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How To Be Successful

 Being successful in whatever it is you’ve chosen to do is not a linear path, there will be roadblocks and diversions along the way. This is the universe testing you - to assess whether or not you are worthy of that which you seek.

If your desire to have something is greater than your fear of losing what you have right now - eventually you will have it. If you are looking for something you’ve never had - you must start doing things you’ve never done before.

Earl Nightingale once said “if you want to be successful in a market - study what the majority is doing and then do the opposite. Because the majority is almost always wrong.” When people were telling me to stay in my lane and not bother pursuing my passions I had to keep this in mind.

The outside world doesn’t need to understand your vision for your life - it’s yours. No one else is seeing your life through your eyes and therefore what they say and think about it is irrelevant. Decide what you want and model yourself after those who already have it.

We are so lucky to be alive in a day and age where we have access to useful information at the touch of a button. There are thousands of videos we can watch that will help us to get to where we want to be - we just have to choose them over wanting to be entertained.

If you’ve always wanted to be an artist - find a successful artist’s channel and watch their videos. Take notes and assess what changes you need to make in your life to model yourself after them. Understand that their journey is not yours and it may take you a lot longer to get to where you want to be.

Hard work + patience + persistence = Success.

Peace & positive vibes.