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Entranced Recap Epilogue: Special Con-Drop Edition

So. Con-drop. It’s a term I first heard when @lily-ackerman tried to describe it to me several months ago after NEEHU. At the time, I really had no frame of reference for anything involved in this scene. All I knew was that this was something big, new, scary. Something with sexual and emotional implications that threatened to tear her away from me. The people she was still partnering with were threats, the very notion that these emotional bonds could form so quickly was ludicrous.

It’s amazing what can change over the course of a few months. Or a single weekend. We were all fools, once.

Weirdly (if I’m remembering my timeline correctly, which I might not be, because something about frequent hypnosis really fucks with your perception of time), I think the first inklings of con-drop started to hit me later on Saturday and into Sunday. I told a couple of people that I felt just off. Lily was the first one to look at me, smile sadly and just say, “It’s starting for you.” She’s always been very smart.

Saying goodbye to @digitalswitchgamine was the first big pang. It feels insane because we only really met two days before and we hadn’t really talked until the previous day. Hell, we didn’t even do anything until that very morning. And yet.

I got more of them at the Sunday night dinner. @unlockingwonderland told me a very sweet thing from before we even really started talking directly, something pretty big that she and @darquefool had schemed up to try and make me feel at ease. I was almost moved to tears right there in the restaurant. It was a near thing. 

Sunday night talks with people in the Hypno Lounge and beyond carried such weight. I knew in a lot of cases it would be months before I saw them again. If ever. And it had only been a few days.

Monday was about trying to see as many people as we could. We dashed around from place to place, trying to hold on to these bonds as long as we could. @enscenic told me something that stuck with me: “You’re going to be great.” I didn’t know what to say to that. I just walked away. I wish I’d said something. I saw @zanythoughts before we left the hotel for good. I was dumbstruck. All I could manage was a lot of eye contact and a timid desire to stay in touch.

There were lots of long talks in the afternoon and evening; with Lily, with @banana-pie-gaige, with @mr-prism and @mrs-prism. Stuff just kept getting emotional. One thing I remember saying to Lily was that I’d felt like I betrayed her.

Okay, so, for context, I am a mono person. Or rather, that’s how I’ve been identifying because that’s the societal model I follow(ed). Maybe I just need to revise that definition for myself, or maybe I need to reconsider the label I use, I don’t know. What I do know is that this weekend I did some things that don’t fit into a societal model of monogamy (no, not those things, you pervs), and even though everything I did was pre-negotiated with her, I felt like I’d somehow gone behind her back or violated her trust. It was like dusting off an old Guilt Console in my brain that no one had used in a very long time. She was, of course, right on point. She assured me that she’d known about everything because I’d told her about them. That nothing I did had violated her trust, knowledge, or consent. That we’d negotiated all of that ahead of time. That she loves me. That we’re okay. I couldn’t hear it for some reason. A part of me still can’t.

The car ride had a lot of long talks. I chatted with some folks on Skype. Lots of blushy things have been said. I honest to god can’t wrap my head around all of the nice things people have said. One person I was talking to expressed amazement at the amount of praise they’d received, how overwhelming it was. How it was so unlike what they heard everyday and how emotional that could be. And here, I thought it was just me.

I was holding it together until we climbed into bed. Lily and I were just talking about con stuff when I started to tear up a little bit. I apologized to her for not understanding con-drop before. I apologized to her for not supporting her as well as I could have after NEEHU because I didn’t GET how emotional it would be. How quickly those bonds form. How intensely you miss those people when you leave (her response: “How could you have?” I didn’t have an answer for that). She advised that I wear something that reminds me of it. Some secret little message just for me. I briefly lamented not buying anything before I remembered The Focus. And then I broke down into messy, full-body sobs.

Okay, so, context: I wear a spinner ring, basically a loop of metal that spins over another loop of metal. It is numbered 1 - 20 and can be used in place of a d20 when playing D&D and the like. I wear it whenever I have the day off (can’t wear it at work), but unlike the claddagh ring that I wear, I don’t put it on when I get home. It was a fun thing I wore, but not a thing of significance. On Thursday, @enscenic implanted a suggestion that the thing could be used to trance me. And then stuff happened.

Other people used it to trance me a few times. I accidentally tranced while spinning it until being reminded that it would only work if it was safe and appropriate. I used it to drop myself in the Subject-Directed Trances class (among a few others). In that class, I used it to make a suggestion to myself to remember the good times and overcome anxiety (”Warm, secure, loved”). I used it to stay awake while driving away from the hotel on no sleep in the midst of some afternoon doldrums. I used it to center myself during an emotional conversation with Lily. I used it to make a suggestion to myself while I was riding back home: “Ask for what you need.”

I called it The Focus sort of instinctively while talking about in the car; I suspect that the name sounds cheesy as all fuck, but I’m keeping it. It fits it. And that particular ring went from being something mundane to something extraordinary in my mind, an object of power and significance. I will likely take to wearing it as often as I am permitted by my work schedule. I will likely take to spinning it whenever I feel down, because I know now that I control its effects. Maybe I’ll trance. Maybe I’ll just feel more at ease. Maybe I’m literally just fidgeting.

I broke down in these messy sobs while trying futilely to reconcile the fact that in the course of a single week I have made more new friends and formed closer emotional bonds than in the last three years of my life combined. While trying to wrap my head around the fact that I suddenly felt DIFFERENT as a person, on a strange and fundamental level. While realizing that I had no idea how to return to Vanilla Life now. While missing people. While realizing that all of the stuff that made me so insanely jealous when Lily had done it after NEEHU: the (seemingly) constant Skype talks and calls, the tags, the Tumbles, etc.; that was the ONLY way she could cope because the ONLY people who could POSSIBLY understand were scattered to the four fucking winds and her clueless fiancee couldn’t possibly have gotten it until he’d finally been there and felt it for himself, had felt this deep and intense sense of longing and loss. In a single week.

I’ve been at this too long. It’s way, way too late. Suffice it to say that if you are reading this, and if you thought you were the only one (especially you fellow newbies), you need to know that you are NOT the only one. I underestimated it, too. I’m going to wrap up by tagging a few people (by no means everyone who I’m missing, and by no means everyone was important to me this weekend or in general. Consider this list very incomplete):

@enscenic @banana-pie-gaige @sammynona @darthkyra @darquefool @tennfan2 @carneggyblog @digitalswitchgamine @zanythoughts @theleeallure @hypno-sandwich @unlockingwonderland @justsomedudeandhisthoughts @ellaenchanting @mr-prism @mrs-prism @arihi

Good night. Good luck. See you next time.

More Entranced

The more I think about it, the less I think I like doing these overview posts; there’s always more I want to say. I’ll do this one quickly, but I really want to dig into the meat of each day. Let me start here, with the very quick version. Maybe the outline will help.

Saturday, as I said in a previous post, went better than Friday. @lily-ackerman and I spent some time in the morning talking; the communication was not IMMEDIATELY good but we kept at it until we got to a place where we both felt better. It was the sort of foundation that set up a much better day than the day before.

The first class of the morning was @enscenic ’s class on the power of No, a class that I almost didn’t take in favor of @mrs-prism ’s Expanding Hypnotic Pleasure. Mrs. Prism herself actually told me to take Power of No instead, as it would be more useful to a beginner like me. She couldn’t have been more right. Highly recommended for anyone in the community. The 11 o’ clock hour held no classes I desperately wanted to see, so I took the opportunity to return to the room for a brief rest (self care badge, whaaaat). At noon I attended a class called It’s a Snap! Induction Workshop (as taught by @hypno-sandwich and @theleeallure), which was marvelous. I’ve never seen anyone drop to half a dozen swinging pocketwatches before! I also had the chance to briefly demo for them; it was the first time I dropped to snaps alone!

Lunch was provided by the con at the hotel, and it was a great opportunity to see people and mingle. I ended up sitting by @darthkyra and @zanythoughts both of whom are utter delights. I also made my way back to the table where @digitalswitchgamine had tried to introduce me to a couple of new folks so I could meet them and finally talk a little with digitalswitchgamine (garsh, but she’s nice). Maestro presented an award to Mephki in honor of her achievements, and the ConCom made some very nice remarks on behalf of the convention as a whole.

I honestly don’t recall what held me back after lunch, I think it was just another recovery sesh in the room while Lily went for a swim. I know I skipped the 2:30 classes and went in for Subject-Directed Traces taught by Chewtoy. I experienced something pretty interesting in that class: it was the first time I was able to make a suggestion to myself in trance. More on that in another post.

4:30 brought the one and only information and planning session for our Hypnotic Nerf Battle! @pirate-king-of-trance helped us set it up and get some ideas flowing and we signed up for the uncon space on Sunday (ahhhh we did a thing!). That only took about 20 minutes but honestly I don’t remember what the hell I did after that! I probably just chilled out again until dinner. Dinner was a large group of us at Korean BBQ and the first chance I had to really interact with certain awesome folks. So much soju being shared! What a good time.

Saturday night was dominated by Hysterical Literature which was AWESOME and I could dedicate an entire post to. Big shouts to my favorite story writers and readers (I’m pretty sure I told most of you in person). There were some fun conversations, a raucous after-party, some really fun trancey things, and finally, bed way too late.

Sunday was a big highlight for me. The Unconscious Minds panel was mind-blowing (hah) in lots of ways; hearing people who have the ability to let their unconscious talk so clearly, who seem to even have developed a whole new personality that expresses itself that way! I’m not explaining this well. It was amazing and fascinating and the sort of thing that bears a lot of close examination because I literally can’t stop thinking about it.

In a moment of stupidity I accidentally double-booked time with @zanythoughts and @digitalswitchgamine just following that. Through some incredible cosmic luck, this led to (instead of two beautiful people ready to do me grievous bodily harm) one of my favorite sessions from the weekend, a beautifully deep dual induction from both of them. I hope to work up the gumption to talk about that in greater detail because it was a transcendent experience.

I spent a little while hanging with people and chilling out. Several of us went to an early lunch because we all wanted to be back in plenty of time before the post-lunch classes. Lunch was Portillo’s again. Damn, but I finally get why @unlockingwonderland misses that so much. I’m craving a Maxwell Street Polish as we speak. Lily didn’t join me for that one because she was in a scene at the time but I brought her back food that she scarfed down while we caught up before the all-important Hypno Nerf Battle.

Oh, the Hypno Nerf Battle! How to describe it? Ever play laser tag as an adult? Have you and your friends ever spontaneously busted out into a slow-mo finger gun fight? Imagine something like that, only people in the room had triggers ranging from simply dropping into trance when they got hit to giggling uncontrollably to my own hell (thanks to @justsomedudeandhisthoughts I would lose control of a limb if it got hit; body shots slowed me down and I’d drop after 3; head shots were an instant trance). There was a lot of silly fun thanks to MindControlFun and his penchant for showmanship in differentiating each round. Highlight: at one point @lily-ackerman was slowly fading into trance while on the ground but managed to hit me in the head anyway. I remember muttering “fuck” before sinking to my knees and trancing in that position. As always, her reaction was pure gold. That’s one that we’ll be repeating in the future.

I know I went to a Switchcraft class taught by @hypno-sandwich and @ellaenchanting that had some insightful and important commentary from the crowd and an epic, 10-minute-long switch fight that ended in a draw. I know that. I remember laughing hysterically as the two hosts spun each other around, wrestled across the room, and spoke in a rapid patter of hypnotic language trying to get the upper hand on one another. I’ll be damned if I remember the details. Dangers of a hypno con. Moving on.

We spent a little while hanging with people before coming up with dinner plans. As we didn’t have the foresight or planning to actually sign up for the con dinner, we ended up doing something smaller at a… confusing German restaurant. There was a polka band playing Pharrell and Ke$ha and a man who couldn’t take more than two light spanks before bowing out (wuss). But hey, they had currywurst and my dunkel came in a 1 liter mug, so good times all around.

Sunday night was… indescribable in a lot of ways. I got to witness a scene between two amazing people that was confusing and hot for me in a lot of ways. I got to be a robot that examined a quarter in way-too-much detail and get turned on as I did so. I did a little trivia show for some people but I could only answer questions wrongly. I was utterly convinced I’d tranced @enscenic using The Focus (more on that later), only to discover that when I tried to repeat the experiment for others that I would slip into a trance of my own. I believe my reaction to that was to call her a “complete pain in the ass.” A certain someone forgot who I was and had to wander from room to room asking all the masc-types if they were hers (I’m never letting her live that down). I had a couple of insanely hot scenes in the Hypno Lounge. Boot-licking, breath play, and a form of intelligence play that had me becoming more “primal,” not to mention some light and fun fractionation stuff. Oh, and a certain someone being auctioned off. That was funny.

Monday was all over the board. We had fun in the morning (Juris prudence!), said some bittersweet goodbyes. There was a limo ride around the city with WAY too much karaoke; and an evening spent with good friends doing some really fun stuff. Somewhere in there, a couple of us got pretty emotional… it had been a long weekend, full of lots of experiences. Con drop and exhaustion were starting to rear their ugly heads, I think, but I know I came out of that feeling closer than before. Tuesday morning was particularly hard, as we actually hit the road. There was a lot of time in the car to talk things through, and thank god for that.

I have one more post I’m going to write tonight. It’s the one I’m really not looking forward to. I’m going to tag some people before I go just so I don’t forget:

@lily-ackerman @enscenic @theleeallure @hypno-sandwich @darthkyra @hypnokittencalico @zanythoughts @digitalswitchgamine @pirate-king-of-trance @ellaenchanting @unlockingwonderland @carneggyblog @arihi @tennfan2 @theeye368 @sammynona @banana-pie-gaige @sebsteerpike @darquefool @fayvie @erogenousmind @somehowbreathtaking @sex-obsessed-lesbian @mr-prism @mrs-prism and many I’m sure I’m forgetting. This weekend was unbelievable. So much love and gratitude to all of you.

Dawn of the Butterfly - Entranced Day 1

Friday started with breakfast.   I got to meet @ellaenchanting​ and Damn Hypsters, plus we were joined by @tennfan2​ and of course @dommestic .   It was empty, but not particularly speedy.   I got to see a little of the opening ceremonies as it was super packed and that room heated up fast.  Other rooms were icy cold, which was not what I was expecting from a July convention.

What panels did we see?  I’m so glad you asked.  I won’t go into too much depth because nobody was asked, but there’s a public program guide so I’ll keep it superficial.

First up was Talking Body with Spiral Turquoise and Ariadne.   This focused on largely nonverbal inductions with verbal awakenings.   You could see full-body takedowns and the real highlight was a tickle induction using alternating tension and release in a way that makes complete sense once you see it in action.

Next was Crystals and Pendants and Watches: Oh My! with the well-versed @mrs-prism.  The lights in the room were largely brought down so you could get the most out of the many glowing, blinking, and reflective toys in the room.  A shopping list was distributed highlighting some of the items as well as where to get them, with loads of things I had not seen before.  There was also a brief induction with the Euler’s Disc which worked out in a surprise way.   There were also some freebies thanks to the generosity of the host, and I dare not spoil how they were distributed.   It was also the first time I saw a Nova Pro 100 in use from the outside.  Confidential to everyone: keep your eyes closed when the glasses are on.  This is not a suggestion.  This is a safety requirement.

Hypnosis in Kinkland was set to be presented by @enscenic and @tennfan2, plus special guests.  Not wanting to break what may be confidentiality as their, it was awesome.   The special test subjects (and guest presenters and hypnotists) who shall remain nameless as they weren’t in the printed synopsis were an absolute treat to watch, with one person’s bubbly, giggling enthusiasm being the reason you come to an event like this.  If you could bottle it and sell it, you’d make a fortune.   This event focused on kinky ways to make hypnosis fun and hypnotic ways to make kink fun, and you got to see slapping inductions and a real powerhouse baller move involving slapping, a wall, and some kneeling.   If there’s an opportunity for you to see this, you should.  If you know who the players are, ask them how it went.  They will tell you “very well” and then press them for more specific details.  It’s worth it.

We got lunch.  We rushed back.

Dommestic went to The 7 Essential Skills Every Hypnotist should learn.  I went to Subjects 102 with the delightful @daja-the-hypnokitten and hypno-sandwich, followed by Daja with Tennfan for 103.  Good information overall for setting limits, saying no, and other things which as of yet have not come up.  It’s sort of like the DARE program, in that I’m being trained how to deal with issues that never actually came up.   You should probably see these.  These should probably be some level of mandatory or signed off on just to get people on the same page.

Consent and Etiquete in the Community 101 brought more of that to light, with hosts Tennfan, sex-obsessed-lesbian, and AlianneCimorene (not on Tumblr?)   You got to see people throwing around all sorts of questions on consent and hypotheticals using a rainbow mustache and a plush octopus, which is really how more classes need to be presented.  A few specific anecdotes were tossed around regarding how to deal with situations, how to fix situations, and how to not fix situations, meaning this and the Subjects classes would’ve been pretty awesome primers as part of the opening ceremonies too.  

After a brief dinner with @wellgnawed and Lady Irkalla (not on Tumblr?) we had to rush back to check out @zanythoughts in her entry-level rope class.  How entry level was it?   It’s so entry level that it was entirely appropriate to our skillset.   We learned what the bite of the rope was, how to do a basic single column tie thing, and the right way to do a square know.  I was the demo dummy for Dommestic, but you probably knew that.  It was a worthwhile experience, and if she can find the time I’d be up for trying more of this kind of thing.

And that was day 1 until about 8 PM, when I wrote this. There’s an after dark portion but I don’t know if any of that will be sharable.  I haven’t had any trancing done my way yet today, but I got to see a lot of stuff that would probably be worth making your way out here to see next year.

Brainwashing Wonder Woman

If you haven’t read @daja-the-hypnokitten’s scene log yet, go do that first.  I’ll wait.


This was a fun scene from my side, too, and I thought you might enjoy knowing a few things that Daja either didn’t recall or didn’t know to start with.

I approached this with the mindset that the interrogator would not know that Diana Prince actually was Wonder Woman.  I also decided to make him a free agent, someone employed to do a task and no more.  Diana was not my enemy, nor was I hers; I was just a stranger who wanted something from her.

That detachment was important to the scene for me.  The interrogator had to presume that Miss Prince would be expecting brutality, and would be highly trained in how to resist torture.  So instead I remained unfailingly polite and civilized, never threatening her, never even raising my voice … and it threw her.  (It also gave Daja the opportunity to try to break my composure by bratting at me; she didn’t succeed, but I think we both enjoyed the attempts.)

It was also important for me to go into the scene with appropriate expectations.  Wonder Woman has certainly been subjected to brainwashing, hypnosis, and other interrogation techniques a lot, but in the end she always throws it off before serious harm can be done.  So I had to expect that my character would ultimately fail, and be satisfied with any concessions I could get before that happened.

Daja narrated the scene well.  By negotiated agreement, “Diana” woke from a drug-induced sleep to find herself bound to a chair, disoriented and woozy, and facing a total stranger who went straight to business.  And, as I expected, her first response was an assertion that no matter how much I tortured her she would never reveal anything.

I agreed, which took her aback (there was a brief flicker of surprise in her face that she covered quickly).  Torture is barbaric, I told her, and generally not very effective.  “At least we agree on something,” she said, unconsciously (?) nodding.

And so the head games began.  I pointed to the Nova Pro and referred to it as a highly advanced brain manipulation device, capable of many different useful functions.  I gave her a quick, loose description of how the machine works which was actually accurate, insofar as how the Nova Pro induces brain wave states.  (I *may* have exaggerated the effectiveness of it for purposes of the scene, of course.)  And I described the program I was setting it for as “a crowbar – something to pry open your mind and extract the information I need without doing you any harm at all.  And once that’s done, we will each go back to our lives as if nothing had happened.”  The crowbar line was pure priming, seeding her mind with the expectation that it was going to be forcibly pried open; tacking it onto the technical explanations disguised it a bit and gave it more credibility.  (Daja asked me about that line afterwards, so it clearly made an impression.)

I placed the headphones on her, and Daja immediately snapped her head forward, sending them into her lap.  She had this delightful self-satisfied look on her face, which was adorable.  But we couldn’t have that behavior continuing, could we?  So I grabbed some hypnotic duct tape – a deliberate callback to one of our running jokes – and secured her head to keep it still.  Now I could place the headphones on, and the glasses – “You will probably want to keep your eyes closed, Miss Prince.  Staring into the lights won’t harm you, nor will it make them less effective, but you may find it very uncomfortable and that’s really not necessary” – and started the program.

(Side note for Nova Pro owners:  the program I picked for this scene was d10, my personal favorite.  I shortened the run time to half so that it would ramp down quickly from 13Hz to 5Hz, and then I paused it there so that it wouldn’t start ramping up again before we were done.)

While the machine was working, I picked up the microphone that I had connected to the Nova Pro and ad-libbed an induction in which I described (again) how the machine controls the brain, and describing the various effects she could begin to notice as the machine slowly took hold.  She defied me, of course.  At one point she snarked at me that it didn’t seem all that powerful; I told her we’d had this conversation before (yes, gaslighting!), and offered to turn it up to double intensity. I nudged the light brightness a tiny bit higher before continuing.

A few minutes later I was still getting resistance, which would be completely in character for Miss Prince, so I kicked things up several notches by using the same stroking gesture that I’d used earlier to fractionate Daja – a stroke on the arm, from elbow to wrist for down and the opposite for up – except I only stroked down.  Her body’s response to that was priceless; a brief moment of “What the …?” and then surrender.  I ratified that, feeding her concepts like surrender, compliance, obedience, and watched the resistance melt away.  Miss Prince was mine!!!  [Insert malevolent cackle here]

This was where things got really interesting for me.  Daja had explained to me during negotiation that DC Comics has ret-conned the location of Paradise Island several times, so we picked one variant and agreed on that as the true location for scene purposes.  So when she came out fairly quickly with “It’s actually on another plane; you can’t get there without help from the gods” (which is also valid in some DC editions) I knew she was trying to feed me misinformation; I kept stroking and deepening until there was no sign of resistance left.

Still, “Diana” was unable to give me a precise location.  So I tried another approach: I had her tell me about the journey there, having had an intelligence report that she and Trevor had been to the island before.  And Daja made up the trip for me very nicely; they started in Paris, flew back west/southwest for X amount of time, and then the instruments went nuts.  I probed for landmarks, notable land masses, and managed to get enough data about the area around that location to roughly place it somewhere in or very near the Bermuda Triangle (which was our agreed-on location).

That actually gave me a pretty good ending.  If I were really reporting back to a military organization, that would be close enough to launch a search operation (which the Amazons would no doubt foil), but “Diana” hadn’t given up the precise location.  Both of us could reasonably claim victory.

But then, this wasn’t strictly an interrogation scene; what we’d agreed to was brainwashing.  So I deepened her some more … and this is the point where Daja’s account ends with “I must have fallen asleep.”  

She didn’t.  But I did suggest that the irresistible power of my mind machine had made her totally compliant and consequently for the next 72 hours she would follow my instructions completely, even while her conscious mind remained unaware that she was doing so or that we had ever even had this encounter.  My instructions were to return to work, with no memory of having been drugged and brainwashed; to access the files on their trip to Paradise Island and make copies of all charts and data about the location; and to bring that data back to me within 24 hours (ie, well before the brainwashing *should* have worn off).  “Diana” agreed to do this in a delightfully dreamy, submissive voice, and even smiled for me.  This would be the start of a highly productive relationship.

That’s how we ended the scene.  I presume that “Diana” would have shaken off the effects of the diabolical machine in less than the expected 72 hours, and either never returned to the interrogator or returned in full possession of her faculties to turn the tables on him.  It wasn’t really practical to take the narrative any further.  It is interesting, though, that Daja’s subconscious apparently decided to hide the memory of the last part of the scene (maybe until she reads this?).  


Tagging a few people who might enjoy this:  @ellaenchanting @digitalswitchgamine @deeperforme @mrs-prism @dommestic @dommesticpet @meltinggoldanddippingthingsinit @yoshibound @hypno-sandwich @theleeallure @amhypnotic @the-perfect-monster @zanythoughts

Come Over

As this goes up, if I did this right, I’ll probably be back soon.  I went to Entranced last week and you can see all kinds of Entranced stuff at the Entranced 2017 link.  If you’ve never been to an event like this, here’s what you need to know.

1. They’re not lying - the people really are friendly.

I’m bad at small talk. Specific talk, sure - I can tell you how great your class was, or that you’re a fantastic writer or researcher.   (Also other topics if I get that we’re on the same page.)  If you’re generally talking on-topic, people are super duper chatty about this kind of fun.  I wanted to talk to more of you, and hopefully I still can. (Or you still can.)

What surprised me the most (and it shouldn’t have) is that before I even knew who anybody was, so many people reminded me of people I knew and like elsewhere from life.   As Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds once sang, “We’re all the same.”  

2. If you set your expectations right, it’s a good deal.

Your cash gets you about six hours of programming per day for three days plus one meal plus some stuff at the con suite and paying for badges/meeting rooms/snacks/bling.  When it comes to travel and hotel rooms it’s a different beast.  If you’re local, it is a valuable experience just to plop your bottom in a chair and watch what happens.  Even if you’re not a hypnotist or a switch, you’ll probably learn a little about the material and a couple of things yourself.   “Oh crap, I’m into it.”  This you.  You’re that.

3. Bring a Buddy, Take a Buddy.

Someone to check in with - and to make sure you get out of the hotel room if you have a habit of shutting yourself in - is a good idea.

4. Establish a Tumblr

If you’re reading this and don’t have a Tumblr, make a Tumblr.   Like some posts, post a few things, ask some questions.  The show was infinitely improved by having read posts by so many of you, or chatting with you, because if nothing else I can say “Oh, that person is nice, let’s go see what they are like in person.”   They’re all nicer in person.  Maybe not me, but everybody else definitely is.   You’ll get access to the secret meta-con with things like event planning, secret regional snack-treats, and maybe even opportunities to be the hypnotized audience plant.  Also, it’s possible people will recognize you from your posts - this happened a lot. I saw it.

Also if you start a Tumblr I’ll have something to read.

5. Volunteer?

I almost volunteered, mostly because it’s less awkward to be in a situation where your position demands communication for a reason rather than trying to come up with a reason to say hello.  I talked to a few volunteers and it seemed they had similar inclinations - you get to meet people, see awesome things, and not get paid for it.  Well, maybe you get a hotel room or a ticket, that’s something tangible.

6. Blog Monster

If you’re up to it, write as you go - no matter how awesome the panels were, you can only sit and watch people talk for so long before things begin to blur together, especially if you see the same presenters more than once because their presentations are so good.   People go to these things because they want to know about things, or do things, or learn how to do things.   It’s a handy excuse to get people to talk to you, or for you to talk to them.

7. Share What You Know

We heard some interesting stories about presenting, or not presenting, leading up to the event and also at the event.  These communities live or die by generating awareness and spreading new and interesting things.  The phenomenon of social media can influence a show immensely, thanks in part to a recent clip of how to do hair-pulling you saw a lot of hair-pull inductions and hair play stuff.  We saw polyglots talk up hypnosis in multiple languages.   When Dommestic and I were talking to people we had a few questions on if we might teach a class in the future*, which I have to admit got the wheels turning.  I will gladly bore a room of people for an hour.

The next event getting all the buzz from the cool kids is Charmed (which is next year).  I’ve been to lots of (not remotely sexual) gatherings for interests in the past, and I’d say this is on par with them plus or minus the fact you’re only slightly more likely to see someone walking around in their underthings or without pants once or twice.

* - I don’t know when/if we’ll pop into another event.  A Nova Pro 100 class was suggested but we’re still putting it through its paces, we’re new to this.  I had ideas for other things I could do that would probably not interest anybody but me.

Entranced Recap: My Favorite Bits Part 1: Thursday Night Practice

I thought about doing a deep dive on each day, but honestly, all I’d be adding to my previous recaps would be mundane details. Instead, I thought I might just recap for you lovely people some of my favorite scenes/drops/shenanigans.

Thursday night was practice for Hypnosis in Kinkland 3: The J. J. Abrams Edition ™. The evening started with me and (of course) @lily-ackerman in a room with @tennfan2, @enscenic, @zanythoughts, and @carneggyblog. There was some talk, planning, and the like, going over notes and making sure we knew what each section would entail. @enscenic made a point of using a rapid induction (I think it was a finger snap and a short command) to bring me down. It had been a topic of conversation in previous planning sessions that I wasn’t very good at that; she wanted to prove me wrong. She was (as usual) correct.

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Virtually Nothing

I’ve been meaning to put one of these together for a while, and since I’m still awake now seems like a good time.   Here’s a megapost of Entranced 2017, which I am perusing now and it feels like a million years ago.  For those reading this in the future, it was about 3 weeks ago… and I’m still in contact with some of the people I met there, or on Tumblr, or met on Tumblr and also meet there.    I’m just putting this together for future reference, in case we go to other events I can have a tag to easily find everything I decided was worth safely sharing.

Yes, it’s a post about posts.  Next you’ll tell me people will dance to a song about dancing.

Conventional Wisdom - Entranced Day 0

You probably don’t need to read this one.

Dawn of the Butterfly - Entranced Day 1

It’s social media, so of course food will be involved.  Breakfast with hypnosis people, non-verbal inductions, hypnosis toys, subject classes, consent stuffs (which I will neither confirm nor deny I went to just to see what some people may look like in person), and also one of the most amazing panel things ever… which is heavily redacted for privacy reasons.  There are people from said panel I was very  happy to find were interested in talking more, and there may be another person from it I’d want to talk to more, too.  That sort of thing is awkward, but then again so am I.

Night of the Lepus - Entranced Day 1.5ish

I don’t know how to function in social environments, so I wander around groups of people and basically try to learn your language.  It’s like having your very own martian pal around.  Nova Pro 100 notes, an encounter with the hypnokitten, and putting the dung back into dungeon.  One of these things did not happen.

Return of the Living Dead - Entranced Day 2

Cookies!  @mrs-prism adventures!  Lee Allure’s magic bag!  Pynchon!  Inductions!  Interrogations?  Maybe, you’ll have to pry it out of me.   Also abductions.

More After Dark - Entranced Day 2.5ish

Nighttime wanderings.  There was a hypnosis stage show, minus the stage.  There was Hysterical Literature, which is one of those things that brands itself into your brain and to refer to the stories, performances, and especially performers as being merely unforgettable does them a disservice.

This Is The End - Entranced Day 3

Final panel notes, except for the one I forgot, on Objectification and Ethical Brainwashing.

The Final Countdown - Entranced Day 3.5


The Lost Episodes - Entranced Day 3

I forgot to mention the language class - I’m a semifunctional monolinguist, so hearing polyglots gab about inductions in other worditudinal wavelengths was a real… good thing.

Come Over

In hindsight I could’ve waited a lot longer to write this, mostly because the one thing they don’t tell you about these conventions is that they don’t necessarily end when you leave.   They follow you home.   In your heart.  As far as I know there were no known reports of stalking.

Entranced Recap: My Favorite Bits Part 2: Sunday Night Shenanigans

For reasons, I’m not going chronologically in these recaps; not the least of these reasons is that I truly have a hard time remembering (at least chronologically) some of the events of the weekend. I know there was lots of trancey fun on Saturday, for instance, but I’ll be damned if I remember specifics. Is this a side effect of having your brains scrambled for like 96 hours straight? I don’t know for sure, we might need to repeat this for scientific reasons.

Sunday was… the only word that comes to mind is orgiastic, but that has implications I don’t mean. Sunday was a mess. A hot, fun mess. Earlier Sunday is a story that (For Reasons) I’m saving for another post, but later Sunday involved quiz shows gone wrong, a little amnesia, some invisible rope, coin slots, breath, boot licking, and cults.

See why that’s the only word that came to mind? Warning, below the cut is kinda long.

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Entranced Recap: My Favorite Bits Part 3: Sunday Morning Surprise

Surprise! You thought it was over but it’s never over.

At various times on the Saturday of Entranced I individually approached both @digitalswitchgamine and @zanythoughts and asked if they wanted to schedule some time together. Both of them — to my utter amazement — agreed! I don’t rightly recall the order, but with one of them we said “after the Unconscious Minds panel,” and with another we had said “around 11 am.” Somehow, in my mind, I sort of thought the Unconscious Minds panel WAS at 11, so that while sad that I’d miss the panel, at least I’d get to spend some time with two very lovely people!

It wasn’t until I was walking into the Unconscious Minds panel at 10 that I realized that I’m an idiot.

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