entrance to another place

Man, I love Kubo Mitsurou’s (creator of Yuri on Ice) tweets. Like, take this one:

“It’s good that in the venue (ice rink) for the Cup of China, the place from which the skater starts their program and the spot where the kiss and cry takes place are quite far away from each other so that the coach has to run after the performance (to greet the skater). In other venues the exits and entrances can be either close to one another or can be the same place, but it’s the distance that makes the difference.”

(Please correct me if my translation is wrong.)

I love how they thought about the smallest details and the mounting suspense of the fact that Victor would have to run, to somehow decrease the distance between himself and Yuuri which finally culminates in the kiss (and cry haha). They really pay attention to the small stuff here.

You can just tell how much she loves this production and I adore that.

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