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Hey everyone!

Con season is starting up for me again! I’ll be at Katsucon from Feb 17-19, table H1 (right in front of entrance). Here’s just a little preview of what I’ll have! I’ve prepared a ton of new stuff and will have both my artbooks there :)

I’m super excited to be there, hope I can see some of you there! ^^

Also, I’ve received some asks about which conventions I’ll be attending. So far I’m confirmed for Katsucon, Anime Boston and Anime Expo, I’ve posted my confirmed conventions on the sidebar, and will keep adding as I get more confirmations. Thanks and see you there! :D 

My creative juices are flowing and I’m getting inspired to start a few home projects - one of them is the front entrance! I just love how bright, cheerful and functional this space is by Jen @iheartorganizing. I’ve been wanting to add a wall treatment as well as a fresh coat of paint. I’m in love with all of these colours! 😍 #inspired by miss_brogs


By the time the Uber driver had pulled up to the front gate, you had forgotten which address you had given him. Tequila did that to you. The car stopped and Joe or Jim or Jack…whatever his name was, cleared his throat in an effort to gain your attention. Peeling your eyes from your phone, you looked up at his house. All the lights were off except for the outside lanterns that adorned his front entrance. No car in the driveway. Was he even home? When he texted you earlier, he had been home. You looked down at your phone…2:27am.

Shit, he was asleep. When did it get so late?

His last text was at 11:19pm “Text me when you’re on your way. I’ll put on some pants…”

Three hours…? How has it been THREE hours?! Gosh, you were a shit friend.

Tequila did that to you too, sometimes.

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Missing (Saeyoung x MC fic) - Part 15

His first instinct was to reach out for his gun.  Holding you protectively in his arm, he reaches for his gun and disengages the safety lock, then tentatively peeks out the window.  Unfortunately, there’s no clear view of the front entrance from the room, so he turns his gaze to the door.

“Saeyoung..?  Is there something wrong?”  You weakly ask, following his gaze.  You try to gently move away from his arms, knowing that you may be a burden if something is going on.  However, he pulled you closer, and you just did not have the energy to wrangle yourself free.

“That was Jumin,” he said solemnly, “he said someone’s coming to see us.  From his tone, I don’t think it’s something good.”

Then you hear footsteps in the hallway.  Saeyoung tensed, his gun ready at his side.  Judging from the sound, there are probably five or six people, but their pace was slow and light.  Walking.

A few seconds more, two men in black suits and dark glasses came in.  They looked over at Saeyoung, and seeing that he is holding a gun, they both stopped; one man turned to them, standing still; the other one raised his hand up, motioning his companions to halt.

The one facing them clasped his hands in front of him, and stood with his feet slightly apart as he addressed them. “Please put your gun down.  We have surrounded this place and I don’t think you can fight your way out of the facility even if you try.”

You looked at Saeyoung worriedly.  He grits his teeth and lowers his gun, then tossed it to the side.  He wraps his arm tighter around you, and then two more men came in and retrieved the unconscious body of the Silence leader that was at the other end of the room.

“Sir,” one of them spoke, “You may come in.”

Both of them turned their attention to the door.

What—or rather, who—they saw made them both gasp in unison.

“Take that man away and make sure he’s placed in maximum security,” he said, his voice holding the weight of an absolute command.

You felt your breath stop when he turned to the two of you. “I would like to talk to these two. Alone.”

“But sir—“


“Y-yes, sir.”

You felt your heart beating so fast; and the same is true for Saeyoung’s.  His body was so tense, and he slightly pulls you closer to him. You could feel his panicked heartbeat through his chest.

There was a few seconds of silence.  Tension was so thick in the air that it’s almost suffocating.   Saeyoung gritted his teeth. He can still see his gun from his peripheral vision, but keeping you safe and unhurt is still his priority. He can most probably be taken here, but he will be damned if he doesn’t get you to safety.

“We have been watching this organization for a long time,” the man started, breaking the awkward quiet. “My team reported unusual activity a few hours ago.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have known that my sons were the ones involved.”

Saeyoung’s eyes narrowed.  “Sons?” he growled through his teeth.  “You dare say that to me now?”

You couldn’t tell what the Prime Minister was thinking.  He gazes at his son with an unreadable expression, probably practiced from years of public scrutiny.  You looked over at Saeyoung, who most probably had a thousand words, but tries to keep mum.

“You and your—organization—have stumbled into a high-profile target,” his voice was resolute, but threatening.  “You have disrupted a very important operation.  Weeks of planning gone down the drain,” he sounded angry now, which made you dread what’s coming next.

“And it seems your organization has also utilized top secret facilities by hacking into them.”

“They have nothing to do with it,” Saeyoung interjected, his voice low, threatening.  “Leave the others alone.”

“Disruption of military operations and hacking to use top secret facilities is a crime that affects national security,” the man raised his voice.  “And crimes must be paid.”

Saeyoung tensed.  He just sat there in silence, holding you close. He pulls away for a moment to gaze at you with…pain…in his eyes. He spoke in a soft tone. “Take me if you want.  Leave the others alone.  Leave…leave my wife alone.”

“Saeyoung…” you placed a hand on his arm, panic rising in your chest.  He stared straight in the eyes of his father, who did the same; as if they were studying each other.  The older man looks down at Saeyoung, and it truly bothers you on how unreadable his expression was.

“Security!” the man called, breaking the eye contact. Men in suits came into the room within seconds. Your tears are threatening to spill from your eyes once more, your hands clutching at Saeyoung tightly.  Are they taking him away?  What are they going to do with him?  Am I going to be torn away from him again?

He turns to you and you could clearly see the pain in his eyes.  He lowers his gaze, unable to look at you.  This made your heart clench, and you reach out to touch his hand—


Surprised, you both turned to the man.  You clutched at his arm tightly, preparing for the worst to come.

“Despite all this, you have managed to do this nation a favor by incapacitating the leader of one of the most powerful organized crime syndicates.”

Your eyes went wide. Looking up at the man, you notice that his expression changed slightly.  Softer? Saeyoung’s eyebrows furrowed. “What—“

“I will pretend that I have never seen you,” his father interrupted. “But if you get in the way of top secret operations again I will not be as lenient.”

Saeyoung sat surprised for a while.  He could not believe his ears.  For years, they were led to believe that he was a vicious man; a man who’s set out to kill them to rid himself of shame.  

What is happening?

Before Saeyoung could utter another word, the man turned to his guard. “Take these two to Jumin Han.”

Saeyoung willed himself away from his confused stupor and immediately scoops you into his arms, standing up to carry you.  You can tell that Saeyoung wanted to get away from the man as soon as possible, his motions a little more hurried, but confusion was still painted on his face.

But before you stepped through the door, Saeyoung turned to face his father.

“Mr. Prime Minister,” he called, his tone resolute.  “Please make sure that man does not go free.  Ever.

He nodded.  “I know.  Go, now.”

Saeyoung gave a slight nod at the man, and carried you out of the door.  As soon as you step out of the room, the older man stares out of the window and to the sky above.  He fishes his coat pocket for a cigarette, lighting it, and he puffed out a wisp of smoke.

“Weeks of preparation,” he mumbled to himself, “You did it all in under an hour.”

Taking one long drag, he places the cigarette on his lips and took out a fob clock from his coat pocket. Flipping the cover open, a picture of two red-haired boys was seen inside the cover, both of them looking up at the sky.

He smiled.


A/N:  Aaaaaah short fic is short.  Family was all over the place and were bugging me…so I’m sorry if this chapter is so poorly written T_T

To be honest, I don’t think their father was as vicious of a man as their mother portrayed him to be.

I’ll try my best to write the follow up chapters soon; I just need to rest *feels a little sick* T_T

Part 14 is here!

Final chapter is up!


Caught off guard: who startled who  (Part 1 of 2)

At 11:15 am, Freshman, Brandice ‘Brandi’ Helling accompanied by her friend, Freshman, Lauren Waterbury, took a bathroom break and then went to call their moms on the pay phones near the drinking fountains in the front entrance lobby area. She was engaging her mother in conversation when she noticed an unidentified male student running from the west down the main hallway and out the main doors around 11:17 a.m. Brandi recalled hearing “popping” noises coming from the west end of the main hallway, describing them as being firecrackers that were definitely in the upstairs area of the high school.  She recalled several more students running down the hallway from the west end of the school and heard one yell “Somebody has a gun, get out!”  

Brandi not knowing what was going on, started to walk north down the hallway and that her friend Lauren dropped the receiver on the phone and went to the women’s  restroom.  Lauren later came back out and picked up the phone to continue to speak with her mother (her mother was on the line the entire time).  Brandi was north down the hallway, from Lauren’s position, near the counselor’s office.  Brandi then described hearing someone running down the hallway and that a white male came down the hallway and stopped abruptly near Lauren’s position at the pay phones. Lauren described this male as being very tall, wearing a long coat, had some type of black hat on and that his coat was pulled closed.  Brandi described the individual as appearing surprised to see Lauren there and Lauren’s presence surprised the individual so bad that as he was running down the hall he actually came to a screeching halt.  Brandi described the individuals footwear actually made some type of noise on the waxed floor as he stopped. 

Brandi stated that she knew it was Dylan Klebold but she did not know his name until after she saw media reports. She knew Dylan previous to this incident as being a student but she didn’t personally know him or know his name. She described Dylan as having an unidentified weapon in his right hand. The weapon was pointed at the floor and he was looking at Lauren.  He initially had a surprised expression on his face, then he started to smile.  Simultaneously, at this point, Lauren had turned and also saw Dylan standing just south of her at which point she dropped the receiver of the phone and started to run towards Brandi.  Brandi again saw several students running down the hallway toward the direction of the main office. Dylan looked toward these students, raised his weapon and then started firing down the hallway in the direction of the main office.  Brandi stated after this, she didn’t turn back, she just ran north and exited the northwest doors just across from the counseling office.  Brandi explained that as she was going out the doors, she heard the sound of gunfire and heard what sounded like either the pay telephones being shot or the glass doors near the main office being shot. She stated that when she exited the school, she could tell Lauren was running behind her, but once she got out of the school she lost sight of Lauren. Brandi ran north towards the baseball field and a friend of hers helped her over the fence. She then went to Clement Park where she later found Lauren.

In Brandi’s recollection, as she initially saw Dylan Klebold and after she observed him register Lauren there at the payphones, that she briefly made eye contact with him she knew she was in trouble and that’s why she turned and started to run out of the school. She later mentioned she couldn’t look at Dylan because she feared she would see him raise the weapon and shoot her and her only recourse was to attempt to get out of the building.

Part 2 to follow:  Lauren Waterbury’s account of events.

photo credit: tecnine

Couples' Holiday (Harrison Wells x Reader) - Imagines

Couples’ Holiday (Harrison Wells x Reader) - Imagines
Written by:
Holiday Special: #4 (I got us matching Christmas sweaters) + E2-Harrison Wells (Harry)


To celebrate the holidays, you got Harry and yourself matching Christmas sweaters. He absolutely refuses to wear it to the West’s Christmas gathering because he is embarrassed. This upset you greatly…


The doorbell rang.

Confused, you looked over and stared at the front entrance for a bit. Now, who on Earth could that be?

As far as you knew, everyone was meeting at the West’s house for the Christmas party later. No one mentioned that they were gonna drop by your place before hand.

The doorbell rang again.


If you hadn’t known better, it sounded as if the person was impatient. Sighing, you glanced at the mirror one last time and examined yourself. 

You looked…decent.

Which, by your standards, meant a success.

For the two hours, you had been slaving away in your vanity, trying your absolute best to clean up and make yourself presentable. You had curled your hair, and applied some mascara and lip gloss - but it came nothing close to those models or movie stars you constantly saw in the media.

Not that you were surprised. 

You were intimidated by beauty tools and makeup. Your mother was never one to use such things and you had never worked up the nerve to ask Caitlin for advice. 

But still, you tried and that’s what mattered. At least, that’s what you liked to think.

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anonymous asked:

IM JAEBUM ! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

» Blanket. Forts. 

» JB (GOT7)

» 068/100 ways to make me feel small

Walking through the front entrance of your home to see your entire living room covered in blankets and sheets wasn’t exactly what you were expecting. With the couches turned around, dining room chairs and bar stools propped in various areas and standing lamps and end tables used as boarders to hold up the sheets, you were curious as to what your boyfriend was up to on his day off.


In the middle of white, maroon and sky blue bed sheets, Jaebum popped his head up with a blank look on his face before giving you a warm smile.

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Rose Colored Glasses

A ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ AU
For the @jonxsansafanfiction Valentines Challenge
Day Six: Pretend Relationship
Summary: Margaery is certain that one of these days Snow’s brooding is going to get them all killed. (Inspired by @goodqueenalys awesome TMFU AU edit).

The French Riviera, 1963

There is a minute shift in Snow’s posture that sets every nerve in Margaery’s body on alert.

She takes a drag from her cigarette, her other hand inching discretely under her hem towards the piece strapped to her thigh. She does a quick scan of casino floor.

The front entrance? Clear. The mark? Still seated at his table. And Sansa…

Margaery’s finger drifts away from the trigger when she spots the source of Snow’s agitation.

Sansa is in uniform as one of the casino’s cigarette girls, peddling some of her wares to Sorensen’s lackies. The one closest to her says something that has Sansa giggling and grabbing onto his bicep for support.

Margaery looks back over at Snow who has murder in his eyes. 

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Before anyone asks, I really doubt the guy on the right is Nico :)

First of all, we’ve seen them in ch102

And that’s not exactly the same profile/beard style/haircut + we saw them in ch105…

…Wearing his mask and usual outfit, so personally I’m still thinking that, while Uta went to face Juuzou at the front entrance, Nico went to the other side to face Matsuri. :)

Maybe that V dude above (next to Kaiko?) is related to Nico though, and that could be why he wasn’t covered by the shadows like the other V guys following Kaiko. 

We’ll see :) 

GOT7 Reaction to You Being Kidnapped by a Rival Gang (Gang!AU)

Originally posted by defsouljb

JB - His usual calm exterior would melt instantaneously. The small smile usually evident on his face would quickly vanish, being replaced with a deep scowl, his eyes narrowing into possessive slits. His entire body would turn rigid as he tries his best to keep a cool head while going to confront the rival gang. He would not be above striking a deal to get you back. He would not be above sneaking his way in secretly. He would not be above barging through the front entrance and fighting his way through. He would not be above anything if it meant getting you back. He will get you back, at any cost.

Originally posted by got7jacksonwang

Jackson - “How dare they?!” he would growl out in a low voice. Jackson’s reaction would be a bit more irrational, flipping tables, profanities flying out of his mouth, storming out of the room to his car. His other gang members may attempt to stop him from such drastic behavior without thinking it through first, but his anger would be so intense they would back off immediately, fearing for their own safety. His driving would be reckless as he rushed to the rival gang’s hideout. Confrontation would be inevitable. Jackson would storm in, not even bothering to take a back door or side entrance to attack with the element of surprise. It would turn into a full out brawl, blood spattering everywhere, and he wouldn’t stop until he either got you back, or couldn’t fight anymore.

Originally posted by gotsolucky

Jr. - Of course Jr. would be angry, just like any of the other members, but instead of just selfish anger filling his body, his motherly instinct would kick in. Jr. would be more worried for your physical health than blinded by the anger that someone would dare take you. Jr. would be a bit frantic, unsure of how he should go about getting you back and making sure he got you back safely. His fellow gang members would take the lead in devising a plan to get you back. Jr. would most likely end up being the look out. While he wanted nothing more than to be the one to rescue you himself, the other members thought his concern for you and his flighty behavior may put the plan in danger. Unwilling to risk the possibility of not getting you back, Jr. would swallow his pride and allow his members to take the lead.

Originally posted by tuanyieun

Yugyeom - Immediately, his possessive instinct of you would kick in. He would attempt to storm out of the room acting on heavy impulses much like Jackson would, but his fellow gang members would slow him down, beckoning him to think a bit more rationally. His hot head would by no means cool, but he wouldn’t reject their proposal of going in together to get you back. They would devise a simple plan of attack, some members going in the front entrance, some in the back while Yugyeom sneaks in secretly, undetected to sneak you out during all the commotion.

Originally posted by got7ish

Youngjae - While Youngjae would no doubt be seething with anger, he would be smart enough to give himself time to cool down and think tactically. He wouldn’t just barge into the hideout and demand your immediate return, he would get leverage first. He would stealthily kidnap someone just as near to the rival gang leader as you were to him. He would propose a trade in an attempt to get you back, but if his leverage wasn’t enough, he would resort to more drastic measures. His position being sniper of the gang, he would take out the leader. If the rival gang leader was stupid enough to reject Youngjae’s original offer, Youngjae would be equally stupid enough to take out the leader, even at the risk of potentially starting an all out gang war.

Originally posted by markjin

BamBam -  Much like Youngjae, he would strike a deal. He wouldn’t go to the same extent as Youngjae, but he would think tactically, coming up the best way to get you back. BamBam most likely would not deal with trades involving kidnapping on his end, but both money and a power play would be on the table. BamBam would deal with the situation as a business, trying his best to appear emotionless as to not give the rival gang leader any leverage in rising his demands. BamBam would downplay his emotions for you, maybe even claiming you were nothing to him, except as an asset in business and…other affairs. He would be cold to you even when the rival gang leader forcefully throws you on the ground in front of him. Only once you were back at your hideout safe and sound would his worry show through, hugging you so hard you could barely breathe.

Originally posted by blondetuan

Mark - Mark’s anger would be silent, but deadly. He would go in alone and secretly steal you back from the rival gang’s clutches, all whilst not making a sound. Sneaking in at the most unexpected hour, you would be back before you could even call out his name. Before any of the other gang members even noticed your’s or Mark’s absence, you would be back at you home hideout, safely in Mark’s arms. But that wouldn’t be the end of it, no, no, no. Mark suppressed his anger just long enough to rescue you. Now that you were back with him, safe and sound where he could protect you, he was going back after the gang who had the audacity to kidnap his girl. He would take out each member, picking them off one by one until only the leader was left. Then he would then let the rival gang leader suffer and wait for his final strike, just like he had made you, his love, suffer.

-Admin S

Ichihime: Ichigo and Orihime have a little talk

ANON: could you please write this: ichigo and orihime talk about what happened on the dome, at hueco mundo. (extra cute/angsty if this is before they start dating, and ichigo fears she sees him as a monster and she reassures him that she doesn’t, and that he saved her).

This takes place before the Final Arc and right after the Fullbring Arc.

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