Join the Orbital 1K!

The deadline for applying to the Orbital 1K is tomorrow evening, Wednesday May 13.

The program coaches you to launch a $1,000 Project, while teaching you about constraints, networks, and product development along the way.

The $1,000 Project is a constraint borrowed from the entrepreneurdesigners course I co-teach at SVA IxD.  What it does is reduce the problem space so that you can get something out the door within a shorter time frame.  That is beneficial because it enables you to learn more quickly.

So, if you or someone you love has been sitting on an idea for a startup; thinking about a creative project they’d like to start or a community they’d like to build; or simply have something they’d like to sell, I’d challenge you to scope it into something that fits the $1,000 Project constraint and apply to the program.

I should also note that if you are returning to the work force, changing industries, curious to explore ideas and interests you’ve long held but never pursued, or looking to reinvent yourself, one of the best ways to explore your options is to make something small and put it out there.

The process of making is ultimately one of self-expression and it’s hard to make progress on that alone.  Your odds of success are greater when you have accountability, regular access to informed critique, and a community to provide support, and that is why the program exists.