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I have a rule for myself that if I drop anything less than 5 cents I have to leave it on the ground because

1. I’m incredibly lazy

2. It’s fun for children (and adults) to find money on the ground

3. I want to punish myself for being clumsy so I can train it out of my system

Bonus: The money may fund entrepreneurial birds

Bernie Sanders, business genius? Yes, actually
'Antibusiness' Bernie Sanders? Hardly. A closer look at the 'Feel the Bern' phenomenon shows plenty of business smarts.
By Sonam Sheth, special to CNBC.com

Could Bernie Sanders, a self-described “democratic socialist” and Wall Street’s biggest critic, be an entrepreneurial genius?

A closer look at the ideas and methods propelling the ‘Feel the Bern’ phenomenon, and interviews with entrepreneurial experts, show that the Sanders campaign has displayed plenty of business smarts tailored to today’s market. His renewed momentum after a win this week in Wisconsin — making it 7 out of the last 8 contests for the Vermont senator — has been built on age-old entrepreneurial tricks and business trends that Sanders has turned into a large, vocal and “profitable” slice of the U.S. electorate.

To start — and to cover quickly what should by now be obvious — whileHillary Clinton and Republican candidates receive “handouts” from corporations and billionaire donors, Sanders has managed his campaign like an entrepreneurial start-up, funding it from the ground up.

After rejecting all super PAC support and special-interest money, Sanders focused heavily on small money donations. President Obama’s original run for the Oval Office set this trend, but Sanders recently broke fundraising records with more than 6 million individual contributions, almost tripling the record set by Obama in 2011.

Sanders’ marketing appeal has leveraged an American public growing more and more dissatisfied with campaign finance loopholes. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the Vermont-based founders of Ben & Jerry’s, speaking from their car on the way to a Sanders campaign event, said, 

“It’s all supported by the ultra-wealthy and the corporations, and that’s the elephant in the room that nobody except Bernie wants to address.”