Rochelle Behrens And The Shirt Seen Round The World


The Shirt™: A brilliant idea born of frustration with the all too familiar “button gape” across the bust. While our male readers may be perplexed by this phenomenon, next to finding the perfect pair of jeans, its easily one of the most frustrating things about dressing the female form. 

Rochelle Behrens took the matter into her own hands. The Shirt™which features patented "Dual Button Technology" fits across the bust sans gaping holes, saving you from safety pin pricked fingers and double stick tape disasters. A former client of AFINGO founder and CEO Liza Deyrmenjian, Rochelle’s design has skyrocketed from a workshop based out of her apartment to making the covetable list of one of Oprah's must have’s for 2011. 

As we know, virtually everything Oprah touches turns to gold, and Rochelle’s product The Shirt™was no exception. Exposure in more than enough outlets to make the Kardashian’s cringe including Glamour, People, DailyCandy, The Today ShowCocoPerez, has propelled sales and brought Rochelle’s dream of a gape free shirt to reality.

Already an innovative and motivated business women, it is no surprise that today Inc Magazine named Rochelle one of “The 30 Coolest Entrepreneur’s Under 30.” The proof is in the pudding people, an ingenious idea really can take of with a lot of hard work.