entrance pose

I can’t wait to see Yuri!!! on Ice! 

I already love Yuri Plisetsky. I can imagine this angry kid having the flexibility to do a biellmann spin — it would be like watching magic on ice.

I drew the costume from the official art, but since the whole picture is painted in blue, I had to imagine the colors. In any case, I think Yuri looks really good in blue.

  • Taehyung: *super innocent* *working hard* *being the good little bunny he is*
  • Jungkook: *staring at Tae*
  • Taehyung: *notices Jimin is filming them* *poses adorably*
  • Jungkook: *sees Taehyung smile and then finally realises he's being filmed* yah!abdjbrnakosu
#1527. Dedede originally used his Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, and Gordos as weapons, but after hearing complaints from Bandana Waddle Dee and Captain Doo, he sticks to only Gordos now. They aren’t sentient, and they pack a bit more punch. However, since he doesn’t want his other minions to feel left out, he uses them in his entrance and victory poses. They’re allowed to hang around in the Smash Manor, too. Although they sometimes cause trouble, they’re generally well-behaved and happy to help out, and most of the Smashers treat them well.

roman-numerals  asked:

so do you have a top 10 vines list?

oh god i love this question. i do have some all time favorites. i really tried to do the research for this as well. i couldn’t narrow it down to ten so i’m giving you fourteen instead… which is close enough. i’m probably forgetting some, but anyway. in no particular order: 

  1. Back At It Again At Krispy Kreme(I know it’s old hat at this point, but I fucking swear to god I still watch it and laugh about it once a week at least)
  2. Look at all those chickens
  3. Good acting, bad script
  4. “Bad Girls Club” kid in the street
  5. There’s no front wheel, my G!
  6. Amazing entrance, amazing pose
  7. Oh no I hope I don’t fall
  8. Put my love on top
  9. Too bomb
  10. When your song comes on in the club
  11. Back to you, Emmanuel
  12. I got two free tacos
  13. Look at all these nasty ass birds
  14. Hehe

Super special November 2014 updates(I’ll probably just continually update this list as my favorites evolve):

  1. You didn’t pass your test
  2. No good and better
  3. Turn around and die
  4. Fuck my door, dude
  5. Vroom
  6. Oh. Okay.
  7. All these ghosts
  8. *avant garde high pitched cry*
  9. Ididherrigh sarehtudie
  10. A valiant effort 

“Entrance of Stalingrad may pose risk to one’s life” German street-sign


The (morbid) humour comes from the how it is formulated. It closely resembles the kind of beaurocratic German found on regular signs. Literally translated it would mean “Entering Stalingrad is linked with life-threatening danger”. IguessIcould’veusedthat.


Author: Mysfit

Original Imagine Link: *Click*

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2,699


Of all the appropriate times to fall in love, the end of the world was the least suitable. Who, after all, would want to care about someone so much under the constant threat of having that person ripped away from them at any moment? The quote, “Love comes at the most unexpected times,” was true and surely an understatement, especially with you. You definitely hadn’t seen it coming at you faster than a stallion on steroids. It was also true that love came from the most unexpected people. When you used to imagine your future, it involved a well-known, respectable man, two or three kids, a nice dog, a beautiful house with a big yard and maybe a few horses. Your reality was a different; a prison, a group of people you hadn’t expected to know and get close to, no animals, a baby that wasn’t yours and a handsome, dirty, hotheaded, sometimes bad-mannered redneck that you hadn’t told anyone you were involved with.

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