they operate;
  3. It was possible to obtain information from reliable sources. They are mainly young companies, and the majority of them are not listed in the stock market nor have any duty to make their information public.

For the analysis, we have categorised every organisation according to the year of creation, the type of inputs used, the business structure, the type of access that they provide, the pricing system, the type of customers, the typology of their APIs (tool for developers), as well as the results they have obtained. We have calculated the growth velocity and the acceleration of growth (alpha) of each organisation and we have crossed data with all descriptive variables we have used.

Le talent se découvre lorsque la personne réunit les trois conditions en même temps :

  • il fait ce qui lui plaît,
  • il fait ce qu’il fait bien
  • et ce qui sert à l’entreprise.

Si votre collaborateur fait ce qui lui plaît et ce qui sert à l’entreprise, il s’agira de développer ses compétences et son efficacité. Si, par contre il fait ce qui l’aime et qu’il le fait bien mais que cela ne sert en rien l’entreprise, il s’agira de développer la création de valeur. Enfin, si ce qu’il fait sert à l’entreprise et qu’il le fait bien mais que ça ne lui plaît malheureusement pas, il s’agira trouver des moyens de développer la motivation de votre collaborateur.

The Intelligent Brand Framework

After working with numerous marketers, we developed the Intelligent Brand Framework to provide a structure for thinking about marketing investments across creative and operational disciplines, using a combination of data-driven and human-centric approaches. Its goal is to ensure that marketers don’t blindly focus on any one area without due consideration for the implications and tradeoffs to the organization’s broader goals. The goal is to help marketers find balance.