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Pietro Maximoff One Shot / Blurb

Prompts: 29 “now, don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with me already” and 39 “someone once told me that we fall in love with beauty”. 

To put it lightly, you thought Pietro Maximoff was a dick.

Most people would find his egotistical and teasing personality endearing but it made you want to have nothing to do with him.

You did your best to avoid him – the best that you could as he was constantly zipping around the Avengers facility, and you had made it your life mission to never get partnered with him on assignments. Every time Steve had gone to make a decision where he thought that you and Pietro would work well together, you’d give him your angriest stare which would make him decide to put you with someone like Sam or Natasha instead. You didn’t hate Pietro, which you made clear, you just couldn’t tolerate him at times.

This didn’t sit well with Pietro.

Despite Wanda’s constant ‘talks’ to him to try to cool it with his overbearing personality, which he only really put on to show around people he didn’t know that well, Pietro just couldn’t stop himself from finding you intriguing. Whenever Wanda caught him staring at you from across the room, thinking of ways to make you like him better, she’d always nudge him in the ribs and say “don’t you dare”. But he did dare and that often led to him getting his ass kicked after he’d sneak up on you using his super speed.

Finally, Pietro had enough of you avoiding him and did his best to convince Steve to pair the two of you up on a mission. Steve was obviously hesitant – you didn’t even have powers like Pietro did but you scared him more than any other team member so going against you could have some terrible consequences. But Pietro reasoned with him because if it did go well then there’d no longer be a strain in the team and you’d be able to get paired more often in missions when Steve actually wanted you to be partners. If things did go wrong though, Pietro promised Steve he’d do his laundry for 3 months and stop drawing on his shield when he got bored.

Steve refused to look you in the eye when he announced what the teams were. He didn’t want to see the look of betrayal on your face but he could feel your eyes burning in the back of his head. You didn’t argue with him because you knew that he’d have to have a good reason for putting the two of you together, not noticing Pietro grinning on the other side of the room.

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Reminisce | 1

Park Jimin
“I found myself falling more in love with you as I grew older.”
You and Jimin were childhood best friends until you had to move away. As years passed and you both aged, the separation between your friendship deepen and you never heard from him again. More than a decade passed and you suddenly stumble upon the man who you never stopped thinking about.
Word Count: 1,337
Italics = flashback 

Prologue | 1 2

I think I might make this one a short story idk yet 

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                                     Thirteen Years Later:

You applied your bright red lipstick and tucked the few stray strands of hair back into your bun. Grabbing your suitcase, you made sure your handkerchief was secure. You entered the terminal and packed away your belongings. Your co workers were chatting amongst themselves as they checked all the safety procedures. The flight was going to be a long one. Despite being a flight attendant for the past two years, you barely caught onto a steady schedule.

You were constantly traveling to different states since you were with a domestic airline. You were afraid of venturing out too far, but you still wanted to see different places. You wouldn’t think you could survive the out of country trips anyways, since you can barely handle the domestic ones.

“We’re starting boarding, ladies.” Your pilot announced over the intercom. Your hands soothed over your pencil skirt and walked towards your assigned entrance. You were settling the first class customers.

“Welcome, this way.” You repeated with a smile each time. The same script played over and over. Boarding was your favorite part, even though it was stressful to everyone else. You loved seeing everyone’s families and wondered why some people traveled alone. You constantly wondered about everyone else’s lives. There were often rowdy passengers, but you were able to handle them without any further problems. First class was filled with many gold watches and fancy clothing. Hand carries of designer brands and shoes of name store outlets.

As the long process went on, lift off was about to commence. The pilot announced the safety procedures and you all demonstrated the safety vest and pull down air inhaler. There was a specific routine that every airline must follow and you’ve done it so often, you could recite it in your sleep.

As you gestured to the safety exits, a familiar face caught your attention. He wasn’t staring at you, but at the main flight attendant explaining the instructions. His hair was black and fell just above his crystal eyes. His distinctive features remained untouched on his face. The stranger sat at hallway seat, next to a small boy and a woman.

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walking-love-incarnate  asked:

Hey there!! I saw your review of the Cologne DM gig and I'm extra excited now for the Berlin one which I'm going to in a couple weeks. Can I ask what time you got in line to be that close to the catwalk?

Hello !! Wow ! Thank you so much for your reply. I’m glad it exited at least a few people <3  
As far as the line goes, I think it depends on the venue? We had 5 separate lines for the General Admission area (standing floor)  And we arrived at around 10:30  / 11:00 in the morning. Mind you we where second row, 1st row was entirely taken due to Depeche Mode managing selling so called “early entry tickets” (which I think is a shame, but yeah)

 Each entry had about 20/30  people lining up when we arrived, and we lucked out because the entrance gate we where assigned to on our tickets was the least crowded.  As you can see in the pics we where #20 and #21. 

I wish you a fabulous time and a good spot!! I hope this helps.

Mount Horu Entrance

My first assignement back in may 2014 when I joined MoonStudios was to polish up Mount Horu. Mount Horu was still in a pretty rough spot in most places and was still under construction. The scenes alignement was 100% different the first time I saw it. The way the levels are organized now was a good decision made back then, it was a weird maze before.
The first task was to envision and create a new entrance for Horu. The old one we had was too small and un-epic for Thomas, it had to be more grand and worthy of the last part of a game.

This was the first thing I painted for MoonStudios and I kinda overdid it a bit. But at least I had a good idea of what its supposed to look like afterwards. It took me 2 or 3 days with some iterations to paint. It was my first concept and I didn’t know that it is enough to really make a small sketch and then go into the editor and flesh it out there. But it also helped quite a lot to paint so much, because I thus had a good start for new assets. Horu hadn’t had any architecture to speak of, so I had to paint a lot of that anyways. A lot of what has been painted for this section was later used in all scenes of Mount Horu. Here is an assetsheet for all assets I painted.

Assetcreation and -integration was really straight forward. All graphics are *.png and were painted  in Photoshop and saved into their respective folders. Unity loaded them automatically and a double click brought them into the gameworld. Refresh colliders and you were good to go for testing.
The entrance scene wasn’t completely blank, but I was supposed to find a different solution and I could kinda do what I wanted. Gamedesign told me to not make it boring and have a few jump sections in there, but apart from that, this wasn’t a gameplay focused section.

The door had to be able to be opened, so I also made a concept for a small sequence there. David put it in game and – well, see it ingame. Here is only a small screenshot from it opening. I think it was Max who added some more flames to it. I like it!